Meri Sexual Fantasy

Hi, this is Abhi from Gwalior the story I am about to present is not real at all, it’s just and story or you can say an Erotic Fantasy of mine. Any resemblance to any subject or Character is purely co-identical cutting forward to the story, I am Abhi and I have been a graduate and this story revolves around my college life.

I was back in Delhi in DU, studying my honours degree being in reserved nature, I don’t often talk to the girls, only certain times with the toppers of the class or in my coaching back there in coaching, there was a girl who constantly following me up, I got to know her when my friend came to tell me about her, I got pretty uneasy hearing this and I started to avoid her at all and since I was not comfortable with the girls.
Time passed by and I have completed my first year and I came on the top of the college, I was recognized among my coaching as well, and my Professor offered me to coach there student after my classes, I agreed and from next day onwards, I started to take classes and later on after a month, I noticed that the girl who was following me up came to my class as well for the Introduction her name was Tanya.

She was the girl of the Adventure (later came to know about it.) since, I was quiet a Nerd type, having an athletic body, since I used to work out quite a lot at my room, but having glasses on, It shred my Athletic body for the record and she also started to follow in simple dress onwards, with glasses as well. I noticed that when I came to get the test of my students afterward, she came to me and asked me to take a personal class of her since she was very weak on accounting and financial subjects at first.

I rejected the proposal, but when another girl came to me for the same, I became quiet uneasy and said that to think about it, On that night, I just kept thinking about it since it would be the first time to coach a group of two, and both girls, however, I thought it as complete professionalism and said to myself, you are just going to teach them that’s it and decided to give them personal coaching at my place, since I was alone at home and my roommates usually gets out at morning for their respective Job, so, all was set along.

The next day I got to take the classes, both the girls came to me to ask about the classes, and I agreed, for 6 day class each week they offered a handsome amount as well for my expenses as well, so it was good for me as well. Later on I was all set in the evening to take the classes of the girls and suddenly knock! My hands started to shiver while opening the door and here they were, the girls, they were dressed formally so to make me feel comfortable and the day started to take the classes.

It was whole some of controlling a wildfire of restlessness inside me but somehow, the day passed by and both the girls gone to their house afterward. That moment I felt some relief, and continued my project which I postponed over for the seven days passed by and I started to feel comfortable among these girls, so do they, they started laughing, yelping, giggling in front of me and it doesn’t effected me anymore, which helped me to be fine among my classes and in DU as well.

Life was going on well, well suddenly that incident happened which changed my whole life. Once on the day time, I got a call from those girls that they can’t come today because her friend (the second girl whom I taught as well) met with an accident and was in hospital. She offered me to come at her place and take the class for some days forward. At that point I again became uneasy, however since I was used to teach her, I thought it as a change in a place only, since I don’t often go outside my house.


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