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One of the women sucked his dick while he played with Mamta's boobs...

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Wife Swapping In Odisha HOT!

By odiacouple On 2013-04-21 Tags:

While I feasted on her, I felt Basanta straighten up and nudge at me to move back. When I looked up, I found his eyes had a glazed look as with one hand he had cupped Sarita head and was pushing her towards Barsa's cunt. I moved over and pushed at Sarita's bottom to get her between Barsa's legs and even as Barsa watched holding her breath,

My Husband’s Transfer HOT!

By odiacouple On 2013-04-21 Tags:

Meena has let me fuck her ass only once when Boss was fucking her pussy. But you are a godess, madam your ass is milking my rod. I am coming, yes, don't stop. Ohooooo!" I heard Rakesh's voice from the other room as Pradeep was grinding his hips and fucking my ass. I spoke loudly "Yesss fucker....drill my ass.

Mai Sharabi HOT!

By hotslutaddy On 2013-04-20 Tags: bitch, slut, whore

I started sucking Abhi's cock and massaging Ishan's cock. Both of the had nice long dicks, perfect for a slut like me.

Hot Sexy With Post Paid Service Team Leader

By rjdl On 2013-04-11 Tags:

I stoped sucking her boobs and remove mine and her all cloths and stood naked infront of each other sucked aging boobs and started fingering her pussy. she screamed and said plz do that plz ohhh wosssshshshshshwwhh and juice is flowing from her pussy.

My Hubby Make Me To Fuck Her Friend HOT!

By moon On 2013-04-11 Tags:

I removed his foreskin and started the blowjob. He was pumping my boobies and pinching tits. I go to kitchen and brought chocolate sauce and rub over her fair dick.

Wife Fucked By My Friends HOT!

By harry On 2013-04-08 Tags: sexy wife rittu

Raminder now made rittu stand up and started kissing her and she was sucking reminder tounge taking his saliva in her mouth while happy was licking rittu thighs and then inching towards her pussy he tored off her panty with his mouth and her shaved pussy was totally exposed.

Tailor Measured Boobs

By sweety123213 On 2013-03-31 Tags: boob, bra

I put on my blouse and came out.Before i could reach home i met the driver. He is 20 years old. He stopped me and asked me to come to his home. I told him if my husband sees me visiting you home he would get angry.

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