My Virgin Neighbour Mansi Part – 2

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Hi, guys, this is arav again sharing my further true experience with my horny neighbour mansi.I thank you, people, for the mixed review of my previous story, this is the continuation of that. So please read the first part if someone missed it…


…So that same evening I called her twice but she didn’t pick my call I messaged her but no response.Then after 1 hour she called me asked me “How are u?”


Fine, I said, I asked the reason why she was not responding my call& msg so she said she was confused what to say and was thinking about our first session. She was nervous and shy but she further said: “Can I ask you something?” I gave my consent


She- do you really love me?


Me- ya sweety I love you baby


She- no one is so close to me now as you are.


Me- baby I am blessed to have you in my life, I am always there for you.


She- I love u


Me- love you too

I further said mansi you are awesome on the couch.It was wonderful to take you in my arms


She giggled and blushed, said shut up


I smiled she also smiled


Me- when next?


She- wait for karo ji itni jaldi kya hai?


Me- jab itni pyari gf ho toh wait kaise karu sweet heart


She blushed and said love you and call back later.


I kissed her on phone she also did the same

Next morning I was waiting for her parents to leave for their respective jobs.At around 11 am mansi called me.

Good morning janu


Me- good morning baby kaise ha mera baby?


She- thik hu missing u


Me- same here baby I want to be in your arms janu


She smiled and gave her consent to come to her home.

Before leaving to her home I checked condoms in my wallet and yes they placed safely there.


As I reached her home she hurriedly opened the door and as I entered she looked outside to confirm no one was watching, then she locked the door


She was wearing blue leggies salwar and red kurta with a small red bindi and on her forehead,and open straight hairs she was looking like pyari Indian desi nari in this traditional dress and her was seducing me as you people already know the fragrance of a women her kurta and leggies were tight enough to saw her awesome figure.

As she locked the door I hugged her form behind and kissed her neck.She liked that very much and caressing her palm on my cheeks, then she turned around and we hugged tightly then I slowly lifted her face and kissed her lips. We both were kissing deeply with eyes closed like we met after a long time, we broke the kiss and she hugged me tightly and rest her head on my shoulders.I was feeling her beauty and presence roaming my hands on her hairs, back.Then I kissed her forehead and moved towards her bedroom with her in my arms. As we entered her bedroom she explained me about her bedroom as girls always do, them we both semi laid on the bed with legs in the air swinging. I turned her my side and staring her with a happy face she was also staring me and feeling my presence. Then I come closer to her and hold her arms in my arms she was fully mine and enjoying my moves, I rest my face on her breast near heart and tried to listen to her heart beat which was beating fastly


Then I kissed her neck from the front and blew hot air from my mouth on her neck.She hugged me tightly and moaning ammmmmmhhh, I kissed her eyes nose cheeks lips and caressing my hand over her waist, thighs bumps as we both were wrapped in each other arms she also caressing her arms on my face.Slowly my hands were going inside her kurta and as I put my hand inside I found her deep round navel ie my weakness, as I I insert my finger inside she jerked and touched in pleasure her nave was warm and moist then I caressing my hand on her stomach by pulling her kurta up and up and as I reached the bra I asked her to  Pull up her hands to remove kurta she did the same.Then she removed my t-shirt along with sando and we both again wrapped in each other arms, I was kissing her madly over her breast earlobes stomach navel licking her every where above legs.


She was moaning and little bit sweating in excitement by repeating I luv you jaaaan aaaaàaaa. Now she came over me and kissed me over my face lips neck nipples she was licking my nipples like anything her hairs spread all over my body and I was in a state of heavenly pleasure.

Then she opened my jeans button unzipped it and removed it.I also opened her salwar naught which she removed from her self because she was also excited.She was sitting on me and I was lying straight she also removed her bra till then,as she opened the strip her big melons fell down bouncing excitedly I hold both the boobs and pressed , massaged them softly then she bend towards my face so that her both boobs reached till my mouth, I then licked her boobs she was breathing high aaaaa janu suck more baby, her erotic voice driven me crazier and I was licking and sucking her boobs. I then hold her from her waist and-and started playing her navel she was enjoying and teasing me that how much I liked her navel, I replied by pinching on the navel.


Then I lied her on the bed and removed her panty slowly

Waaaaao what a scene her vagina was wet and hot as I kissed it she felt current in her body and I insert my tongue in her vagina licking like a dog eating sucking like a hungry animal.She was moaning harder louder aaaaaaa bas janu madhosh ho rahi  hu ohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa luv me janu I licked her vagina filling it with my saliva and she was breathing heavily


Now its time for real scene I searched my jeans and take out condom from my wallet and started unwrapping it and put it on my penis,mansi continuously watching it in excitement by caressing her tongue on her dry lips


I slowly put my penis tip on her vagina lips she closed her eyes and hold me tightly. I with my full energy inserted my penis inside her flower with was still tight inspire of deflowered I feel the hotness and tightness of her vagina and locked her in my arms and start stroking her along with biting her neck and lips she was also crying dard ho rha jana aaaaa aram se a aaaaa aaaaa ohhhhhhhh I luv you iluv you baby aaaaaaaaaa and I am stroking her harder and harder in excitement


After sometime she told me she was about to cum so as I and we both reached our climax at the same time.

Nothing can better than this moment


Then we both were satisfied and kissing each other and remain silent to feel the moment.

By and by we were coming closer


And preparing ourself for further sessions and fantasies.

I hope you people liked this part please like and comment so that I can come up to you with further experiences.

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