My Wife Affair To Her Student

Dear ISS readers I am Mohan from Bangalore presenting this story for the first time in my life. I hope all my dear ISS readers would enjoy the story and give positive comments about the story and so as to encourage me to submit few more stories for the benefit of the readers. The story is about my sexy wife Vandana’s name changed secret relationship with my neighbour.

This has happened during 2009 it was in the month of May during which my 2 kids had gone to their granny’s house in Hyderabad to enjoy their summer vacation after exams. I work in a Mnc wherein I travel once in every three months to cities such as Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai, Mumbai for official assignment and would usually stay for about a week. I am 45 years and my life partner is 40 though she is in her forties.

She never looks of that age but she is quite sexy and with good and attractive buttocks and her boobs size is 36 and quite attractive for anybody who would like to stare at and our relationship is fantastic since our marriage and we have sex almost every day and she is quite satisfied with me and we used to enjoy sex in many ways sometimes.

We take drinks and enjoy, sometimes we see blue films and enjoy usually we see group sex blue films which especially threesome and foursome. My wife likes very much many times when she has drunk and out of control she has expressed her desire to have sex in group and especially and she liked to enjoy with youngster such as student who is energetic with hard tool and which lasts longer and who can fuck her continuously 2 to 3 times within 3 hours gap.

Though initially I had jealous about her desire on and I also developed a liking to enjoy in group sex for both self satisfaction and for her satisfaction. Krishna name changed was my neighbour who is doctor by profession in a govt medical centre and his 22 years son Prashanth name changed iii year medico in a private college.

Prashanth is week in Hindi language as vandana had studied in central school she knows Hindi well knowing this my neighbour Dr Krishna requested my wife to teach his son Hindi for which my wife has agreed but with one condition that is she will teach in the month of May only when the kids are not there in the house Prashanth has agreed for this and one evening when.

I was watching TV and when Vandana was teaching Prashanth Hindi in our bedroom power went off due to shut down and there was no problem for continuing the class as there is ups of small capacity to feed only lighting as it was boring for me and I slowly walked towards our bedroom as to see how vandana was teaching Sunil.

I approached the door which was not locked from inside. I slowly opened the door and started peeping inside which was noticed by both of them and the seen was amazing and surprising for me. Prashanth was sitting very close to vandana, almost his thighs touching his teacher’s and she was wearing sleeveless nighty with low neck and without bra as she does not wear bra and panty at home.

He was watching the cleavage of my wife and she was feeling shy by the staring of Prashanth.I was able to listen to their conversation clearly Prashanth was telling his teacher that he liked her too much for her beauty. and he has a desire of fucking her if given chance Vandana was telling that she also liked him for his muscular body and handsome look.

He told his teacher that she teaches Hindi well and said that he wanted to give a good memorable gift to his teacher cum anti as guru Dakshina for having teacher Hindi well and he asked my wife Vandana what she would prefer as gift. She said with shy that she wanted his love affection for longer time and then he asked his teacher whether only love and affection is sufficient or anything else wanted from him.

She understood what her student meant by his words taking this as chance Vandana said with lot of shy that she wanted him only as gift for which Prashanth immediately said yes and hugged my angel wife with both his hands and gave a deep kiss on her hungry and wet lips and she has enjoyed the hot kiss of her student and he was telling Vandana that next day.

He will b alone at their home as all other members of his family were going to Chennai to attend some function. Vandana asked whether he was also going to Chennai he said he is not going deliberately as he wants to stay back just to be with his teacher in the name of Hindi class. He has given reason that he has exams for 3 days and was not able to go with them.

I thought Prashanth maybe planning to have Vandana next day somehow during my absence. I decided that I should enjoy group sex with Prashanth only at the earliest suddenly Vandana saw the watch on the wall and it was 9 pm and they closed their class and tried to come out of the room. I immediately walked to drawing room and pretended as if I have not seen anything in the bedroom next day evening there was a ladies meet in the club.

Vandana has to attend the meeting and she has dressed up neatly with almost transparent white saree wearing below navel line for sexual appearance with sleeveless white blouse with black bra which was clearly seen from outside with fresh white jasmine flowers my wife was looking like an angel any man if sees and my wife Vandana will surly get his tool erected and if Prashanth seen Vandana in such dress and he would never miss a chance.

Next day evening Vandana went for meeting at 6 pm. I was alone at my home. Prashanth came to my home asking for anti and I told him that your anti had gone for meeting and today no Hindi class Prashanth got disappointed and requested that only few chapters are remaining and next day he has to attend exam. I said ok I will ask your anti to take class from 9 to 11 pm tonight but one problem.

Today my friends are coming to my house for some urgent discussion on some important topic it may not be possible to take the class here in our house instead you better have class at your home as there is no body at your house and no disturbance Prashanth immediately agreed for the same. He went off to his home saying that he will finish off his dinner and would wait for anti.

Requested me to send aunty to his home as soon as she comes home as there is lot to thought tonight. I said don’t worry tonight she will dedicate her time for your work and happiness. I will ask anti to complete all the portion even if it gets late in the night ok Prashanth went to his home with full of smile. I was curious as what would in Prashanth’s home tonight and I was eager to watch from window if given chance.

