Meri Sexual Fantasy

Hi, this is Abhi from Gwalior the story I am about to present is not real at all, it’s just and story or you can say an Erotic Fantasy of mine. Any resemblance to any subject or Character is purely co-identical cutting forward to the story, I am Abhi and I have been a graduate and this story revolves around my college life.

I was back in Delhi in DU, studying my honours degree being in reserved nature, I don’t often talk to the girls, only certain times with the toppers of the class or in my coaching back there in coaching, there was a girl who constantly following me up, I got to know her when my friend came to tell me about her, I got pretty uneasy hearing this and I started to avoid her at all and since I was not comfortable with the girls.
Time passed by and I have completed my first year and I came on the top of the college, I was recognized among my coaching as well, and my Professor offered me to coach there student after my classes, I agreed and from next day onwards, I started to take classes and later on after a month, I noticed that the girl who was following me up came to my class as well for the Introduction her name was Tanya.

She was the girl of the Adventure (later came to know about it.) since, I was quiet a Nerd type, having an athletic body, since I used to work out quite a lot at my room, but having glasses on, It shred my Athletic body for the record and she also started to follow in simple dress onwards, with glasses as well. I noticed that when I came to get the test of my students afterward, she came to me and asked me to take a personal class of her since she was very weak on accounting and financial subjects at first.

I rejected the proposal, but when another girl came to me for the same, I became quiet uneasy and said that to think about it, On that night, I just kept thinking about it since it would be the first time to coach a group of two, and both girls, however, I thought it as complete professionalism and said to myself, you are just going to teach them that’s it and decided to give them personal coaching at my place, since I was alone at home and my roommates usually gets out at morning for their respective Job, so, all was set along.

The next day I got to take the classes, both the girls came to me to ask about the classes, and I agreed, for 6 day class each week they offered a handsome amount as well for my expenses as well, so it was good for me as well. Later on I was all set in the evening to take the classes of the girls and suddenly knock! My hands started to shiver while opening the door and here they were, the girls, they were dressed formally so to make me feel comfortable and the day started to take the classes.

It was whole some of controlling a wildfire of restlessness inside me but somehow, the day passed by and both the girls gone to their house afterward. That moment I felt some relief, and continued my project which I postponed over for the seven days passed by and I started to feel comfortable among these girls, so do they, they started laughing, yelping, giggling in front of me and it doesn’t effected me anymore, which helped me to be fine among my classes and in DU as well.

Life was going on well, well suddenly that incident happened which changed my whole life. Once on the day time, I got a call from those girls that they can’t come today because her friend (the second girl whom I taught as well) met with an accident and was in hospital. She offered me to come at her place and take the class for some days forward. At that point I again became uneasy, however since I was used to teach her, I thought it as a change in a place only, since I don’t often go outside my house.

Only on rare occasion I used to go out with my friends and roommates there I came at home where she told me as her place and it was a multi-story building at Noida, since it was near to my place to get in to Noida, so there I came to her house. She gave me a warm welcome to her house and made me sit at her bed, since it was only single room house. Quiet messy though, (hard to get mess word with girl. Hehe! Let’s get on the story now.)

She apologized for the mess in the house. I said its fine since I was also used to such mess of my friends stuff at my place before taking the class, I asked for some water and she gave me some and so after I started the classes everything was going well until I felt strange restlessness inside me, like I have been drugged (four times Zero), I became dizzy and started to fall on my eyes, It was all blurring out slowly, for the moment it was uneasy to take more.

I said that’s all for today and started to leave for my home, at the moment I got on my feet, I slipped away and fell on the floor, I was like dozed off, and it was blacked out on wards. I was hearing some noise on my ears but it was hard to me to figure out what these noises were about, and there was a strange sensation all over my body and it was all getting wild, but with no consciousness.

The moment I woke up I was in the bed all naked and Tanya was besides me and she was covered with the sheet, and I bet she was naked to. I got up to my senses and went to washroom, there what I saw was Shocking moment of my life, all my body was spread with kisses, with the mark of lipstick and my back was burning with some scratches as well, I woke Tanya up and asked what happened, she asked me up, don’t you felt it Darling. I became furious, and without saying a word.

