All For Money

Dear friend, myself “Nitu” (34/26/34), from India, always take care of my loving husband “Javed”. He is very humble and well built muscular person and always take care of me in every respect. Even after 10-12 years of marriage he is so attractive that bachelor girls are dying to see/meet/chat with him personally. Many teen girls and women I know dreaming for sex with him. He always try to give me the best either in sex or in shopping or in love etc.

His dick (circumcised) is very thick and always hungry for fucking choots (pussy). During early days of marriage we used to have sex many times in night and even in day hours. We love each other very much and still we go for sex frequently, whenever we get chance i.e. on absence of our two lovely kids or parents. I know slowly interest of sex in men gets decreases due to many factors like as (1) Sex with the same lady (2) Due to growing age. (3) Unhealthy diet (4) Fast life etc.

I know also every men and women looks for some change in sex and this makes sex arousal which I want in Javed so that all the time he looks hungry for sex with me. Seeing the circumstances I advised Javed to have sex with any lady or girl as per his wish, even I promised to give help and assistance to have sex with someone. We have also decided jointly that if any good Muslim couple we get clash then we will jointly go for sex with that couple and will maintain everlasting relationship for everything.

In our last story myself helped Javed to have sex with our made servant chanda and beautiful neighbor Smita. This is the incidence when we ([email protected]) were living in apartment. The floor on which we were living there was six flats. Our Flat was between two flats. One occupant of one side of flat was of couple “Mr.Akram & Ms.Noor Jehan”. He was retired person with old wife and one aged unmarried daughter. Due to monetary problem she was sitting unmarried and looking for her parents.

Name of daughter was “Anjum”. She was having tall figure good shaped figure 36,26,36. She was in her 36s age. This family was very good and our maximum leisure time was spending with this the family. Out of all gossip maximum time Noor Jehan used to talk about marriage for her daughter “Anjum”. Sometimes we feel very bad what to do for the same.

After few months through Noor Jehan we came to know that one of groom parents wants Rs.100,000/- (Rs. One Lakh) for getting marriage with anjum. The boy was in his 40s and clerk in some Govt.Office. Noor Jehan requested us that because we are her best neighbour that is why do something for this money. That night on bed Nitu told me dear we should help our neighbour and should do something for “Anjum” marriage.

I told dear we can give 1.5 lakhs rupees (for dowry amount and marriage management) straightway but it is non refundable because they do not have money to return back. Nitu if I managed to arrange to fuck Anjum for you then what? Is it poor dealing to fuck a beautiful virgin? I told then this can be done. I (Nitu) told dear tomorrow go to bank withdraw Rs.1.5 Lakhs for me and I will manage fucking session with Anjum till she get marriage.

I (Nitu) told me to bring the money notes 50s,20s,10s values so that Rs.1.5 Lakhs looks very huge amount while to see. Next day Javed withdraw the amount and gave it to me. I (Nitu) told Javed that she will talk to Anjum directly today when you will be away from home. Next day when Javed was out then I kept the whole Rs.1.5 Lakhs rupees on my bed and covered it by towel and then called “Anjum”.

I with Anjum sat on the sofa of my bed room. I (Nitu) told Anjumdear your parents are very much worried for you, your future and for your marriage and they are seeking help (monetarily) from us. We can manage the amount and even will not demand for refund but for that What you are going to pay us? She kept silent for a moment then she told for my parent’s happiness and for my marriage she is ready to pay anything.

I (Nitu) told think it “twice”. She again told that Ok she is ready to pay anything for the same. Then I (Nitu) uncovered the Rs.1.5 Lakhs on lifting towel from that & told dear we have managed already for you. Anjum eyes was widened to see such a huge amount lying on the bed. Then I (Nitu) started to continue talk. Anjum dear this all money you can take right now but just now you told to pay anything and I am ready to give this amount to your parents but for that you will have to provide Sex, time to time, with Javed as per

Javed’s wish till your marriage get performed. And this will be secret between we three. She became silent and after few minutes she told that let me give some time to think and after having tea she went back to her flat.As per my (Nitu) advise we both husband and wife went to Ms.Noor Jehan flat. Alongwith father and mother Anjum was also sitting there silently and enjoying our gossip.

