Incest Sex Stories

Stories involving bhabhi-devar, jiju-sali, brother-sister, mom-son etc. Tales of broken Indian Incest taboo..

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How My Aunty Seduced Me And Fucked Me HOT!

By whey123 On 2015-10-03 Tags: aunty, horny, seduce

This story is about how I fucked my aunty.She comes to visit Bangalore and on the way back to Mangalore I find out the horny side of her,we both try to seduce each other but in the initial days both of them are too scared to start anything

My Sweet Cousin – Radhika HOT!

By Pankaj77 On 2015-09-30 Tags: cousin, panties, tongue fucking

i removed my pant and radhu removed her panty. radhu tried to guide my penis in her hole but my penis was not hard. it was not going anywher radhu put my penis in her mouth like a lollypop and was sucking it. ... i came again twice in radhus mouth.

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