Boss Fucks In Office

Hi my name is Madhumita Shah and I work as a receptionist with a big mobile sales and service dealer in Pune. My boss is a man in late fifties whose name is Raghav Shastri. Raghav is a lecherous old man with his eyes constantly moving over the bodies of an almost all female staff he has. I belong to a poor family so I had taken the job there having no other job in hand. Even though I am from a poor family I am well endowed by nature having breasts of the size of 34 almost from teenage times. My hips were also sutiably large and I looked sexy in the tight shalwar and kurtas that I sued to wear. One evening I was getting indication that something was afoot since other girls were laughing and smiling between them when they thought I was not looking and I knew that the boss was going to make a move on me now. In evening he came once behind me at the counter where I was talking to a client and slowly bruched his middle against my ass. I felt a wave of revulsion at being touched like this and turned to him.He smiled confidently and said come and see me in my cabin at closing time .There was an elderly woman called Shraddha working in the same shop. I went for her advice. “It means today he is going to fuck you dear”she said smiling” he has fucked almost all girls working here one time or the othere and it means jsut that” “Waht should I do?””Your choice, either you can let him fuck you and nobody would be the wiser or leave and start looking for work and hope that the next boss doesn’t want to fuck you too”she said.I knew leaving was not an option so I decided to submitmyself to him.We after the shop was close I went to see Raghav as instructed. I was wearing a deep necked tight lemon colored kurta and a tight white shalwar. The thin dupatta did not hide the sharp swell of my breasts.

Raghav closed the door and walked behind me.In one swift move my dupatta was off and lying on the floor.His hands crept on my young breasts from behind and squeezed them tightly once.His tongue was on my bare back moving slowly.”Become my rakhel and I will make you happy baby” he said and started rubbing myself agaisnt him. I too decided to enjoy it and tutrned my face to offer him my mouth. Pleased Raghav kissed my lips hard and then pulled the zipper of my kurta all the way down. We were standing behind the one way glass of his first floor cabin and I saw plenty of traffic going down.If the glass were to be 2 way they would have got a good luck at a young woman being fucked in her office. After taking my kurta and brassiere off Raghav made me sit in front of hiim on all fours and pulled at the nada of my shalwar. I sighed and closed my eyes as I felt his hands cupping and then kneading my pussylips till Ibegan flowing from there. His finger went inside my panties and he started to masterbute me for some time while holding my breasts from behind and squeezing them. I was fucked oncebefore that by a college friend so I knew the moves now I felt the familiar touch of a hard curved dick brushing agsint my plump thighs and then between my pussylips. Raghav held my waist andstarted fucking me from behind. I cried out in pain at being invaded but hejust told me to bite on something and not make noise. I picked my bra from the floor and held it between my teeth to bare the paina t being fucked like this. Now Raghav was moving vigourously his balls hitting my ass againa and again.His hands were squeezuing and kneading my breasts so brutally that i carreid the marks for the whole next week on them.

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