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Indian Sex Stories

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Madhu : A Sweet Tribal Woman HOT!

Madhu : A Sweet Tribal Woman 4.76/5 (95.11%) 1641 votes

Madhu a tribal woman was ill treated by a drunkard husband. One day beaten mercilessly, Madhu ran to Prakash and was saved.

Shobha : A New Bright Life Awaiting HOT!

Shobha : A New Bright Life Awaiting 4.41/5 (88.10%) 1666 votes

Shobha is a victim of time. Her time changed after she met Prakash. She fell in love with Prakash. Prakash changed Shobha's future.

Sex With A Friend Who I Met In A Networking Site HOT!

Sex With A Friend Who I Met In A Networking Site 4.41/5 (88.27%) 312 votes

I met a girl online and she started to share everything with me. She said that her boyfriend cheated her and i had to console her. Then my intentions changed

Memorable Night With Online Friend HOT!

Memorable Night With Online Friend 4.31/5 (86.11%) 357 votes

I met Shriya through online and we both became close friends as days passed on. We decided to meet and when we did, she gave me a tight hug. It aroused me.

Father Of Lover’s Brother HOT!

Father Of Lover’s Brother 4.28/5 (85.53%) 1531 votes

I pushed her legs high on her shoulders and placed my throbbing cock on her pussy opening. I pushed my cock in her but it just won’t go in as her pussy was still very tight.

Sweet Father’s Cousin Sister HOT!

Sweet Father’s Cousin Sister 4.28/5 (85.55%) 1641 votes

Her body was damn hot and she didn't resist when I kiss so I moved a bit upward and kissed her thighs and then the sweet hairy area, now she was spreading her legs in V position and lean a bit forward from the chair.

Winning Story At Kirtu Contest HOT!

Winning Story At Kirtu Contest 4.28/5 (85.69%) 984 votes

She turned a little making her back rest on the bed. I moved little on her and started kissing her boobs again and let my palm feel her triangle. Oh my god, she was clean shaven. I let my palm stay over the soft skin of her triangle.

Winning Story At Kirtu Contest HOT!

Winning Story At Kirtu Contest 4.28/5 (85.55%) 1100 votes

I was in deep love with him and wanted him to make love to me

Friend’s Wife Smita – Part I HOT!

Friend’s Wife Smita – Part I 4.28/5 (85.59%) 1117 votes

I kissed her neck, while kissing her neck I held her both boobs in my palm from below, as if I want to feel their girth. She looked there; I try to feel their shape now.

My Girlfriend Enjoying Stranger’s Cock In Front Of Me In A Crowded Train HOT!

My Girlfriend Enjoying Stranger’s Cock In Front Of Me In A Crowded Train 4.28/5 (85.63%) 103 votes

She slowly moved her left hand and placed above her back, now his tool is touching her hand instead of ass, both of then waited for few seconds

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