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Hello people. I have recently started visiting this site and I do want to share my latest experience with u.

I am @1 years old strongly built man from bhopal and I am a Master. I have 7 female sex slaves and 3 male sex slaves from bhopalitself and we do all things in real. All slaves of mine follow all my orders no matter how painfully physical it is for them or how immoral they are.

I started this tradition when one friend of mine came to me and told me how badly she wanted to have sex and loose her virginity. Until then I never thought i would be a master. She was so desperate that we had sex. And she liked to be dominated. She did all what i told her. We tried anal sex only the second time and after that there was no stopping. She introduced many of her friends who wanted sex desperately and gradually they became my slaves. I made them have sex among themselves and they enjoyed. We tried bondage, rape, and all the stuff you can imagine. I made one of my slaves insert a baseball slugger in her pussy, she did, and screamed all the way through like hell.

This incident is about a girl named aayushi who is 17 years old and studies in carmal convent. She was introduced to me by my first slave Sakshi. She did not knew I was going to take her virginity away on the first day itself. She just came to meet me at our meeting place. She was damn sexy having a figure 34-26-34 and was really tensed. She did looked like she wanted sex as she kept specifying on my groin.

We started talking normally as i am an engineer myself and she asked my few things about engineering as she is preparing for AIEEE. As she became frank, and I asked whether she had kissed someone before? She was taken aback and looked at her friend Sakshi. I told Sakshi to leave. Then I asked her again and she told me she didn’t. I went to her and took her hand in mine, and told her to be calm. Then i asked her whether she wants to try it. First she said no, not so soon, but when i insisted, she agreed. At first I placed a baby kiss on her small pink lips. She acted as if she had done something unusual. i kissed her gain. then on the third time, i inserted my tongue into her mouth parting her lips to taste her, and as our tongues got touched, she shivered like anything as she was experiencing it for the first time. I kept into her as she was trying to move her head away, but i kept smooching her. then i moved away and looked into her eyes. I knew she was shy but she enjoyed it thoroughly. When i moved towards her to kiss her again, this time she reacted accordingly as she wanted it badly. I moved my hand on her back and slowly on her hips, squeezing them, and she let a little ouch escape from her mouth. I grabbed her again kissing her again, and this time i moved my hand upto her breasts and she twitched. She told me to stop, and i said we wont be fucking today. Then i asked whether she wanted a boob massage, she already was hot by the kissing and said nothing, i took it as a yes, and started pressing her boobs slowly at first and then started squeezing them hardly. I asked her to remove her top, She wasn’t wearing any bra underneath. I took her breasts into my mouth and started sucking them, she started moaning in pleasure. She slid one hand into her panty unknowingly, i saw that and asked what she was doing. She became red with shame as she didn’t wanted to tell me she was wet, bu i knew it. I asked her whether she frequently plays with her pussy, she said yes, but told me she still is a virgin. I told her that i wanted to see her pussy, she refused. By that time too was turned on a bit hearing she still was a virgin. I forcefully removed her pants and panty and told her i just wanted to kiss her down there. I first kissed her pussy and then parted it a bit, clearly seeing she was virgin. I started licking her pussy. At first she tried to move my head away, but as pleasure took over her, she started moaning with pleasure she never felt before. i stopped suddenly and i asked whether she wants some more of that. she said she did want that again. I told her for that she has to give me a blowjob. I told her how to do it and she did. When i was rock hard i told her to stop as i wanted to fuck her. I told her to spread her legs so that i could lick her again and she did it instantly. I started licking her and instantly she became wet. in two minutes she started to shiver and i knew she was about to have an orgasm. i inserted my tongue deeper and she gave a final shiver exploding her first orgasm onto my face. and i did enjoyed it. she thought it was over, so she closed her eyes and laid back to relax. I took it as opportunity as she still had her legs spread. I inserted my seven inch dick into her in an instant and she screamed. tears rolled out of her eyes as she clung ro me digging her nails deep into my back.

I pulled my dick out and let her blood flow away, she kept crying for sometime saying she did not wanted to loose her virginity so soon. By that time i was fully turned on. I pulled her towards me, inserted my dick again into her and started fucking her. she started screaming as from the start i was a bit rough, but i kept fucking her, saying she came her for this and she got it. slowly her orgasm began to build up again and she started enjoying the fuck. She started moving to and fro in the rhythm pushing herself more into me. I knew i was going to cum, and at that moment she started shivering again. i told her to wait a moment, but she let out a cry and cummed. I too exploded my load into her and laid by her side, exhausted.

Later she told me she enjoyed it and that say i fucked her 2 more times. Since then she is my slave and i use her as i want.

Do tell me if u like this incident.

This is my address: [email protected]

Aunties, girls, women, granny’s, and uncles from bhopal, indore, hoshangabad and itarsi.. if u want to be a slave then do mail me or MSG me on the following number. full satisfaction guaranteed. Please only MSG me at first as i don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers.

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