Sexy Female Friend Fucked In My Bangalore Flat

Hi people, my self Karan from Mangalore. I live in Bangalore for my job. I read a lot of desi sex couple stories here. First of all, I would like to thank the admin for publishing my story. I am new to erotic literature stuff, so if I have made any mistakes while narrating my experience, please don’t mind. So, this story is about me and my friend who met me after 5 years in Bangalore.

So let me start with the introduction. Her name is Swetha (name changed). We used to study in same batch during my PU education. We had a great bonding in those days itself. But after PU, we hardly used to chat over WhatsApp. Then I shifted to Bangalore and lost all contacts with her. But destiny had some more opportunities for me.

We met again in Bangalore and we exchanged our numbers. Again that old friendly love was budding between us. Soon we became very much closer as we used to be during our college days. We used to share everything with each other. But this time we had some mature talks and later we started sharing our sexual feelings.

After 2-3 months, we were almost got attracted towards each other. We started developing sexual feelings for each other as both were alone and far from home.

I used to get aroused while chatting with her. So I thought of making a move and asked her for a dinner at my place as my friends had gone to their native. She agreed and we decided to have our dinner date on the weekend. I asked her to come early as we planned to cook dinner by our self and enjoy cooking together.

So, finally the day has come. She reached my flat at 6. As soon as she arrived, I gave her some juice, and we had some casual talks. I was very horny but controlled my emotions, and we started with cooking and all. Around 8:30, the food was prepared, and we sat for the dinner.

We both had a high lust for each other but both had some hesitation. So we were just talking to each other and having our dinner.

After dinner, I thought of making a move. I took my laptop and played a Hollywood romantic movie. And the intimate scenes in the movie was helping me to seduce her.

I slowly moved my right hand and kept it over her thigh. She was already hot. Then I moved my hands to her waist and pulled her towards me and kissed her on her cheek. She was aroused by that and we started smooching. We both were enjoying the session. Suddenly, she stopped and told me that it was not right.

But I was not in a mood to spoil the fun. I started creasing her waist and slowly moved my hand towards her boobs and started squeezing them. Now she started giving light moans. I moved my left hand too and held both her breasts and was squeezing slowly. Meanwhile, I started kissing her neck ear and all over her face.

Then I took her to the bed and undressed her and removed my clothes off. We both were naked and started exploring each other’s body. Wow! Her body was so amazing, with those nice 32C boobs and slightly hairy pussy.

We both got laid on the bed and started cuddling each other. We were kissing each other madly. Then I went to her boobs and started sucking them one by one. Those were so soft with erect nipples. I was enjoying sucking them while she kept moaning. This went on for a while.

Then she pushed me down and took my dick. She gave a kiss on my dickhead and started sucking it. She was so horny that she was taking my whole 6″ stick in her mouth. Later, she sat on my dick and took it in her pussy and started riding my dick. I was surprised by that. I thought I will suck her pussy and then I will go for intercourse. But she was already leading the show.

She was enjoying my dick and igniting her lust. So was I. She was moaning like, “Ahhhh…. Ahhhhh…” and I was just feeling the warmth of her pussy. After some time, she got tired and laid on the bed.

Now it was my turn. I thought I will eat her pussy first. So I started with my magic. I started licking her pussy first and drank all her juices flowing from her love hole. Then I started sucking her pussy. She was shouting like hell and that was making me hornier to suck harder.

After some time, she asked me to fuck her. So I started with missionary position and later switched to doggy style. After some time, we both were about to explode. I increased my speed and was ramming her pussy like anything. Finally, I reached my climax. But she hadn’t yet. I splashed all my cum on her belly and started sucking her pussy to keep her on track.

After a while, I was ready for another round and again started fucking her. This time I was more hardcore to get her an orgasm. After some time, she started shivering and was moaning heavily. I got to know it was time now and so banged her more harder and finally, she was there. She had that satisfied look on her face. As soon as she reached her climax, I fell on her body, and we started smooching again.

We had reached the climax but we were still horny. So we were talking about some naughty stuff to make us ready for the next session.

After a while, my ‘man’ was ready, and we started again. The whole night we were busy with satisfying each other’s lust. We were so horny that we Googled different sexual positions and tried almost all of them which were possible for us. It was one hell of a horny night.

Around 4 am, we slept. The next morning, we had morning sex and sex under the shower. I will explain those in the next part. After that, we had some 2-3 encounters. But now, she is in a relationship with some other guy, and she wants to be loyal to him. So we just talk to each other as friends now. Even I support her in this as in a relationship, trust and loyalty are the important things.

Anyway, hope my narration was good. I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback and comments at [email protected]

Any female teen or mature need any kinky fun real or virtual can ping me as well. And I am up for friendship too for thought exchange or casual talks. But let me know what are you expecting from me before itself as I can behave or chat on similar tangent. Anyway, thanks for bearing me and reading my publish. Do like and share. Have a nice day.

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