Atul And Rumpa Auntie

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The story is about Atul from the Banwari town of Madhya Pradesh. I am going to relate a very interesting incident in Atul’s life. Atul was studying in college and was pursuing his BA degree. Atul’s parents decided that he must get good coaching and arranged for tuition classes in Rumpa Auntie’s coaching class in the nearby town Rourwadi.

Rumpa Auntie was around 28-30 years. A swarthy complexion with fully blossomed breast and a slim figure made her naturally attractive. She used to live with her parents but her parents had gone back to their village for a more relaxed life style.

Atul would sometimes get a glimpse of the beautiful melons of Rumpa. Sometimes the sari would be placed in such a manner that he could get a glimpse of the cleavage and the belly button. Atul sometimes felt that Rumpa did it purposefully to expose a bit of the fully blossomed melons while teaching. In the depth of his heart, Atul wanted to have Rumpa.2 months passed without any major news.Atul was able to get sufficient help from Rumpa regarding studies.

Now let me relate the incident that happened on the day. It was mid May and the temperatures had risen close to 40. Atul had arrived at around 11 am in Rumpa’s house. The house was neat and clean as usual but it seemed the maids had finished the work and gone home. Rumpa had a bath and was smelling of jasmine perfume. She wore a chiffon sari with a dark green tight fitting blouse. The blouse was deep cut and you can imagine those lotus buds were just being hugged by that piece of cloth. Atul’s hormones were racing when he saw this ravishing beauty. The chiffon sari was a bit transparent and Atul could see the cleavage and the hard nipples. The swarthy skin between the blouse and the petticoat was exposed and was inviting Atul’s hungry eyes.

Rumpa started teaching Atul as usual, but the beautiful breasts were taking most of Atul’s concentration. The deep cleavage of the breasts was just too much for the eyes of the young man. Rumpa was tantalizing the young man. Atul started feeling very hot and asked “Aunty can I have some cold water, it’s very hot today”. Rumpa went to bring water and “Wow” another beautiful sight. The blouse exposed the beautiful bare back of the lady. Rumpa told Atul “If you are feeling so hot, you can just open your shirt, not a problem”. Atul though hesitant wanted to show off to Rumpa his body. He did not have a great body, but nevertheless it was worthwhile to show off to the ravishing beauty. Rumpa was being very friendly and told “Atul, let me apply some cool talcum powder to your body”. Atul obediently agreed and could feel that beautiful lady’s skin touching his body. The hormones were reaching their climax. Atul was out of his mind and put his mouth on Rumpa’s pouted lips. Rumpa was also in her heights and responded back saying “Atul baby, why did you delay it so much”. Atul said “I am your baby; can I suckle those beautiful mounds on your body?” The man did slowly undress the blessed woman and those beautiful white mounds with the hard nipples slowly entered into his mouth. Atul suckled like a new born baby those beautiful buds. He whispered into her ears and said “May I bite you to leave a mark for this union” and did bite those innocent buds to leave the mark of a man.

Rumpa’s hands wanted to feel his manhood. The manhood was erect and hard was clamouring for the lady’s touch. Rumpa undressed Atul slowly, neatly putting the clothes aside. Atul was in his birthday suit and was holding Rumpa’s buds in his hands. Rumpa caressed the manhood with smooth and silken touches and slowly tantalized the tip of the manhood with her fingers. Rumpa slowly and surely did put her beautiful lips to kiss the manhood. Atul could not control himself and pleaded “Rumps Babe suck me please”. Rumpa did suckle the manhood and Atul could not control himself, the juices flowed like a river into the babe’s mouth.

Atul was a man personified. He undressed his lady and kissed from the mouth downwards. Moving the mouth slowly and skimming the neck, the fully blossomed breasts, the belly button, Anup touched the thighs and spread them apart to open the most beautiful cave in the world. The beautiful cave smelt with an arousing aroma. The manhood yearned to enter into the hole. Juices were overflowing from Rump’s hole. Atul whispered into Rump’s ears “May I enter babe?” Rumps moaned and parted the thighs. Atul entered his manhood and Rump’s cave welcomed the erect organ with juices. Atul and Rumps were one and only one. The manhood pushed through and entered deep into new and unknown depths to be welcomed more. The unison of the bodies and soft moans filled the room. Atul and Rumps felt themselves together for around an hour and then returned to reality.

Atul and Rumps in their birthday suits kissed each other and locked their lips. Rumpa took his man holding his erect manhood and guided him to the shower. Shower was put on and flowing water made the strong man and the ravishing beauty for another round in sex in the shower. He slowly put his manhood into her body while caressing the breasts. The strokes were confident and the manhood guided itself into known beautiful territories. Rumpa moaned and started biting Atul. Atul was a man giving utmost pleasure to his lady. Both of them were satisfied in the 2nd round of sex and dried themselves up and went to Rumpa’s bedroom.

Atul kissed the beautiful love bite mark he had made in Rumpa’s melons and whispered “Love you babe; can I suck the mounds with ice cream on them”.

Hey, let’s leave them alone for the time being and in the next episode we would return Atul and Rumps with their ice cream eating experience.

Hey, if you liked it, please let me know your comments. This is my first entry into short story writing. May be this will inspire me to write another Rumps and Atul episode. All adult ladies can reach me for chat and mail me with your beautiful email at [email protected]

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