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As he pushed his hardened dick right into her she screamed with pain and pleasure...

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Garbha In Mumbai

She also started to moan loudly and I gave her in long slow strokes, rubbing her clit with one hand. She was quivering with pleasure and moaning as I plunged into her. It took more than ten minutes for me to come to an orgasm.

Becoming Whore For A Day HOT!

Becoming Whore For A Day 3.00/5 (60.00%) 1 vote

I removed my jeans but left the underwear for her and I lied below her and she came on top of me and took my dick from above my underwear in her mouth.

Pre Monsoon Showers

I was totally ashamed of myself and was cursing myself that I lost out on such a golden opportunity. Not knowing what to do and I was hanging my head in shame.

Sex With Priya HOT!

Sex With Priya 3.00/5 (60.00%) 1 vote

So it was not a problem, but cock movement was evident through the Bermuda due to size of my limp cock. I tried to cover it up with towel hanging on my shoulder till my waist and came out.

My Wife’s Sexy Friend Sexy Neelam

Sexy story about me and my wife's sexy office friend Neelam. Neelam was unsatisfied with her sexy life due to her husbands outdoor traveling. She seduce me and we both enjoyed a lot. till today we have relations and we enjoy.

My First Sex Guru

i was austonished to see that and then I stared kissing her on her lips in order to restrict her voice going outside of the store room and then I slowly keep her on to.

My Sweet Latha

I know your intention and also she noticed me several times when I stare at her while talking to her and I got a call from my manager so I cut the call and went.

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