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Bhabhis and sisters show the ultimate love..

First Time With Aunt

By gearz On 2015-05-06 Tags: aunt, first time

This is a true story of how me and my aunt got into a heavenly feel relationship. How I seduced my aunt and had her fully wit more love than the lust.

Losed My Virginity To Fat Nurse Aunty

By jayveer singh On 2015-05-05 Tags:

this story is about my 38yrs old big fat aunty who is nurse at profession.n how i got so close to her slowly slowly n thn one night i seduced her firstly she just agrred to do oral sex but aftr having orgasm she also alowed me to have sex with her.

Disgraceful Soft Sex With My Cousin

By arun1270 On 2015-05-05 Tags:

this story is about my cousin sister. who was sex goddesses... i was fucking her like my real wife... and she is really moaning like ahhhhhmmmmmwww yehahhhhhh.. fuck me hard.

Fucking Cousin Who Is As Horny As Me

By tanvir6835 On 2015-05-05 Tags:

at that time i was in class 9 and she was in class 8. she was very pissed. i used to tell her that she has a very attractive figure but she used to be very pissed. but i could not stop myself; my sexual urge towards her was very strong.

Jorney In To The House Wife Of Dubai HOT!

By sumankrish On 2015-05-05 Tags:

charming housewife and a young working guy help of kid having nice time in desert dubai, i m writing this experience of mine to have friendship with ladies specially married ,

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