Story Of A Tamilian

My Angel, My Agnes, It was my first love. She was my angel and still she
remains so. First we met in a village beach. She was wearing Dhavani or half
saree. She war fair in color, while I am dark. She had little boobs and a
dollar was swinging between her mounts. We were taking for hours. The beach was empty. It was 12 noon and all
the fishermen should have gone for rest. My hands were under her blouse. She
had nice boob and it was my first touching of a girl.

She said, Vandaga appuram (No not not) I could not control
myself. I kissed her on her lips. I thought how sweet her lips were. Her hands
were caring my neck. I found someone walking towards us. I lifted her and
forced her to walk to safety. We crossed a sand dune and walked down; I put my
hands on her buttocks and again kissed her. That was our first meeting and we
wanted more.

We planned an outing. It was coastal village with historical
importance. I got a room in the Government Tourist Home. It was just Ok and we
were talking for hours on bed. I did not touch her neither she. After a long
time I lied on her laps. She was caring my hair with her fingers. It was
heaven. All of a sudden I smelt something. It was from her heaven. She was
wearing a saree. Suddenly I lifted along with petticoat and I found the
triangle. It was not hairy and she might have shaved it a few days ago.

I kissed her triangle and started to lick her pundai (cunt).
She was speechless and tried to push me away. She said asingam (dirty) in
Tamil. I said everything of you are nothing but honey. I licked her to my best
and she resisted and later pulled my head deep in her. She said Aiyo, Aiyo and
I was suffocating. My head was between her slender thighs and I tasted her
sweetness. She released my turned upside down.

Her buttocks were round and inviting me. I lied on her. My
pants were up however my Thambi (penis) were erect and I pushed my hands into
her blouse. I was smelling her hairs. She was moving her head left to right. I
fondled her breasts. They were handful and like sponge. She said, Vandaga. Kalyam ana appurama vaichikalam (Not now, after marriage) I
just kissed her neck and back. She was shivering.

I turned her up kissed her for long. She was hot and sucking
my lips. I tried to open her blouse. She again resisted. I said, Agi I need it.
She looked into my eyes and allowed me. I undid her hooks and found her bra and
tore it away. I just put my head on her breast and rested. She put her hands on
my hair and cared me. I started to lick her nipples and she was moaning. Tappu
panrom (We are doing wrong) I asked he nee ennai kathalikiria? (Do you love me)
she said yes promise. I said I too love you and never in my life have I
betrayed you.

She was speechless. I removed her saree and kissed her love
triangle. She was moaning. I undressed myself and positioned myself between
her legs. I was kissing her and she guided my tool into her hole. I pushed it
in she shouted, aiyo aiyo I waited for a while. She pushed my buttocks towards
her and my thambi was in her pundai. She had closed her eyes and licking her
lips. I started to and fro. Her under lips were lick vice and I had tight
feeling. She was milking me.

I was pumping her. She asked will you marry me. I said you
are my life. Her legs were locked on my hip. I was sucking her lips and
breasts. Her mulais (breasts) were soft and mouthful. I smelt her armpits. I
was fucking her like there was no another day. She was moaning, enneanga
medhuva saiunga (Dear do it slow) I accepted. I pushed my sunni (penis) in slow
and waited for a few seconds and reversed and waited for a few seconds and
again pushed in.

She was in heaven and told me neengatha en ouire (You are mu
life). I was making slow and steady. She was motionless and all of a sudden she
cried yeeeennnnanga and becme motionless. Her jaws were open and an eternal
happiness settled on her face. I pick up speed and pushed in and out. Her yoni
was like gee and I was traveling from heaven to heaven. She was still
motionless and all of a sudden she widened her legs and pulled me in.

Her cunt was sucking me. I could not push further. She held
me in that position for a min. Later She allowed me to fuck. I was desperate
and fucking her um um um. She cried and asked me to shoot. Yenga seekiram
ennaku rendu thadavi. ungaloda oru dhadavia aganum (I reached twice and I want
one with you) I decided and increased speed. She said thanga mudiala (cannot
stand it)

I came she too and we were embracing each other. We did not
realize time or place. After a long time she walked away to bathroom when she
returned she sit on my face. I did not understand. She said yennoda muthal
thadavi un nakkalthan (I first got orgasm was made by your tongue) I licked her
pundai and she came again. I pinned her on bed and fucked her. She said vendaga
eriuthu (No darling it is burning)

I stopped and we kissed each other. Then she put her hand
behind and pulled me inn. It was like hot mouth sucking me. I started in and
out. She after a long time said Mudichirunga (Complete it) I fucked her in
speed and came in her and she slept on my shoulder and I was caring her like a
child. That was our first and last. Our love came light and her parents took
away to Trichy and later she was married to someone.

After years I found her in a bus. She was looking at me.
Later, when she moved out of bus, she came to me and said. Neengathan yen
purushan aana nama ona vazaha mudiythu (You are my husband, however we cannot
live together) I was spell bound. She is true. I still love her. I know we belong to different religion cannot live together; however, not
religion can prevent us from loving.

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