Servant Fucked My Mom

This is a real incident happened some days back. I am a teenaged college student. My father is aged 57 and mother 45. We are living in a village nearly 30 kms from city. I am the only child of my parents. My father is a business man and a social worker who is always busy. He rarely sits at home and comes home late. Most of the time mother is alone at home. I sleep in my study room in the upstairs. One day I wake up in the night to get some water and went down to kitchen. I heard some soft sounds from my parents bedroom.

It was dominantly my mother’s moaning s and whispers and I realized that father is fucking her. I was very curious to see and went to the old store room next to their room. There is an old window to my parents bed room always locked but have a small gap wide enough to see their bed. I peeped through the gap but unfortunately it was dark in the room. I slowly opened the window. Still I could not see anything. But I realized that they were naked and doing it as I got the smell of their genitals. Then I heard the sounds settling with some heavy breaths.

From then I waited for many nights and I realized that they have it rarely. Once I got some view as there was good moonlight and the outer window was open. I saw that father is doing it in hurry. He not even bother to open her blouse. Before her moans and breaths settle, I heard fathers snores. I looked at mother but she was very little naked. That moaning s and whispers of mom really aroused me and I started thinking sexy about her. I had a desire to see her in nude. I saw it later when she changed dress in their bed room. She is fair and pretty.

She is having a medium size body with flat belly slightly bulged around a beautiful navel. Trimmed hairy pussy. She is having a narrow waist and buttocks perfectly rounded and little bigger than the proportion. They perfectly curved down to smooth silky thighs. Even in sari, her curved hips are very sexy, to invite a look from passersby. Her breasts where soft and firm hemi spheres slightly pulled down with brown nipples. They were milky white with blue veins visible. Her beautiful body is really a treat for a desirous man. Whenever we both are alone at home,

I had a habit of peeping at her beauty. She was so fair, beautiful and sexy. She looked much young also. I am sure that my father can’t speak up with her. May be that is the reason why he is more engaged outside. One day evening, sitting in my room and studying, I saw our servant Rambo is on some work in the courtyard back of kitchen and mother sitting nearby and washing some utensils. Rambo’s actual name is Ramu. I used to call Ramu bhayya as Rambo. He is not our full time servant but whenever there are some works in our home, he comes.

He is a dark strongly built man with a steel body, that’s why I call him Rambo. He is aged around thirty. He and his family are our workers and known since child hood. For some time he was away on job and returned a few months back. He usually attends the electric, plumbing and similar works at our home. He is obedient to us and is my friend but I know he is a womanizer. He used to share his experiences with me.

He had a lot of sexual experiences at the places where he worked and is an expert in seducing women. He told me that he gets erection on seeing white women with good buttocks. (Then how he feel if he see my mother’s body in nude? He won’t miss the chance I am sure because he never get such a fair and sexy conservative woman to fuck). He is friendly with us and have the freedom to come to my room and others.

Rambo was standing near her and they were talking something.

As they were talking in a low tone and my mother had some shy smiles, I got a desire to overhear them. So I went into kitchen and near to the door. My mother was sitting on floor on feet with her saree above knees and Rambo standing and enjoying her white calves. I heard my mother saying.”shhh…what is this? Is this time for such talks? what if somebody see this? Nikhil is in the room.” I aroused hearing it. Now I am sure that something is really going on between them. But I am not aware of its degree. It may be just started or something already happened.

I just imagined of Rambo kissing and fucking passionately my mother (like the way he told me of he done with other women). His dark strong muscles pressing against her white soft body and giving deep big thrusts will be so erotic to watch. I got a good erection there. I came to my room and masturbated imagining their sex. From that day onwards, I had a habit of masturbating, imagining their sex. I had a desire to have my imagination come true. If they are scared, I was ready to make an opportunity for them.

Day by day I became curious to know what they are up to. My mother is generally a shy, soft spoken and conservative woman. With very limited people she freely behave and Rambo is one among them. I know if they wish they get enough chances as he do some works at our home in the day and that time only my mother is there. Our house is at the end of the street, beyond which are paddy fields so it got enough privacy. I decided to get the cat out and last week when my parents were away on a family function, I stayed at home.

Rambo was there for my company. I brought some whiskey and special food for Rambo and he was very happy. He sat with me and enjoyed the drinks. I put the subject on his sexual adventures. He talked about how he seduced and fucked different women. He had a good capacity to drink so that he was fine near to a half bottle. After that when I found that he started slightly lose control, I tactfully made him to reveal his opinion that my mother is the most sexy woman he seen around. I asked him straight ‘Then why you didn’t tried for her?’