I got up dressed myself and left for my home all the way I was going up thinking about what happened , I was furious about Tanya now, and later I came to know that it was no accident it was a setup to seduce me up. I stopped talking to both the girls and started back on my usual life again. Although it was hard for me to get on back to normal as it felt good and bad too.

One day after some time to the incident, suddenly My door knocked over, It was eight in the evening, I thought it to be my roommate but when I opened up the door, standing were those girls again, with their eyes sparkling and strange smile. I was just about to close the door when both the girls slipped over her foot to the door side, and forcefully came in to the house, I was furious to the girls, they were laughing and giggling it made me more angry, and I said get out you! That made their face wimped like hell.

Suddenly Tanya came to me and said I am sorry, I loved you from the moment I saw you and could not control my ecstasy towards you, so I have to do that since I would be leaving to New York soon for further studies. It some would cooled me down, but I was still in shock, I did not knew what to say, I came silent to the hall, the Shruti (another girl) said she has to go to meet her friend, and was leaving the home, when she said have a great time you two and giggled up and she left the home, there Tanya closed the door up and came to me.

She hugged me up, which made me forgot all the past for a moment, and she whispered in my ears, I love you I can’t express the feeling I was having that time since it was the first time a girl is saying that to Nerd like me. I don’t know what was happening to me , and I became silent and said I love you too, for a moment I was thinking what I was saying, but at last I am a Man after all. So I just hugged her tightly in me.

There I asked why you did that to me, she said she was to embarrassed to say it to me knowing that I would not accept it, so she made this plan to know how it feels in love after all. I became silent, and then she came close to me and put her soft lips on mine, since it was the first time I was kissing so she just told me up and I kissed her the way she wanted me to (doesn’t mean that I don’t know about it just it was the first time I was doing in consciousness.) the room was getting full of ecstasy of love and passion.

There she pushed me on the bed, and removed my glasses, and kissed me again getting over me, all over the body, she was rolling her fingers which was tingling my senses and making me aroused, for the first time I was experiencing what we call love sensation, suddenly she stopped kissing me and made me to get up, she took me to the mirror and I got in the back of her, there she holed my hands and folded around her waist, I was just lost in another realm, like I am not on the earth anymore.

I was just flying in love, desires were growing each moment and breath was going heavy on both of us, I was kissing her neck, when she took my hands and put them on her boobs, omg! How soft they were, I was pressing them like balloons, she was moaning and groaning up, her breath was going heavy, her hands were roaming like ants on my body and she turned to me, kissing back on my lips, and she started to remove my clothes.

I also removed her clothes slowly kissing all over her body, when it came to her boobs, she moaned out loud and pressed my head on her breast. I became aroused and was licking and sucking her breast like a wild man, she came over my lap and sat on me, she snatched out my pj’s and I was all naked, she grabbed my tool and started to play with it, I was already in hard on when her touch made it more hard like an iron rod, I was enjoying the pleasure and lost with my eyes closed, when she got up and got herself naked.

She lied on her back on the bed, and was saying to me come to me, I came to her, and kissed her again, and smooched her, she took my tool and guided it to the glory hole, the moment I inserted my tool in her, she aroused and came up, it was very sexy though, since I always dreamed of the girl to squirt in front of me and there her body ached and she squirted her load on my tool, it made it more easier to make me follow it easily, we were making love and the whole room was filled the lust, love, passion and desires, each sound coming was making both of us aroused and both were filled with love ecstasy.

We made love and finally I came over after long session of love making, it felt so nice that I just got my body shivering even after taking out load on her and I think that we call as orgasm, which I was experiencing at the moment. The time I spent with her in that was pleasurable and then we took bath together and made few more sessions in the bathroom itself (next day my landlord came to me asking about water, where it has leaked hehe.

I was smiling inside myself remembering the last night.) and then we had slept since it made both of us very tired, we were still kissing on the moment we don’t know when we slept after wards, we have committed to each other and she finally left for the NYU, I know how I have passed the time without her but I got the chance to meet her in NYU since I was sponsored by my college to get in to the seminar and attend there, there she was.

We met again and had another good time, for how much days. I can’t remember but it is still the best moment of my life and I am looking to make more of it, since I came back to my home town, I am still waiting for her to come and we can be together again so that’s what my story is all about. How is my story in anyways, all communications are to be made to my email mentioned above, thanks hope to share more stories with you guys

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