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One of the women sucked his dick while he played with Mamta's boobs...

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My Friend’s Husband Fucked Me HOT!

He went out and I too after two hours mini came to the bedroom and he went to her and kissed her face and lips. He said. You must be having lot of flesh to show mini. I'm here to use you totally.

My Wife Gang Bang With My Friends HOT!

She thought it would be easier for her if she was already naked but wearing a robe so that was the plan. Another thing about my wife, see has had a hysterectomy many years ago so pregnancy was not an issue and she hates condoms so none were to be used.

My Bisexual Orgy

I raised Vidya’s ass and made her come in doggy position. I got behind her and put tip of my cock on the asshole and gave a push and I was in. I slowly kept pushing till my whole cock was inside her ass.

My Wife Gang Banged By Tribal Men HOT!

They fucked my wife all night as I watched in disbelief, they also lit a bonfire and they fucked her next to it this went on till sunrise and the last to cum in kavitha’s pussy was the tribal chief. Then they all went into their huts.

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