He got upset. He sat silently for a while. He took one more drink and gradually said that he already done it. I got aroused and my body felt heated even without drinking a drop. Here comes my fantasy true! I got a good erection right there. He was watching me. He was afraid of my reaction. But I smiled at it and enjoyed I took him into confidence. I was very curious to hear it and forced him, so finally he narrated it, ‘Last month I came here to replace the bed room fan. After work I was starting to leave, it started raining and I waited. (I remembered the day.

The day the fan replaced, there was rain in the afternoon). Deedi offered me lunch and I took it sitting on the verandah, sitting on the floor as I usually does. While serving, she bent down many times and first I got a look of her cleavage through the red blouse. Her light yellow sari was tied little down, so the belly and navel were revealing. I could not stop looking them. She was aware of my stares but she did not bothered to put it straight. We talked all the time. After food I started to leave but she stopped me for the rain to stop and I sit on the verandah.

When she bend down to take the plate her pallu slipped down and I got a close view of the white soft breasts. The blouse was little loose so I could see her nipples. That gave me an erection. I went near her pretending I want to take the plates to wash it myself but she refused to give and I made a small fight deliberately and got a good hold on her soft hands. My erection was growing. She slipped out and turned around and rushed to the kitchen with the plates. But in the attempt my hand struck unintentionally on her buttocks. It was big and very soft. On a sudden she jumped a little. She ran into kitchen and I noticed that she had a deep smile.

From behind I watched her buttocks dancing. My cock grown to a full erection. I decided to make a try. When she was in the kitchen washing the plates I followed her and made a pretended fight to take the plate again and this time I stood more close to her. She may not aware of my intentions stopped me to take it and started giggling and continued washing. Suddenly I wrap my arms around her waist from behind. She got upset and asked me to stay away but I was sure that she was not angry and a deep desire is in her. I held her closely and tightly and kissed her. ‘

Somebody may see..’ she whispered. But I sucked her lower lips so she could not say anything further. My erected cock started to rub against her body. Her resistance was weak in my strong hold and I realized that she started enjoying my tight embrace. I kissed all over her face. Gradually she started to respond with soft kisses. I removed her sari. She stood shyly in front of me in a thin underskirt and blouse. I caressed over her buttocks. They were rounded big, soft and smooth. I removed her blouse. There was no bra inside and her breasts came out.

They were the most beautiful things I ever seen. I fondled them and kissed and sucked. She was in pleasure with eyes closed and palms running and pressing my hard muscles. Slowly I guided her to the bed room, removed her skirt and laid her naked on bed with me. My cock was pulsating. I lowered my pajama and shown my fully erected cock. She looked at it with surprise and a naughty smile. ‘Oh.. your thing is looks like an erected black cobra..’ she whispered in my ears. I persuaded her to fondle it. She played with it and kissed it.

We had a long foreplay. I can’t describe in words the pleasure of it. She was whispering and moaning. At the end I penetrated my hard cock into her soft pussy. I fucked many women, but her pussy was the best to put my big cock. We both screamed and came together. We done it again after a while and this time I made her to spread on my top. She was doing so for the first time and she excited for that. I helped her to mount over my cock and she done it, kissing all over me. She was wildly moaning all the time ‘aahhh…ohhhh…ramuuu…hhhoooohhhhh’.

Second time she came just before me. After two fucks, we lay there for some time caressed and kissed. I asked her how was it. She didn’t said a word but simply smiled and kissed me. I could read the admiration and satisfaction in her eyes. As he was narrating, I felt that he is enjoying as if he is doing it again. I saw his cock erected in his pajama. I let it came out. It crawled out of his pajama and stand erected like a black cobra. I looked at the monster which was fondled by my mother. It was more than seven inches long, thick and iron strong. It stood with its full vigor.

No doubt that once awakened, it needed the best pussy to contain its fury. It is still standing high with memories of my mother’s fondles, kisses, warm embrace of her soft cunt and finally a triumphant journey deep inside into her womanhood to fill it with its cream of love. It is not ended. I’m sure mothers pussy is itching for this huge black cobra to penetrate again into it. No surprise in it. Sitting as a triumphant man, he lighted a cigarette and continued.. ‘ I experienced many women in my life. But they are nothing compared to deedi.

She is having an excellent body shape. (Of course I know it). Her body is so fair and soft. She is very desirous. To make me jealous he continued…We can do it a hundred times at a go.’ I just imagined of my conservative and shy mother lying over Rambo with his huge cock inside her pussy and swinging over him. No wonder he can be proud of it. Now I have a very secret desire. I want to see my mother gets fucked by Rambo. I want to see their lengthy foreplay and the wild fuck. I am waiting.

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