Quickies At Work

Hi, readers, this is Aarush from Navi Mumbai, I’m 24 average dick and 5″6 height not so fair in color. So this sex story is about my daily routine quick sex which is happening every day and it continues since the past one week and I hope it would happen till my partner gets satisfied.

The girl in this sex story is married South Indian woman with a perfect mallu figure and especially huge melons and a perfectly round shape ass that makes me hard all the time. So after being good friends at work since a month finally she confesses last month about her sex life and we had a wonderful three days sex at her house while her hubby was on a business tour.

So after getting such a good figure woman what you would ask more. So after spending three days at her house finally, we met each other next day at work. And we were behaving normally as friends as if nothing happened between us and we were talking normally. The half day passed and we still didn’t talk about sex. So I went to her desk for some work and I was asking something to her and she was looking at my dick and all of a sudden she pressed my dick and said Aarush I still can’t forget those moments and how can u be so formal today. I said I was about to ask you the same question to you because I saw u behaving like nothing happened that’s why I was quiet.

So she said I really want more because my hubby can’t be that rough and good at sex as much I enjoy having you inside me. I said yeah even I can’t forget the smell of your body the love bites u gave me and ur assets which made me crazy. And at that moment my dick was so hard because of such talks. And she kept on touching my dick like nobody is there. I was hiding from the camera and told her please behave like we are at work and don’t forget you are my senior if anything happens the boss will fire me not you. So she stopped and was sad for next two hours.

I was trying to make her smile but she couldn’t respond me in a better way. So I decided something which will give her a big smile on her face. I went to her desk hold her and told me to come with her without saying anything. She was refusing but after looking at my serious n angry face she agreed to come. So we went to the emergency exit door where there’s no camera at stairs and then I hold her tight and bite her lips. And guess what she smiled while kissing.

And then she was like Aarush I can’t wait anymore let’s have sex please I beg you. I want to be in your arms and I need ur dick deep inside me forever. I love the way u perform and I could not keep myself alone after such a steamy rough sex. Please fuck me right now, please. I was like listen to me babe, this is a workplace and I care about my career and if anything happens to us my family will get disappointed so control urself and don’t be so horny all the time. We will have sex whenever we have a time and I’m too hungry as much as u are but we should think about our job so please control. And if you want we can come here and we can have kissed but to have sex it’s really risky here.

She said baby please let’s have a quick session since we are here and at this time everyone is very busy so don’t say anything and fuck me fast. I was scared and I was refusing but she directly bent down and opened my pant and took my dick in her mouth and made me hard. I was becoming horny as I too wanted her pussy but was scared to have sex at work. So she made me confident and while giving me bj she closes the door.

After coming hard in her mouth she pulled her skirt up and removed her panty and gave me a doggy position and she was like yes Aarush common put that dick deep in my pussy and give that hot juice deep in my pussy. So before started giving her strokes I checked both sides at door and in the staircase. There was only a silence and a dim light and that door were not noticeable.

So there I started giving her deep strokes for next 10 minutes and then our clothes become so wet because of hotness of our body. Gosh, we both couldn’t stop each other and she was a pro and was too addicted to our sex. Since we had sex last three days, she is just enjoying the spell of my sex. So after giving a quick doggy style strokes, we both did not cum and we wanted more but I was scared to go further but she was still into sex.

So she removed her shirt and gave her melons and told me to eat her nipples and press them hard after seeing those melons again I became mad and this time I was into her body and I was not thinking about anything. I ate her nipples press them hard I went to her ass and kiss and lick them. After licking everywhere I smooch her and hold her near the wall and took her one leg in my hand and push my dick so deep and a loud scream came from her mouth. I kept my hand on her mouth and fucked her in that position and finally while cumming I roughly hold her hair and gave my dick deep in her throat and came so hard inside her mouth and I could see tears in her eyes when my dick was deep in her mouth and when she cleaned everything and we came into sense she became so happy.

And since then till now we are continuing the quickie at work and believe me I’m still getting hard on while writing this sex story because she is sitting next to me right now and her hand is inside my pant. So thanks for reading my story. And please do not ask for any contact number of woman’s and ur response on the sex story will be appreciated. Thanks again and keep enjoying.

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