Fucked My Daddy’s Senior Friend

Hi to all fuckers and suckers once again and this is rocky the fucker back with another encounter with my dad’s friends and thanks for all your mails any chats with me heart’s you all know let start. My dad use to work in middle level management official in some company although, he is based in Bangalore city myself and my mother, moved to ma sis home for a change, some 50 Km from Bangalore city. Although, dad stays at our home in Bangalore city, he was visiting regular intervals. He has failed to come to ma sis home for sometimes because of new project of milk product was taken by their company.

I decide to give dad a surprise and started to my travel to Bangalore. He has been greatly surprised to see me at his Office after having casual talk about family and I assured him that nothing to worry of us and home, I ask him when will your project will come to end? Dad told me that the team has left for to Allahabad, leaving my dad and 37 years old woman, who has preferred to stay back at Bangalore.
She intends to study the markets in India, starting with the state of Karnataka. She has preferred home hospitality in view of better interaction with the people of the state.

Responsibility has been given to dad to fix out her tour programme and make necessary arrangements for their comfortable stay. Some five places have been selected, starting with nearby my sis home. Dad decides, on seeing me, that she shall make it to the rented accommodation in Bangalore for the night with us and shall leave with me next morning for work. However, next morning it has been decided that dad shall also accompany us to leave with us. However, he pleads with officer to delay the tour by a day and all three shall leave together.

Next morning, for dad had some pending work to wind up by the day. Dad asks me to take care of officer and leaves for his office and the event starts from here. Officer is a senior woman with a big round boobs after dad has left for the office at 8 am and I call on officer to the breakfast table at the breakfast table, we interact on many issues. She is very focused on the job on hand and perhaps therefore enquires on many things unique to the local people.

After breakfast, she goes back to her room perhaps to work on some papers relating to her job. However, having thought that it may be disrespectful not to give him company as she being our guest, I decide to go to her room and talk. She has been doing some work on the paper on seeing me, she again starts interacting as the interaction rolls on at certain point of time a comparison comes on his milk product versus mother’s milk.

Slowly and slowly it moves into the breasts of the Indian Women. And further down on the size of the breasts actually, such discussions are very uncomfortable for any woman but having thought that to stop talking on the issue may insult her big round boobs, her boobs was dancing when she use to change the pages. This made me wild and I wanted to taste her boobs and pussy and fucker her hard. So I decide to carry on discussing.

It results in the discussion seeping down to a further level on the sexual behaviour of the Indian women and I build a story as that I’m a virgin and it started to work for me. I can slowly feel the heat generating from my body as a result of the discussion suddenly she said Kamini, you mean to say that you are still a virgin and I just can’t believe it. I hardly can be found virgin at your age and did you not desire or did you not get one she asked.

Now, I wanted to be good so I said because here in Bangalore are very conservative cut the crap, men are all the same anywhere in the world and she replied thunderously. She goes on speaking on how men cast their first look at the boobs of a woman to measures their sexiness suddenly and I asked her and what is the size of your boobs? She was thunderstruck.


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