Sex With Hot Computer Teacher

Hey ISS readers i am dhruv’lovesx’ sharing my experience with a teacher when i was in school back in 2009. I am a commerce student living in New Delhi , i am 5’11 and have a strong build and i am fair looking average guy. I love to spend time reading , playing and reading sex stories specially at ISS. For Feedbacks contact me at [email protected] , i will be happy if you girls out there contacted me and shared your story. Now moving to year 2009 i was studying in a big school and was in 11 class, i chose commerce as i want to be finance profession. From small age i was fascinated by the computer and so i was good at it. It all started when a new teacher came in for our IT subject who took my heart and soul away. Her name was Rita and she was a beautiful fair looking woman.

She was 25 and i was 18 that time. Now let me explain her body , she was kind of busty woman with 36 32 36 figure but her eyes was very beautiful. She always wore a saree with back less blouse now i dont know why that was allowed but i loved the fact that she was bold. Every other male staff was always around her stalking those assets of her and admiring it. Girls i was a good student in studies and sport which made me a good boy in school and my reputation was good among teachers. I was also involved in personal life of many teachers.

As she was new so i made a move by asking her to get familiarize with lab with me to which she happily agreed, as i was showing her lab her nice round ass was tempting me a lot and i really wanted to touch it so i deliberately fell on her as i was behind and while falling i pressed her ass with my both of the hands and guyz the pleasure was extreme, her ass was so soft that it felt like a cushion and to end that pleasure she picked me up revealing her sexy cleavage , now i made up my mind to have sex with her. After a week or so we were good friends and talked very much, i was happy the sex day was nearing.

After a month i was spending most of the time with her and i got to know that she was single and lived alone in a house nearby the school. We started sharing lunch and also our personal life. One day she asked me Rita: Do you have any girlfriend? Me: No! Rita: why, are you not interested in woman? Me: no mam its not like that i had girlfriends but none of them were like i wanted. Rita: what type of girl you want then?

Me: beautiful , bold and sexy. Rita: sexy? You are talking to your mam now! Me: for me you are great teacher but you are my friend first! Rita: oh so cute! Me: i want girl like you! Rita: i am sexy? Me: ya very sexy and beautiful! Rita: shut up ! You naughty boy. After this talk i was sure that i have made a mark in her mind that i like her and wanted a girl like her, now i knew that she is a girl before a teacher and will definitely think about it. As days passed we were into each other and talked openly about relationships and sex! She told me she had sex several times and last was with her personal trainer , now listening to this i was happy and my goal was nearing. After two months we were alone in lab as it was school last period, i made a bold move i came from behind and put my arms on her belly and kissed her on neck to which she was stunned and the she pushed me back.

It was a 5 second pause which i felt it was for years and then she slapped me and jumped over me and started to kiss me on laps as i was holding her ass and her boobs were rubbing my chest and giving me heavenly feeling. We kissed for 10 minutes and then i remove her saree pallu to reveal her blouse and cleavage i kissed her cleavage and licked it then i sucked her nipples through her blouse and meanwhile she rubbed my dick with her hands, and as i was going to tear her blouse and hold those melons she said me not here and then she grabbed my hand and escorted me to her car and said we will make love at my bed. I was so happy that i was just 10 mins away to fuck the woman of my dreams. We reached her home and she locked the door again jumped me and kissed me and said show me your animal hearing this i lifted her and i throw her on bed and quickly removed my shirt revealing my body which made her much more horny.

I jumped over her removed her saree and literally teared her blouse to which she said ‘thats what i want now feel me ‘ i removed her bra and there was huge sets of great lovely juicy melons i just attacked the left one first and licked it sucked it juices which were so sexy and at same time i grabbed the other one and gave her pleasure to which she moaned like anything . I played with her breast for 15 mins then she said it my turn she grabbed my dick and licked it kissed and finally took my dick in her mouth, her mouth was so warm and it felt really nice. Then she gave me a blow job which she enjoyed it.

After some time i grabbed her ass and inserted my dick into her which was very tight to insert so i spanked her hard and tried slowly to insert my dick as i entered she made loud noises and moaned like anything and then i stroked her ass for few minutes then she said that she wants it in doggy style so i picked her and fucked her from behind. I stroked my dick very fast into her which gave me loads of pleasure meanwhile i was pressing her breast and she was saying ‘fuck me you beast fuck me more’ i was saying ‘oh yeah yeah fuck you ,oh oh oh’ .

Then after fucking her doggy style i moved on to the bed and she moved on top of me , then with great pain and pleasure i inserted my dick and said ride me like a horse. She was moving back and forth which was so so pleasuring and them to make it ultra pleasurable she started jumping on my dick and i could see her big breast which i caught like football and pressed it hard.

We changed our position to standing and i lifted her and fucked her against the wall which was very tough for me but guys believe me i got greatest pleasure of my life doing that i drilled her for 10 more minutes in that position and she was crying to stop. I was about to come and that i told her and she said to me that she wanted inside her mouth so she took my dick whole in and i emptied my load inside her mouth then she liked all my load and kissed me and said ‘ thank you , i wanted this’ then we cleaned each other and got dressed, she made me lunch and we ate it lovingly.

After that we had sex several times and now she is married and we are good friends. Hope you guys liked my story. I m reading sex stories at ISS and making next sex talk friends to which i am loving it. By my stories i want to reach out to all of the girls and encourage them to share there stories with ISS and me .

We can be good friends and i can help you write your story plus can discuss on more stories. So girls of any age please give me feedback on my story. I am dhruv and i live in Delhi and i am 21 years in age. Thank you love you all!

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