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As he pushed his hardened dick right into her she screamed with pain and pleasure...

Fucked By Boss HOT!

By ashwani On 2013-11-25 Tags:

Immediately he take his hands. He take like that Ashwini now what happened sir you are god you are saved me. When come down to land I am shivering sir where are you I am fearing.

Secret Sex Relationship Wit My Lalitha Aunty HOT!

By jagan On 2013-11-25 Tags: Latha

She encircled her fore finger at the tip of my cock I took her finger and made her suck it she sucked it mean while I was kissing her lips we both were too hot now I started kissing and sucking her boobs and her nipples

Chandigarh Bus Experience HOT!

By sam On 2013-11-25 Tags:

It was already 12:30 midnight and we were desperate to have sex but finding it difficult to just that very moment and I don't know how, where or why but most of the people sitting at the back got down from the bus and the bus continued with us. This was the opportunity I needed.

Mommy Yummy Girlfriend Isha HOT!

By gujjuboy On 2013-11-25 Tags: Collage

After some dancing with her I asked her wheather she would like to have some cold drinks and we went out of the party hall to have some soft drinks on my bike . I just was as a decent guy infront of her .. not trying to cross my limits , While having drinks we were talking casually.

A Fat Girl Seduced Me HOT!

By jimmy On 2013-11-23 Tags:

She said ya and closed her eyes. I slept on her and tried to insert my tight dick in her vagina but I could not. Actually she was virgin and I was also virgin so we did not know how it works

Unexpected Sex With My Mother-In-Law

By ramu On 2013-11-20 Tags: fuck, incest

This made her mad and started giving lip kiss after 10 minutes of kiss I took off her dress, there she was in petticoat and blouse, as I am a boobs lover I opened her blouse first, her boobs jumped out

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