Friends With Benefits With Colleague

Hi, girls and guys, am a big fan of ISS site since college days and am going to share here my first ever experience I had with my office friend. If any girls looking for sex chat or tn girls for a short-term relationship can contact me at the below email.


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Am Krish 28 years old from Chennai and working in mnc. This story is about my office friend and me how we connected to each other into a sexy friendship.


Let’s have quick look at my friend, her age is 25, her breast size is 34, her hip size is 32.


We both got joined on the same date in that company, and she is jolly type character so easily got mingled with everyone in our project.


We started our friendship as a hi bye and later we liked each other company so just like that everything started.


In starting a period of our project, we never had any work, but we used to attend training for few hours and then we used to roam around the campus.


Like that I and my friend will be roaming the campus came to know each other well as friends.


While walking she always used to hold my hands and walk with me close enough like her breast always touch my hand enough to make to hard and I can feel her nipple sometimes.


Always her talks were seductive and she always likes to talk about sex and intimate things.


Because of her behavior with me, I thought she is interested and I like to move next step in our relationship. So one day while chatting with her I asked her for a session directly but she got tensed and scolded me like anything and I was afraid that I lost her friendship.


Next day morning I met her asked her sorry and she was like nothing happened just accepted my apologies and as usual talking with me and said don’t repeat it again.


Later everything was usual roaming with her in office and chatting out of office hours.


She is fond of cosmetics and modern dresses. One day she asked to buy a sexy bra in chat and I was in shock to see the msg from her and asked her how can I buy for you.


Then she told to buy online and keep it in bad I will get from you.


So we both started to shop on Flipkart and exchanging our taste of bra and lingerie collections and its making me hard while selecting by seeing the model poses afterward we selected few designs which she liked and I booked it for her.


Here the game starts in our relationship, I got the products and gave it to her that she went home and checked everything we bought and just casually asked her that how is it.


Is everything fits her size and all I asked and responded yes and I asked her shall I see those bars on you in pics, and the response was she doesn’t take any pics of it and she will take tomorrow and share it like that and I was like jumping the air to see her 34 size breast with new bra.


Next day am waiting for the pics and just pinged her she responded like wait for da


Then I received three images on my WhatsApp and downloaded all three and opened that images in mobile and her breast is like a water balloon big one in every saw anyone before and that time my dick is jumping inside my shorts unable to control it. But I controlled my feelings and replied her like it’s nice on your big breast but she sent a sad smiley.


I asked why sad what happened and she responded her boob is big but not sexy. I told her why you are thinking like that it’s good size and shape no need to bother boys will go mad when seeing your boob.


Few days we were chatting like this about adult stuff and always she feel about her structure I used to convince her and it lead to sex chat between us.


She used to start like how to get sexy structure, and she is having fat in tummy so always feel bad for it and I used to search in net and advice her to do things to reduce her fat.


One day I just asked her to share some of the pics of bra if possible without


Even she shared few images with bra and without a bra as well I used to masturbate by seeing her pics and she asked my dick pick and I shared few pics to her she amazed to see my width.


She said dick is nice da and will it go inside her pussy and I responded possibly if we try a fuck


This was our routine doing sex chat and share with no of pics with being weekly once or monthly twice.


One day in office we are going for a tea break and she told that she want to spend some time alone with me.


As I said she always used to be very close to me while walking and sitting.


Inside our office an isolated building was there, mostly no one will be there so we went there for spend time.


Both are very closely sitting next to each other my arm is touching her side boob and she is leaning on my shoulder and there I asked why so silent talk anything, but she asked me how is my boob.


Already her boob touch making me mad after her question am very hard and it can be visible on my pant and I responded her that it’s good in images you shared and put my hand on shoulders while telling the statement.


Then I asked her how was my dick,

She said very hard when you share the image and asked why it’s like that and I said that it’s because of your boob images it got bigger than normal size.


Also, I told her even now its very hard and she looked at my pant zip and something was moving there and I asked her to touch it without thinking she touched it and pressed it few minutes and asked her whether shall I touch her boob and approved my request by nodding her head.


I am pressing her boob and she opening my zip and taken my dick out and she was looking curiously and told her to shake it she did as per my request.


I was pressing her boob and she gave some light moans she was shaking my dick and I was pressing her both boobs this time and I asked to suck and she refused for it.


She made me cum by shaking my dick around 5 minutes till I was busy with breast and later taken my hand down to her waist going towards her thighs lifted her chudi bit up and directed my fingers to her pussy and I was just feeling her pussy curves and rubbing between her inner thighs and it got wet in a minute and am holding a boob in a hand rubbing her pussy.


This was going for 5-8 minutes she also cummed and we both went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves.


That day after office hours, we had discussed the session we had in office and did sex chat by exchanging horny and sexy images.


Later she was changed to a different team, and our contact was very less due to work stress, however, we were chatting at times but not like before.


Afterward I had an opportunity to have sex with her how it happened? Will be shared in next story


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