Sex With My Ladyboss

An awesome moment with the busty manager.
Hello friends, I am from Kashmir my first story in ISS hope you ll like it. I have been an avid reader of iss. If any women who seek no strings attached fun, or friends with benefit fun can contact me on [email protected] please be assured of the safety, women’s safety is my first priority.

About me, I am a fair handsome looking guy I am a single guy have a decent tool whose sole aim to is to satisfy women, I’m on the heavier side, funny guy.

This story goes back in 2014 when I was with one of the pharmaceutical firms; we had a new area business manager her name was mehmeet Kaur , she was basically from Delhi, have been working here from last 4 years. She was a married woman but staying away from husband as he was very abusive to her. So coming back to the story, the moment I saw her, I got great interest in her, she was so hot, she had 34d breasts, 28 waists, and 34 ass, wow what else you want as a man if one can bed her. But I don’t know what was it she always avoided me, as I was on the heavier side. During quarterly meet she wore one piece dress which revealed her cleavage and figure and trusts me, guys, she wore to kill and every guy was after her.

During the meet, I was the one who was the center of attraction as I gained a maximum number of targets and awarded with few awards as well, and she had to listen from management for the poor record of other team members, and she was pissed. During lunch, she just blasted me for being selfish and not helping other teammates achieving the target, and I was feeling ashamed as she blasted in front of everyone. There at that point I made my mind to fuck her like a bitch.
As the meet was in 5 star hotel we were offered complimentary drinks, so I offered her beer and said I will definitely help team members, as very few people were around, she mentioned she did mentioned she behaved rudely with me, because my other team members are not as good as me, and said sorry to me, it was around 4 and she took to drink. I must say I never saw that closely, and she was jannat ki pari, which I mentioned, and her response shocked me, she said she noticed from day 1 how I look at her, how I fuck her in my eyes which she enjoyed. I thought this might be the best chance to fuck her.

I asked for company in staff room, as one of my friends used to work there and I had borrowed keys from him, I took her there and bolted door, I pulled her by waist and placed my lips on her, kissed her roughly which she responded well and pushed me, I went closer to her and opened zip of her one piece which led it to fall, and man there she was in black laced bra and panty, I kissed her and squeezed her breast, she again pushed me showing a slutty smile asking for more, I pulled her up from waist and pushed her against walls with her protruded nipples in front, I needed no second invitation to suck them. I started to circle her nipples with my lips softly, and in between applying pressure on her nipples with tongue, she was going mad as I saw her peeing right in front, I thought what was that then realize that nipples are what got this lady urinate with excitement. She was really ashamed of what she did as I can make out from her expressions, I didn’t care what she did, I pushed her to bed, tore her panty, and there she was honey producing pot, covered in little minute hair, inviting to be taken care of, so wet pussy it was, I still get erection imagining the situation.

I squeezed her boobies, rhythmically, circling with fingers, licking her navel in a circular motion like Emraan Hashmi did to Mallika Sherawat in murder, licking her thighs, and dipped my tongue in the honey pot, I had a salty taste, I can taste the urine as well. I was licking and squeezing her breasts as well, and she was moaning big, aah aah jaanu, do it no one had done it before, you are the man, aah babe I can’t hold it fuck me please fuck me, you fat bastard, that added fire to the love making, I just slapped her pussy lightly, spread her legs and pushed dick with all might, and she screamed in pleasure, did fuck for few minutes and then again removed my dick and pushed it into her mouth, that bitch was great sucker, I have never experienced that kind of feel before. She was master, after sucking for a bit she guided my dick to her pussy, it was so wet greatly gelled, just fucked her to the core, changed position to doggy, and started ramming her pussy like there is no tomorrow, then went slow for moment I was doing this and she was screaming for more.

She was shouting as she was about to cum and even I was nearing it, I changed the position to missionary and started ramming faster, both of us were moaning and cummed together inside her pussy.After the session, she got her clothes back and gave the torn panty to me as a token of gratitude. She asked me to join her, which I gleefully accepted. She brought her car and we were off to her place while driving I was fingering her wet pussy, she was fun, she was the woman every man dreams of cums so easily.

After reaching her flat, I just bolted the door, pulled her close to me, and kissed her like there is no tomorrow, and she was feeling my crotch again as if I was her prized possession. We removed our clothes, and jumped on the bed we were into each other, and in no time my dick was in pussy, we were like mad lovers, just fucking to the core, and cummed together in her beautiful pussy. We had innumerable sex encounters for one year, after which she got transferred to management and shifted to another city, I hope she read this and relives those moments.
Please do respond any suggestions and for fun on [email protected] thank you for reading.Any girl, aunty or married girl from Kashmir wants to satisfy his sex needs can contact me on my email……

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