Lost Virginity To An Older Man

Hi there! My name is Shakthi. I am female from Chennai, Tamil nadu. I am now 25 years old and I am going to narrate a true story of how I lost my virginity to a 52 year old man when I was 18. My e mail id is [email protected]

About me, I am based in Chennai, working in an advertising firm. I am short and appear plump and have full boobs. 36E-31-36. I am just 5 feet tall and so my boobs appear hugely disproportionate for my body. I am interested in older men, bus or train sex and exhibitionism. This happened when I was in school, 12th std, and is mainly the reason why I like older men.

Those were the days when chat rooms were popular. I used to hang out in Yahoo India Chat Room. I started chatting with a man, Raghu uncle, who was 52 years old at that time. He was pleasant and friendly and used to give me advice on a wide range of issues. But we never chatted sexually at any point of time. He didn’t even try to flirt with me. He was my ‘agony aunt’. I used to tell him all my problems and he used to advice on ways to cope with the board exam stress. He was married and had an 22 year old son and a 19 year old daughter. He had his own glass export business.

So anyway, fast forward- one day he suggested that we meet. I was scared and refused point blank. But over the next few days he convinced me tactfully. He suggested that we meet in the evening after my school. He would bring his car near my school and we would go for a drive. Eventually, I agreed.

My school uniform was a white shirt and a knee length red and white checked skirt. My skirt was 2 inches well below my knee (not above). I wear my mid length hair in a ponytail.

D-Day arrived. I was nervously waiting for him. I hadn’t told any of my friends about him, as they would disapprove and I also felt sort of possessive about him. I told my parents that the school was going to have a lot of after school special classes and since I was in 12th std, they didn’t see anything suspicious. Raghu uncle had already given me the car number, make and colour so that I could get in without wasting time.

Soon enough I spotted the red car. It stopped near the bus stand. I had seen Raghu uncle’s picture, but he hadn’t seen mine. So he had no idea how I would look like. I got in the car and he drove off without even giving me a second glance. Driving around the city, we just had normal conversation. He stopped and got me lots of stuff to eat and told a lot of funny stories. I was enjoying his company to the hilt.

This continued for days. Soon he began to buy me expensive gifts- perfume, earrings, watch and such other stuff. This increased our proximity and I became more trusting, more open, more willing.

One day, he got some snacks and we drove to ECR (East Coast Road), a stretch of road that runs parallel to the sea all the way to Pondicherry from Chennai. It is a very nice stretch of road and is fairly secluded in certain sections, especially the lanes. We stopped in one of the by-lanes, off the road and began eating. I was full and filled with content and was at peace with the world. He began driving and asked me to lean against him. I was in a great mood and didn’t think otherwise and leaned against his shoulders as he continued driving in the same gear (it’s a fairly homogenous stretch with little traffic owing to the week day odd hour). He put his left hand around me and was talking. When I lifted my head to answer, he planted a soft lingering deep kiss on my cheek. I blushed. Then he asked me for a kiss and I pecked him hurriedly on his left cheek. We left it at that.


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