Love And Sex With Neighbor Girl

Hello friends, I am Santhosh from Andhra Pradesh. This is my first story. Please just excuse me if you do not like my narration. I started watching porn during 10th class and lost my virginity when I was in my bachelor degree first year. We used to live in the village. The story happened with my neighbor girl (Sindhu) of my age (18 years at that time), who was also studying in our college. She is very fair and beautiful and also looks sexy with big boobs and wide ass. I think her stats were around 34-30-36. She mostly used to wear churidars whenever she comes out of the home and long nighty in the home. I used to like her a lot in churidars which reveal her curves much especially her ass movements while walking. She used to wear dupatta with churidar. They were living from past two years. I was stunned by her beauty and figure when I first saw her. And her beauty and stats increased in the two years. Though we are neighbors, we never talked much except formal greets sometimes as it is a village and her family is orthodox. But I used to try my best to be in her eyes always.

The actual story started when we both joined the same college in nearby town and started going by bus every day, which gave me an opportunity to me to see and move more close to her. I started talking about college and studies. Later we moved onto the topics of movies and friends. But I never dared to sit next to her on the bus as it is full of people we know well. Once the classes were canceled due to strike and I tried convincing her to come to a movie but she took me to a temple near to college. Then I thought she is not that kind of girl.
However, the opportunity came to me with time. It was our college fresher’s day. Our seniors asked us to perform skits. Sindhu and I did not participate in any skits but helped our friends with costumes and makeup stuff. We were provided an empty classroom in one corner for the skit preparations. While helping with makeup, she said she brought a half saree for the party. But she doesn’t want to change there as the room is people and she is afraid of going to other rooms as the rooms are empty only on the first floor.

Then I said I will come up and wait at the doors. She was bit hesitant and finally agreed to it. We went up and she changed to half saree and came out. Oh my god!!!! I could not believe my eyes. She was far beautiful than I thought. I said the same to her. She was bit angry and started walking. I was afraid. And I was just looking her ass while following her to the ground floor. I do not know how many times I looked at her top to bottom till the function was over. Then again, she needed my help to change back the dress. While going up I proposed her. She did not respond. While she was going into the room, I held her hand and said I want to marry you. She looked into my eyes in confusion. I took that as a melting point, I hugged her tight and kissed her on lips. And I moved my right hand to the bottom and felt her ass and squeezed all over. It was my first hug with a girl and feeling her breast on my chest and rubbing her ass were fantastic. But I did not leave her for 10 min though she resisted.

I had to leave her as I was uncomfortable with my erected dick in my tight jeans pant. Her face became red and she did not see my face. I went out and let her change the dress. After she changed I kissed her again and said I love her. She did not speak for two days and then she messaged me in the midnight that their parents will not accept for marriage. I replied her that we need to speak privately. But she was not willing to come to anywhere. So, I asked her to come to the terrace immediately. I jumped onto their terrace and she took 1 h to come up. This time she hugged me and said she loves me too but never told me. We smooched for 15 minutes. Then I pinned to the wall and kissed her boobs on her nighty. Then I lifted her nighty and kissed her navel and then her cunt. She refused and said it is not time. I was bit disappointed but agreed with her and left. Our relation strengthened with time. Nothing more happened except kissing, hugging etc.

After first year exams, one day, I asked her if we can meet on the terrace after everyone slept. She accepted. It was summer starting. I arranged my bedding on the terrace. At around midnight she came to the terrace with my favorite half saree. I immediately hugged and took her to the bedding. I made her lay on her back and I went on her. I slowly removed her pallu and kissed on her neck and cleavage. Then I opened her blouse and bra. There I could see first time in my life seeing boobs live. The milky boobs with pinkish brown nipples. I immediately kissed the breast all over and then sucked the nipples one by one. Later I moved to her lehenga and opened the knots. I removed it and asked her to turn around. Oh my goodness!! Amazing!!! Her ass is the most attractive part of her body. I kissed all over and then put my tongue in her ass hole and tried to lick the cunt from back. Then I turned her around and she spread her legs for me. I licked her cunt till she cummed.

I did not allow even a single drop of her cum to dripped out. It put my lips around it and drank her cum completely. Then I licked her inner thighs and her belly and shifted to boobs. I asked her to give me a blowjob and she refused. Then I tried inserting my dick in her cunt. It was difficult. After trying for 10 min, it went in. She was in tears initially and a little bit of blood came out. Anyways after I started with pumping she started enjoying. I could not last not more than 5 min and was too late to remove my dick out before I released. She was afraid of pregnancy that I convinced her to take I-pill which I gave on the next morning. After 30 min, I was ready for my dick. I fucked her through her ass by holding her boobs for 30 min and released again in her cunt. After that, she kissed me and left. Later we had many encounters either in her home or my home or on the terrace. After one year, they shifted to Hyderabad. We were in contact for 2 years after that and had one encounter in Hyderabad when I went there. She then got married to another guy as her parents threatened to take their life. I was sad for almost 2 years but focused on my career. I do not want to disturb her as she is living her own life. Now I am living in Germany. Please let me know your valuable feedback to my email id [email protected] I am really sorry if you feel bored with the story.

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