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Here After I Am Learned What She Needed

Here After I Am Learned What She Needed 3.63/5 (72.68%) 41 votes

Before this incident happened in my life i am very eager to sex with aunties on 30-40yrs...but she is a real lady who taught me how a girl can overpower

Naive Employee And Her Boss

Naive Employee And Her Boss 3.42/5 (68.46%) 26 votes

Sana's first experience with her boss Prahlad and how they continued their affair. She got fucked by him a couple of times after this but not like this

Friday Evening

Friday Evening 4.38/5 (87.50%) 8 votes

The story is about the hot sexual experience between the author and his sexy, beautiful and young HR executive, Nisha, on a rainy Friday evening.

Student In Chandigarh

Student In Chandigarh 4.65/5 (92.94%) 17 votes

Story of two hot Chandigarh girls who planned to get nasty with a young private tutor. They are wild with their intentions and plays smart for sex.

Office Colleague Turns Into Friend With Benefit ..

Office Colleague Turns Into Friend With Benefit .. 3.35/5 (67.00%) 20 votes

I put my right hand inside her bra and tried to cup one of her breasts, but the bra was disturbing my free movement so I unhooked her bra.

Lost Virginity With Teacher

Lost Virginity With Teacher 3.40/5 (68.00%) 5 votes

She go to the bed and told me to take off her panties there was a white clean shaved pussy which was making panties wet full of juices.

Diwali Sweets Delivery

Diwali Sweets Delivery 2.63/5 (52.50%) 8 votes

I started ramming her like I wouldn’t get a chance later, she also started moaning to it, I fucked her for twenty minutes and then we both cummed

Couples Made The Weekend

Couples Made The Weekend 4.15/5 (83.08%) 13 votes

I could feel vaginal walls covering my dick, finally I could bury my entire dick in her hole with another hard push, she close her legs and she...

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