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Origins Of Sarah – The Proposal

On 2018-05-22 Category: Lesbian Tags: bisexual, couple, Editor's Picks

Journey of Sarah and the sacrifices she had to make to climb the ladder of life and reach on top. In this part, Sarah is given a tough choice by her boss but it turns out to be a very good deal for her physically. The story of the power of femininity rising above all.

Turn Of Events With My Sexy Maid

On 2018-05-18 Category: Maid Servant Tags: blowjob, Editor's Picks, horny

My sexy maid wants to try my wife's night dress, but needs a shave first! My sex life was going fine with the flings outside marriage till this sexy maid came to work for us. The fun started when my wife went for an official tour and I was left alone with the maid. I thought I was making all the moves to get her on bed but it turns that I was wrong.

Neha’s Compromise To Recover Her Porn Addicted Brother

On 2018-05-16 Category: Incest Tags: couple, Editor's Picks, hot

This is a story that describes about elder sister Neha's compromise and sacrifice to recover his porn addicted brother. She had to do this so as to avoid her brother from going to a prostitute and make his brother study hard again so as to better his grades again. What started out as a moral help soon turned into a passionate one.

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