During talk Nitu told to Mr.Akram & Ms.Noor Jehan that they are managing Rs.1.5 Lakhs (non refundable) for Anjum’s marriage and the moment they manage will give that to you and you can very well proceed for marriage. On this sentence both the husband and wife became very happy and started giving lots of thanks and after sitting for few more minutes we returned back from their flat.

In the night Nitu told me dear now you be ready to fuck a virgin choot (vagina), gand (ass) and mouth. 100% Anjum will come tomorrow for saying “yes”. Next day while Javed was away from home door bell rang. I opened the door and found “Anjum” standing on the door. She came in and sat on the sofa i.e near to me (Nitu) and start saying Bazi Nitu whole night I thought about this offer and finally

I reached a conclusion that someone will fuck my choot for their own interest after my marriage then why not get fuck by the person who is thinking about the happiness of my parents and about my future. After fucking by Javed, my choot will not vanish or destroy then why not give pleasure to you couple and particularly to your hubby Javed.

I (Anjum) told that she is ready to go for sex with Javed and even after marriage I will continue to give this pleasure service and tell me what I have to do now? I (Nitu) congratulate Anjum for this decision and told her that Javed like to fuck shaved choot so today you cleaned up your choot and come tomorrow around 2.00 pm for your first fuck.

We will give Rs.1.5 Lakhs in three different equal installments i.e. in three months and your parents can perform your marriage after 3 months. After finalisation of everything she went back to her flat. In evening myself and hubby Javed went to Anjum’s flat and sitting with her parents we conveyed this message that we are going to give you Rs.50,000 day after tomorrow and rest 50,000 & 50,000 after every one month and you can very well perform Anjum’s marriage after three months.

Anjum’s parents were so happy on listening this news. Anjum was also sitting nearby and enjoying our talk. Lastly we told Mr.Akram & Ms.Noor Jehan that day after we will give Rs.50,000 to Anjum while she will go to our flat and then we husband and wife returned back to our flat. In the night I told Javed dear you very lucky and get ready to fuck a virgin choot, ass and mouth.

She gave me two glass of milk mixed with honey and some energetic juices on saying drink it and give great blow to that Anjum. Next day me and Javed were waiting for Anjum in our bed room. Around 2.00 PM door bell rang. Nitu went and opened the door and found Anjum standing on the door. She welcome her and after locking the door from inside both came in our bed room where I was lying on the bed.

She was looking some nervous but a bit confident too. We all sat down on our bed room sofa set and after gossiping here and there for few minutes Nitu asked Anjum to take out her clothes one by one in front of us. She stood nearby us and first she took out her Salwar. Her breast in her red bra was giving great view. Her white complexion, 5’6″ height and figure 36,26,36 was great. Then she took out her salwar. My God her hair less long legs with red undie was great.

Any man can become mad on seeing this look. Afterwards she took out her bra. Greeeeaaat, her breast with pink nipple was perfect shaped not hanging a bit. And lastly she took out her undie and became fully naked infront of us. Standing Anjum naked infront of us giving great pleasure to both of us. Her shaved choot was giving great view. Javed asked Anjum to jump on her place so that we can see the shaking of her breast.

She start jumping on her place but her breast was so tight that only small movement was on her breast and her total body movement was giving great view. Afterwards I asked Javed to undress. He did it in a minute. His erected full cock was ready to measure depth of a virgin choot. I asked Javed to sit down on sofa and asked Anjum to go and sit down in his lap and enjoy kissing. She did and both after some hesitation of few minutes started to enjoy of kissing.

Javed was licking her chick and started chewing her lips on making his tongue deep and deep of her mouth. Anjum started moaning and slowly Javed hands started to move on her virgin breast. He started to squeez her both breast. Moaning of Anjum keept on increasing i.e. ooohhhhh aaaahhhh oooohhhh. Slowly Anjum hands move to down of Javed and reached to his full erected thick dick. Moment she hold Javed’s dick in her hand she stopped kissing and said my god your lund (dick) is so thick. it will mash my virgin choot.

