How An Old Man Took My Virginity

I’m Madiha . I want to share the experience of how I lost my virginity in one of the most unlikely circumstances. This happened around 7 years ago.We had a marriage of one of my cousins in my native village.But,since I had my practicals just the day before which I cannot skip. My father stayed with me ,while my mother and younger brother went to the function a week earlier.Our native village was a 10 hr journey from my place by bus,but my father decided to drive in our car as it will be faster than a bus.

I finished my practicals successfully and came home to get all the jewellery and dresses for the wedding.We began the uneventful journey. We stopped midway in a hotel and had a nice dinner.My father asked me to sleep as I need to be fresh for the marriage in the morning.I was sleeping while my father was driving through the dark forests.

By the time,we reached to the place,we were totally wet.To our dismay,it was a not an outpost,but a house.We knocked at the door.After few minutes,we heard a raspy female voice “Who is it?”.

“I’m sorry,but our car broke down.Could you please help us?” My father replied.

There was a silence and then the door opened and the old woman allowed us in.There was an old man standing there with a huge axe in his hand.I assumed,it was just to protect in case we were some kind of robbers.The couple were around 50s or 60s. The old man was tall,dark,thin and had a huge white beard.He was wearing an old white lungi and no shirt.The woman was frail and looked much older than the man,due to her lack of physical strength.Anyway,when I looked around the house,I thought what was the fuss with the axe and all.There was nothing to steal from that house. It was just a one room house.On one corner,an old saree was tied diagonally for a make-shift bathroom. There was a kerosene stove in the other corner.There was no electricity in the house,but it had 1 petromax lights and the fire from the coals They had a coir bed in the middle of the house.There were few big wooden boxes which had their belongings.I doubt if a thief can find anything worth more than a 100 rupees in there.

The old man now looked at my father and said that There is a 24 hr mechanic shop just along the road,but its close to 2km.If there was no one in the shop,wait for sometime.they might have gone home to have food or something.My father borrowed the umbrella and torchlight from him and went to search for the mechanic shop.

After my father left,the woman said that I was totally wet and asked me to change the dress or else I will catch cold. I told her that I had no other dress right now.She said I can use her saree. I never wore a saree except during the school annual day and it took my Mother an 1 hr to dress me up.I sheepishly said I don’t know how to wear a saree. She said,its not a problem as she will help me.

She took what I assume was the cleanest saree she had and pulled me behind that curtain which led to their stinky bathroom which had an old bucket and mug and brought the light.I need to tell u that during that time,I wasn’t as slim as now but a little chubby not not exactly fat.I had the look of a child,though I had a nice 34-32-35 size.Plus I was outgrowing my B size bra and was going to switch to C cup soon.

She asked me to strip down everything including my bra and panties saying u shouldn’t wear wet dresses. After I removed the last bit of my cloth from my skin.She shined the light in front of me and looked at me top to bottom.She said that I have a nice body. I was too embarrassed by her statement.But I didn’t know what to do. She then asked me to tie the petticoat and blouse.I didn’t have any problem with the petticoat and certainly,her blouse didn’t fit even a bit and I didn’t want to damage this woman’s prized possession.


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