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Sex With Village Guys In Theater HOT!

On 2015-05-24 Category: Virgin Tags: Theater, virgin

This bitch is virgin and we want to make her to lose virginity to us. Owner was shocked to hear that and he turned me to the light exposure and opened my pussy lip and saw my small hole

Love And Lust – Part 2 HOT!

On 2015-05-21 Category: Couple Tags: love, lust

This story is about how Amit is exploring and giving sexual pleasures to Sneha, his love! In this part, Amit is able to take his love quest further by putting more Indian sex, eroticism and romance!

Stranger In The Rain HOT!

On 2015-06-23 Category: Couple Tags: rain, stranger

Have you ever thought about doing it with a stranger? Here a stranger accepts a lift in order to escape from pouring rain. The roads get flooded, power fails, and they're thrown together.

Lets Work Out Together HOT!

On 2015-06-03 Category: Couple Tags: doggy style, gym

Work-out in the gym lead to workout in her bedroom. She was one hot and horny lady. She was enjoying every stroke and so was I. one point she held me tight and I was digging faster and faster.

Factory Love – Part 4 HOT!

On 2015-06-01 Category: Maid Servant Tags: cum shot, fingering

This is continuation of the Indian sex story series, "Factory Love", where I let her on the bed and she rolls naked in the bed. I tried to take my mobile phone but she hold it tight in her breast.

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