Vandana returned at 9 pm and asked whether my student came for class. I said your Prashanth came and said he has exam next day and requested me to permit you take class to finish off the balance portion tonight itself but Vandana are you tired can you take class for him tonight and she immediately said yes.

I will take as he has exam and let me complete my responsibility by making him get high score in the exam but I said to Vandana that it may not be possible for her to take class at our home for the above said reason and she said she does not mind taking class at Prashanth’s home as there is meeting with my friends at my home. Vandana said that she had enough food and snacks at club and she will go to Prashanth’s to teach Hindi.

I said ok and she told me call on phone after the meeting is over. I was waiting for my friends and one of my friends called me and said it would take about 20 minutes to come to their house after about 15 minutes and I was curious to know what Vandana and her beloved student would be doing. I slowly went to Prashanth’s home from back door and went towards a window which was half opened that was bedroom of Prashanth.

Where his beloved teacher aunty Vandana was sitting on the bed with Hindi book and waiting for Prashanth to come. I was eagerly waiting for the hot seen that may happen in the bedroom Prashanth came inside bedroom and I saw Vandana sitting on the bed and leaning on the edge of the cot in a sexy pose by which Prashanth got very much excited and suddenly hugged my wife vandana.

She also enjoyed the hot hug of Prashanth and he said to his teacher aunty today you’re looking like an angel in this sexy dress. I am jealous about uncle who is going to enjoy you tonight. Vandana said to him why do you feel jealous? You can have me for tonight and fulfil your long pending desire and uncle will be busy with his friends for more than 2 hours within that period you can do whatever you want with.

Play any game with me and enjoy as you like by these words of Vandana and I got excited and my tool got erected. I am not in mood to have any meeting with my friends. I decided to cancel the meeting and to enjoy the see in bed room. I went to my home told my friends that meeting is not possible tonight on some personal grounds.

I once gain came to the window and started to see the bedroom seen Prashanth started to put his hands on his teacher’s big breast and started pressing both breasts with both hands Vandana started making sexy sound prashanth slowly brought his hands on the buttocks of his anti Prashanth was murmuring that he loved her much his anti was also saying that she loved him very much.

Prashanth now started removing the buttons of his anti’s blouse believe it or not within 5 minutes Prashanth removed all the clothes of his anti and Vandana had removed shirt pant underwear and banian of her student it was a wonderful seen for me for the first time in my life. Prashanth was sucking the nipples of his anti while she was holding and massaging his hard penis.

Now she slowly bent down so that her face came near the tool of her student and pulled his hard penis into her mouth and started sucking like lolly pop Prashanth was in heaven by this cock sucking by his beloved Hindi teacher cum anti and this went for about 20 minutes and Prashanth asked his teacher to lay down on the bed.

His Hindi teacher immediately laid down on the bed and opened her sexy legs for easy access for Prashanth put his face on the hot pussy of his beloved teacher and started licking her pussy with fine movement of his tongue and my sexy wife Vandana was at her highest peak of excitement and enjoying every moment and wanted her student to insert his hard penis urgently in her pussy with condom but since this was first time for Prashanth in his life to fuck a beautiful angel aunty.

He did not like to use condom and then my wife suggested ok you start fucking me without condom but when you’re about to cum please remove your penis and if you want you can put your penis in my mouth. Prashanth agreed for this and started fucking his teacher with strong strokes both of them were in real heaven even I was enjoying the scene and I was masturbating when Prashanth felt that the climax has come and he was about to cum.

He removed his penis and put his penis in the mouth of his teacher. The hot semen came out like a jet from her student’s penis and his teacher Vandana was taking entire cum in her mouth without leaving a drop of it. She has swallowed full quantity of hot semen of her dearest student and said that his semen is tastier than honey and would like to take some more semen in her mouth and then both of them laid on the bed for about half an hour hugging and kissing each other.

Prashanth was asking his teacher when will b the next session of fucking and his teacher cum anti cum darling cum lover said that she will give him all the pleasure again when her hubby went outstation on official duty and till then you have to wait Prashanth said after experiencing the taste of fuck with his
teacher he could not wait and said to aunty please tell uncle on phone that still 4 chapters are pending and would take about another one hour to finish.

So that if uncle permits he wanted to fuck my angel wife second round listening to this I immediately went to my house waiting for a call from my angel wife as expected and I received call from her and she said that some portions are left and her student is requesting me to complete the portion tonight itself. I granted permission to her and I told her that the door would be kept opened without locking you may come after completing all.

The portion I will be sleeping in the room and then I went to my bedroom and did once again masturbation for my satisfaction and slept nicely when I heard door closing sound it was 3 am in the morning Vandana came to my side and without changing her dress slept beside me. I told her to change her dress and sleep and she said she is tired of the meeting at club and long teaching class with her beloved student Prashanth.

I asked her how was tonight’s class with Prashanth and she said it was nice and the session was unforgettable. I asked her if she is interested to take class in the same fashion next day night at his house and she said she is very much interested if permitted by me and she liked to teach Prashanth dear friends that is all. If I get encouragement by the readers, I will narrate the remaining portion of the story in the next session wherein myself and Sunil have fucked my angel wife on the same bed three times each till the morning followed by another story in which the teacher who was teaching my son has fucked my wife ten times in front of me. Thank you for reading the true sex story of my sexy wife.

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