Shobha my milkmaid

Hi All, this is Shashi again and hope you have loved my first story Sex with sexy aunt. This is my next encounter I had with my maid. Those times I was living in Chennai and I was a bachelor and rented an apartment at Mambalam. There was a aunty living next to my house that use to run a mess where all the bachelors use to come daily for food. Initially I was very reserved and use to have my food and come back home. As the time passed I mingled with their family. Her family had five members aunty and her two kids and two girls who use to help aunty in cooking as there were lot of people who use to come for lunch and dinner everyday. I became very close to them and started spending a lot of time with them. The two girls who use to help her in the kitchen were about 20 years old and one of them was Shobha who was good looking and having good assets. One day I requested aunty to help me in find a maid for cleaning the house and washing clothes for which aunty instructed Shobha to help me as I was alone and not much of job for a full time maid. She use to come to my house after I leave to office and finish all the job before I come back and I did not get any chance for the first few days. Shobha was around 5.5 in height and around 55 kgs fair and with nice boobs and from the first day I had crush on her and masturbated every day thinking about her. I thought of a plan and started to keep all the sexy magazines on the table so that she gets aroused by seeing all these and I get a chance to fuck her. But she never uses to look at me and never gave any indication also.

One day aunty had to go to Salem for a function and only Shobha and the other girl were at home as they cannot lock the house as many people come for food. I thought a plan and took an off from my work that day. I went there in the morning finished my breakfast and came back home instructing Shobha to come and clean the house. After reaching home I took off all my clothes and wrapped a towel and waited for my sex queen to come. After few minutes the door bell rang and I went and opened the door. She saw me with only the towel and rushed in to the kitchen. My cock was getting hard and lost control. I went behind her to the kitchen and told her that I will take bath and went in to the bathroom. After couple of minutes I requested her to help me in cleaning my back and she first hesitated and then agreed and came inside the bathroom. I was with my undie and she came and started to apply soap on to my back. Within few seconds my cock got hard and the bulge was visible on my undie. She had a look at the bulge and started blushing and I got the signal. I immediately wrapped her on my shoulder and she was shivering. I told her that I like her very much and want to have sex with her. She was feeling afraid and asked me if somebody gets to know about this for which I had assured her and convinced her and took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom.

She was breathing heavily and I laid her on the bed and started talking to her about sex and found that this will be the first time and a virgin. I was very happy as I am going to fuck a virgin girl. I went to the TV and played a Blue film and came back to the bed. She was watching the film and I started to caress her back and she was getting aroused at looking the film. I slowly started to kiss her and few seconds later we were kissing passionately and I started sucking her tongue. This went on for several minutes and I moved down and started kissing her on her neck. She was totally aroused by that time and requested me to fuck her fast. I slowly removed her blouse and she was wearing White Bra and I could see those massive boobs and started to kiss her boobs and I unhooked the bra and her beautiful breasts were released out in joy and I started to press both boobs and took one nipple in my mouth and pressing the other one. Her boobs were too good and I thought of sucking her boob’s whole day. She was moaning in joy ummmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmm and I was getting more and more aroused by that.

Later I went down and kissed her naval which was perfect in shape and circled my tongue in to her naval. I removed her petticoat and threw it on to the floor and she was with her pink panties only. I went near the pussy and smelled it; it was awesome and smelling beautifully. I kissed her pussy on her panties and she pulled my hair with joy and I kissed her pussy for sometime and she was begging me to tear that panty off. Finally I removed her panty and wow what a scene, her pussy covered with light hairs and looking gorgeous. I did not waste any time and inserted my tongue in to her pussy. It was already wet and I was tasting the beautiful juice of her cunt and it tasted great. She was shouting with pleasure aaaaaaaaaaaaah, ooooooooooooooooh, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I sucked her pussy hard and she leaked almost twice leaving the whole hot juice in to my mouth. Wow that was yummy and I wanted to empty her pussy juice. This went on for more than half an hour and I was in no mood of leaving her pussy from my mouth. At last I gave it up and stood up and gave my cock in to her hand. She played with my cock and I asked her to give me a blow job for which she instantly agreed and started sucking it hard. She was so aroused and tempted; she was literally sucking my cock as a kid having a lollypop. I was also reached a peak and busted all my juice in to her mouth and before she could realize it straightaway went inside her throat and she looked at me. That was the best blowjob I ever got.

After resting for couple of minutes my cock was getting harder again and I went to her pussy once again and started to suck it. I loved her pussy so much and it tasted great and the juices were yummy. I sucked it for some more time and decided to put my cock in her cunt. I spread her legs and pointed my dick to the edge of her pussy and gave a gentle push. Only the front portion went in and she started to scream in pain and I locked her mouth by kissing her on her lips. I again tried and after couple of jerk the whole 9 inch cock went inside her and she started bleeding. I did not mind and started to move my cock in and out and by that time she was enjoying and kissing me like mad. She was pleading me to fuck harder and I put all my energy and pumping her fast. Then I took her both legs on my shoulder and pushed my cock little more and it went deep inside her and she cummed almost five times and the juice were flowing like river on to the bed. Finally I was about to cum and as I was not using a condom I withdrew my cock from her cunt and my cum splashed all around her face, boobs and on her hair. We both got very tired and slept there for some time and after that she went to the bathroom to clean herself. My cock again getting harder and I followed her to the bathroom and fucked for the second time in standing position. After that she cleaned herself and cleaned my tool, dressed and went back home. After an hour again the bell rang and it was Shobha again. Her friend got to know about the fuck and sent her to my place to have a nice time. We fucked for more then four times till evening in all the style. We both then took break for dinner and me, Shobha and other girl had our dinner and came back to my place. Shobha stayed at my place that night and we continued our fucking session for the whole night.

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