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HI readers…here is my real life story. I was doing my engineering final year. my sister was studying engineering 2nd year. i came to my home for holiday. one day my dad and mom went outside.

I was very happy that they went outside for shopping. i started watching XXX movies and started masturbate my cock. some time later i say my sister watched it. i was worrying that she will tell this to our parents. so i went near her. she looked at me and laughed at me. i told her not to tell this to mom and dad. she again laughed at me. i went back to the room. after some time she came inside the room and sat near me. she asked me to show me the movie which i say. i told her to go out. she told me that if you do not show me the movie i will tell to dad. so i showed the movie.

After some time i went near her and touched her legs. she removed it. again i touched her hips and hugged her. she also hugged me. i started to kiss her in the neck. she was enjoying it. Then i told her to give me a kiss in the lip. she refused but i started to kiss her in the lips. The saliva of mine went inside her mouth and her saliva came inside my mouth. i twisted my tongue in her mouth. she started to bite my tongue and the kiss was going for 10 min. then i pressed her boobs. she was shouting hmmmmmm ahhhhhhh… she was wearing a red chudi. i started to unhook the chudi. and i removed her chudi. she was wearing a black bra and then i removed her pant too. she was wearing a black panties. at the same time she removed my shirt and trousers. i unhooked her bra. her boobs looked so nice and i started to lip her boobs. she was shouting ahhhhhh ahhhhhh hmmmmmm but she enjoyed it. then i removed her panties. and she removed my trousers. first time i am seeing a girl naked and me too naked. her hot body touched my body. we both kissed each other. she touched my cock and she started to shake it. i enjoyed the moment. she started to lip my cock. my cock was full of her saliva.

I just lifted her in my hand and made her to go to the center of the bed. i told her that i am going to insert my cock in ur pussy. she refused not to do. but i kissed her and told her not to get worried. then my hands went near her pussy. i just opened her pinkish pussy, it was very wet. i started to lip the pussy. it was very tasty. she was moaning hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm…i inserted my hands in her pussy. she was shooting ahhhhhhhhh. so i started to kiss her in mouth. she was biting my lips. i started to insert my cock in her pussy. she was feeling the pain very lot. i started to push my cock deep inside her pussy. she hugged me and kissed me. at last i felt i am going to cum. so i removed my cock outside from her pussy and cummed in her boobs. we both hugged each other and she was sleeping on me in the bed. we took rest for 2 hours. after 2 hours i waked up and said her to wear the dress. i helped her to wear the bra and panties. she prepared a tea for me. she brought me the tea . i pushed her near me and gave her a deep lip kiss. i made her to drink the tea and i kissed her mouth and drank some tea from her mouth.

This first sex was a very memorable experience in my life.

We were waiting for the second one. one day one of my distance relative died so my dad and mom started and went for the funeral. it was three pleasent days. Those three days me and my sister was like husband and wife. let me explain day by day.

First day: it was a fine morning. my sister wake me and gave me a superb tea. i went to have bath and knowingly i left my towel outside. i brushed my teeth and started to have a bath in showers. after taking bath i called my sister to bring me the towel. she brought me the the towel. i dragged her inside and she was wearing nighty and i told her to take bath with me. so i removed her nighty she was wearing bra and panties. i unhooked her bra and removed her panties. we both are naked now. i opened the showers and i started to press her quite boobs and i applied some soap on her boobs and she was applying soap on my cock. and we both took bath and came out of bathroom after one hour.

She prepared me dosa and we both shared dosa each other. after that i started to ask some sexual questions to her. the discussion was going for more than 3 hours. after that i told her that shall we have sex now. she replied me that we will have tonight. i replied ok and told her that we will celebrate the night as “first night”. she looked at me and gave a quite smile. i went to the market for purchasing flowers and sweets. i returned home and started to prepare the room. i decorated the room with flowers. i told my sister to wear saree. she replied ok.

She prepared chappathi and we had it. and i told her i will go to the room. she replied ok. after some time she came inside the room. she was looking very quite. she was wearing a red saree which was really awesome to see. she brought me a cup of milk. i drank some milk and gave her some. i just caught her hands and made her to sit in the bed. i can she the shyness in her face. i started to kiss her in the forehead, eyes, neck. then i started to kiss her in her mouth. she also started to kiss me in the lips. it was a good french kiss. i inserted my tongue in her mouth and then she inserted her tongue in my mouth the saliva exchanged in our mouth. the kiss was for more than 10 to 15 min. then i removed her saree and she was wearing a red jacket. then i went near her stomach and kissed her. she was enjoying it. then i unhooked her jacket simualtaneously she removed my shirt and lungi. she was wearing a black bra and red paunties. i started to kiss her in all the parts of the body. i unhooked her bra and started to lip her boobs and bitted her nipples. she was shooting like hmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh hmmmmmm. and kissed her in legs.

Then she started to kiss me. she also kissed me in all the parts of the body. she didn’t leave a single place. i removed her panties i saw a quite pussy surrounded my tiny hairs. i kissed her pussy and started to massage her pussy. she was enjoying a lot. then i inserted my fingers inside quite pinkish pussy. it was very wet and so hot. and i pushed my fingers deep inside her pussy simultaneously i was kissing in her mouth. then i started to lip her pussy. i made my tongue to go inside her pussy.

She rotated me and now she was on me. she removed my underwear and took my cock outside. she kissed my cock and started to suck my cock. i was really enjoying the moment.. then i said her to open her pussy. she opened it and i made my cock to enter in her pussy. she was shooting and enjoying. then she sat on me. and she holded my cock and made my cock to enter inside her pussy. she started to jump and my cock went inside and outside her pussy. her boobs was dancing. i was pressing her boobs. i made her in doggy style and inserted my cock inside her ass. i inserted my full cock inside her ass. she was shooting of pain. at last i cummed inside her ass. i felt down the bed and she felt on me and kissed me. i fully understood husband and wife relation. it was wonderful. next day morning i woke by 8am i seen my sister sleeping she was very tired. i brought her tea. Then me and my sister had a shower.

Second day: We planned to go for a honeymoon trip nearby so i planned to go to a resort near ECR chennai. i booked a resort for a full day and a night. we went to the resort and we told resort guys that we are husband and wife. we enjoyed a lot in beach, swimming pool, we had a good lunch, we played games. that night we went to the resort room and there was a single bed and room looked awesome. and the resort guys decorated the room for honeymoon. me and my sister had a good sex that night.

Third day: We had sex in the home. After that me and my sister had sex regularly.

Hi gals if u are in chennai and want a enjoyable, memorable, secured and safe sex just feel free to mail me at [email protected]

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