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As he pushed his hardened dick right into her she screamed with pain and pleasure...

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Stranger Rides Me – Part II

It was too much for him now and he laid me down on the table and started sucking my boobs like a ripe mango his finger was continuously drilling my navel and I could not stop moaning louder and louder. He now pulled down my panty and started licking my pussy. [Open story in new tab]

Wild Session With my Chat friend

I asked me want one more round with a wink. I said yes but in this hole saying that I poked her asshole she said no Rocky, it ll hurt more it can’t take your size inside am scared and I pounced on her and started kissing her again and said I will not hurt you after trying to convince her for some time, she accepted at last. [Open story in new tab]

Troubles Of Lakshmi

I said that I felt as if a cockroach scrolled over my body, Ramesh became silent. But continued his stroke and he continued it for nearly ten minutes while I enjoyed the fuck to my fullest then he came inside my anal. [Open story in new tab]

Cheating Wife

I want you right now and I said as I continued to caress her and pulled her closer to me. I went down between her legs and started eating her, raising her legs up over my head and wide apart as I licked her cunt and I pushed a finger into her ass hole. [Open story in new tab]

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