Javed told yes dear this dick is for special one who is lucky on the earth because it gives maximum pleasure and all the time hungry to fuck. After seeing all this I (Nitu) started to get excited and in no time thrown out my clothes and became naked. Anjum changed her pose now. Asked Javed to sit down on sofa on making legs hanging and she sat down on the floor and started sucking

Javed’s dick on taking maximum length in her mouth and She hinted me (Nitu) to sit down nearby Javed on the same pose asked me to spread her leg to make hand work on my choot. After sucking few minutes she (Anjum) changed her pose and came on my choot. She started sucking my choot and her hand started moving on Javed’s thick erected lund (dick). She keeps on changing her mouth and hand position and kept on giving maximum pleasure to both of us.

After 20-25 minutes she finally came on Javed’s lund (dick) and started to suck his lund hard and hard, deep and deep and slowly Javed’s legs became tight and tight and in a minutes Javed ejaculated in Anjum’s mouth. She inhaled all semen and even semen which got spread on balls she licked that too. Each and every drop of Javed’s semen she licked and asked Javed how do you feel? Javed replied great dear you are really pleasure machine.

Anjum told dear since my maturity I was hungry for this and whenever I was seeing you always thought of having sex with you and finally God listened me and I (Anjum) am enjoying your cock now. After taking some rest on sofa Anjum told Javed to fuck her. Javed told Anjum to sit down on sofa and spread her leg wide to get fuck. Javed asked me (Nitu) to suck his dick and make it hard and erect.

I (Nitu) did it quickly and in minutes Javed’s dick get erected and became hard and in the mean time she (Anjum) positioned her pose to get fuck. Javed applied some of his mouth saliva on the opening of Anjum’s choot and took his position on keeping his hard rock lund (Dick) tip on the opening of virgin choot of Anjum and gave great jerk to penetrate and in one great jerk Javed nailed his whole dick in Anjum’s choot.

Anjum cried oooooeeee mmmmaaaaaaaaa ekhi bar mein pura laura dalkar mera boor phar dala is kasai ne oooeeeee ooooooommaaaaaaa (this butcher cracked my vagina on nailing his dick in one stroke). Drops of tears came in Anjum’s eye due to pain and she kept crying. After few moments Javed started shaking and giving jerk after jerk. Anjum kept abusing to Javed auurrrr chodo harami kasai aur chodo harami kasai apni pyas bujhao and meri pyas bujhao (fuck me fuck me and get calm down yourself and calm down to me).

Drops of watery blood surfaced on the vagina i.e. around Javed’s lund. I (Nitu) told Javed fuck harder and harder and calm down to her for rest of life. Javed kept on fucking her virgin choot and giving hard jerk and slowly his leg started getting tense. I (Nitu) told to fall your juices inside her so that she can feel the real fuck. Anjum orgasm and Javed kept his pace and blasted inside her deep choot. For few minutes Javed remain ideal on nailing his thick cock inside Anjum’s choot. Afterwards he took out his dick and sat down on sofa.

Anjum quickly came down from sofa and sat down on floor on spreading her leg. Semen with drops of blood cam out from her choot and got spread on the floor. She remain sitting for 8-10 minutes and went inside our bath room and washed her body. After putting on her clothes she told us that tomorrow same time she will come to get her ass and choot fucking. Next day she came on time and sucked Javed’s thick erected dick up to fall.

Afterwards she got fuck of her virgin ass and then her choot. While returning I (Nitu) gave her Rs.50,000 (first installment) and told her to give to her parents. This routine kept continue till she got married after 3 months. Before 2 days of her marriage she came for fucking to consume Javed’s baby in her belly. She remained whole day on that day and Javed kept on fucking her choot again and again so that she consume her semen for pregnant.

After marriage of one week she came to meet us and told her husband’s dick is not so thick that is why his husband dick can not give pleasure like as Javed and he is not a good fucker too. She told that Javed is a best fucker on this earth with his thick and hungry dick. On that day also she wished to get fuck and Javed fucked her on that day too. Interested couple / lady / widow / aged girl are cordially invited to write us for becoming our friend to exchange their fantasies, feelings, experience, pics etc. Write back us with your details and picture : [email protected] Confidentiality will be kept secret and expected.

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