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Me My Friend And Her Mom – Part l HOT!

Me My Friend And Her Mom – Part l 3.17/5 (63.33%) 24 votes

When i came out i saw Divya standing in front of the bathroom door with a towel in her hands. I took it and cleaned myself. Then i looked at her...

Scent Of A Woman HOT!

Scent Of A Woman 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Then she removed my clothes as well and when my dick sprang out, she just blurted 'oh my god' and stroked it a few times. I was solid hard by then and came over her

Massage Of A Horny Housewife At Delhi HOT!

Massage Of A Horny Housewife At Delhi 3.20/5 (64.00%) 20 votes

Story about a cuckold hubby who wanted a read good massage for his lovely wife at home. Who called me after reading my stories and contacted on chat..

Teddy Bear Sex

Now she wanted me to come to her room and be with her when she opens the gift. I hesitantly agreed. We entered her room and she quickly unwrapped the gift and she loved it.

My Sex Friend – Part I

I went to the fridge and grabbed some ice cubes. I placed one ice cube between her cleavage and the other on her navel and one inside her pussy hole. I stared to circle her breasts and nipples with ice cube

My First Date With Online Friend

My First Date With Online Friend 2.80/5 (56.00%) 5 votes

I started to thrust her it was tight and but her wet juice helped me go deep in her smoothly. I was in heaven when my penis felt her tight pussy.

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