The Perfect Plan – Part II

Dear readers..

Anusha here again. Welcome back. Hope you are doing well.If you have not read my previous stories posted on this site, here are the links:

Today I am going to complete my friend Nisha’s story for all of you.Please read the part 1 so that you can have more fun. SO I will hand over my words to Nisha’s mouth. Following story in her words.


After a memorable fucking session, I was exhausted. My dream had come true. I was just screwed wildly by a beast. I was asleep. After almost 3 hours, Raja was waking me up slowly, romantically… When I opened my eyes, I saw hunger in his eyes.. Lust was oozing out from his face..

Raja : ‘No sweety… its just the beginnig.. you have had only once.. I wanna show you what else we can do.. Dont you always say you have got a big butt to be proud off.. It will get what it deserves today.. I am gonna fuck your ass… first round was all about your satisfaction.. Now I want you until I am exhausted..’

I said : ‘But Raja…’ He cut my words and said ‘Bitch shut up and get up.. I have brought something to eat.. lets eat and I will show u what u deserve u 21 year old virgin slut’

I woke up.. Ate some burgers he had brought.. I was still naked but just covering my body with bedsheets… It was very exciting to sit half naked and eat with the guy like that… Then he said ‘lets take bath’

Oh wow!! what an idea.. I thought we would go to bathroom but he had other plans.. There was a small place at the corner of the roof.. There was tap and pipe.. He had brought shower gel.. I said its too cold to take bath in cold water in open area and also kinda feeling shy..

He laughed loud and said ‘Oh you whore… I just banged you until you got tired .. I fucked your mind out on this open roof and you still feel shy? And about cold, dont worry, thats the fun part’

I was loving this dirty talk..

Then I threw away the bedsheet and he too got naked.. He lifted me in his arms and went to the corner… He started the tap and poured on me..

I jumped up at that feel of cold water…. Then he started applying gel on my body… half botle og gel he poured and he was massaging my body as if there is no tomorrow! It was a heavenly feeling.. My cold feeling was gone.. He played special attention to my boobs… He used his big rough hands solidly to carras them… My nipples were tuned like screw driver… He was also enjoying it like hell.. Then he turned to me ass… By that time my body was barely visible in all that soap bubles… It was such a dream kind of feeling.. Moon blazing down the sky, looking at us… both of us naked, my body shining in that moon light and this beast was feasting on my body.. I had no regrets even if I had died tomorrow.. I thought everything my body has to do it had done..

He spent long time on my ass, especially spanking it hard and cleaning my asshole.. He had inserted two fingers in my asshole and said, ‘boy its too tight.. my dick is gonna love this.. I am creating room for my dick’ I was waiting in anticipation.. He said ‘oh my little slut, unless we both are drunk I can not put my dick in ur ass.. its too tight.. only way to get wilder is to have some shots..’

I eagerly said ‘sure’

Then he moved to my pussy.. showed equal love there as well… inserted his 2 fingers and royally finger fucked me.. I had lost my counts of orgasms.. I was proud that I lost my virginity today with such a great fucker and I was still not done :-)


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