Sadhna – The Insatiable Dicksucker

I had built my factory in a place that was about 60 km outside of Bombay along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway. In the 10 years since the factory went through ups and downs but over the last 2 years it had doubled production and tripled revenues. Most importantly it had provided employment to a lot of people around the villages in that area. The men in these villages normally went far off to Thane, Mumbai, Pune ,Kolhapur apart from Vapi, Silvasa and Daman. The biggest challenge for me in the early days was to impress upon the men to come work for me rather than go far off. But that didn’t work so we launched a program to recruit women. I set up a local health clinic and an aanganwadi and later a school with the help of the panchayat and the government. We had over 120 women working with us and they worked all across.

My factory even received awards for taking this initiative. My wife and Dad played an important role in all this. After their demise in a very short time, all the responsibility fell on me. I was worshipped by my staff and everyone made sure that I was well-taken care off and never felt like quitting. They did not want the factory sold off to a profit-hungry MNC either.

I had taken up a piece of land and had built a lovely villa in which my wife and I used to stay when we were working in the factory after my Dad passed away.

So at the factory, I had put together a couple of containers and turned them into my office. It was very attractively designed by a friend of mine. It had enough space for 8 staffers and a nice compact office for myself with a toilet, bath, and space for a foldout bed in case I wanted to spend the night in office and monitor production during critical times late at night during those times of the year when we ran 24/7.

One day I noticed that there was this new cleaning lady in the office. I was normally first in at 8 am as I used to stay nearby. The factory workers who were ladies had a bus pick them up from nearby villages and came in by 9.30. I liked coming in early and getting a headstart so that I could immediately brief the supervisors on what I wanted during the day. It was a system that worked beautifully.

Coming back to this new cleaning lady. She was of a normal height, dusky, beautiful with a god awesome figure. She was wearing a sari which was showing off her hourglass like body with a pert ass that was juicy, to say the least and when she bent one could get a feel for her nicely rounded boobs. I was sensing a hard on coming along but controlled myself.

Over the next few days and weeks, I saw the cleaning lady talking to me. I too spoke with her. Her name was Sandhya, she lived very close by with her mother in law, she had 2 very small kids, her husband had left her and she was only 29. She was very nice to talk to and very respectful. I used to have her bring in my morning tea after I came back to the office after viewing the production logs at around 8.30 am. I also used to offer her to drink along with me but she used to feel shy till one day she relented. I made her sit on the chair opposite to me. I asked her how much she had studied, she mentioned she had studied until 7th standard. She was quite smart and was looking after herself and her family quite well. I admired her guts.

So this one morning when I came in I was told by Sandhya that tomorrow was her birthday. I smiled and asked her what she would like as a gift from me. She smiled and shied away. I told her that I was going to wish her in the way people from the city wish each other on their birthday. I bent down and kissed her on one cheek and then on another. She took it nicely and her eyes were closed and I could sense that she was aroused. I knew I had to capitalize on this. I had no time to be romantic and so I asked her.

“So Sandhya I think you and I should celebrate your birthday in a special way. You are turning 30 and it’s a special age”
What is special for us poor people sir?
Why celebrating a birthday with me wouldn’t be special for you?

She shied away. I held her and asked her if she was willing to spend her birthday with me later in the evening. She said yes. I asked her if she was willing to stay back with me and actually celebrate it in a special way with me all night long.

She froze. She was breathing loudly. I told her that I could sense her arousal and wanted to bring her out of her shell.
We will spend the evening with each other, have a good dinner, do some really naughty stuff. Are you up for it?
Sir, what are you saying?

I am saying as a special birthday gift I want you to have the feeling of a man inside you. I want to make you feel like a woman one more time. I want to have sex with you. How about it?
She looked at me. I asked her again and she had her head down. I asked her sternly and she replied with a muted yes.
You will have to be clear and empathic. I don’t want you to be shy. Sex is a good thing and I want you to enjoy it. I want you to want it. Now come on. Will you have sex with me tomorrow night?

She looked up and said a big, confident ‘YES’. I pulled her close by the waist and planted a kiss on her lips. She kissed back. I then kissed her neck and bit on her. She very much liked it as her embrace got tighter. I lifted her leg and put it on the chair. I pulled her sari up and put my hand inside and found her underwear near her pussy was wet.
This is brilliant. I love how wet you are. I will enjoy pushing my dick in and out of this. I then kissed her.

I then asked her to touch my dick. She did. It was rock hard. I told her to go close and kiss it. Since work was about to start and the people were about to come into the office I did not want to open my pants. Sandhya promptly bent down and kissed my rock hard dick over my pants. It sent a bolt of electricity into me.

I will be putting this in places you have not known before Baby. Get ready for tomorrow night. You will be deflowered again.

With this I let her go for the day. I had meetings to attend in the city so I decided that in between meetings I needed to pick up some gift for Sandhya. I picked up a smartphone and a 4G sim. I was hoping to give this to her after we had consummated her birthday . I hoped to have very intimate adult conversations and video chats with her after that. I also bought some very sexy and kinky lingerie. Later in the evening, I picked up a dildo from a vendor I was told about by one of my other sexual conquests. I also had him emboss my name on the dildo. I figured I could keep it at home and have any of my conquests use it and film them while they use it. It could be my greatest hits.

The next day as I came in early I was all excited. I was looking forward to a good days work before everyone left for a 4 day weekend. I was especially looking forward to fucking Sandhya. I was going to get my dick sucked, I was going to eat her pussy, later I was going to do her in 4 positions that I had planned out on the couch, in my seat, and at the window, I was also going to definitely have a shower with her once we were done so I had to get sucked into the shower and do her doggy. All in all, I couldn’t wait for 8 pm when Sandhya would be done with the cleaning so that we could start her birthday celebration. I desperately wanted to take her anal too but I figured not this time.

Sandhya came in at 8 in the morning. I was sat in my chair just taking my laptop out. She looked at me and smiled, I blew her a flying kiss and pointed her to lock the door behind her and come in. She locked the door and walked in with a spring in her step. I opened my arms to her and she came in and sat on my lap. I kissed her and she kissed me. She had worn some cheap perfume.

It’s what I had. And she looked at me very sheepishly

Don’t worry. Later you will be smelling of me. That smell won’t wear off.

She smiled, I caressed her lovely boobs and took off her sari. She got up and started feeling my dick. I just couldn’t resist. I took her into the bathroom which was in my office and made her jerk me off while I lifted her sari and fingered her clit furiously. We both kissed each other while doing it. It felt awesome. In about 10 minutes I came into the toilet bowl and a couple of minutes after that she came all over my fingers. I made her lick my fingers and made her promise that she would lick my dick the same way later that evening.

After that, she finished her work as I went to supervise the plant. I went through the entire day and really enjoyed the relaxed day at work. Hardly any problems, no phone calls or emails. Just a good old fashioned nice day at work before a 4 day weekend. My plant was designed in such a way that no one from the front could see that we had an office at the back. Also since the campus was huge the watchman’s cabin was very far away from the office and plant. We barely needed a watchman as the villagers themselves used to guard the factory. It provided employment to 200 of them and no way were they going to see any harm being done to it.

It was now 6.30 pm and everyone was leaving home for the long weekend. Everyone was saying goodbye to me. I was having my chai and knew I had to get ready. It was going to be a night of heavy petting and deep throating. I went into my cabin and took a shower and wore some comfortable clothes along with absolutely drenching myself in the best deodorant.

Sadhna came in at 7. I called her in but she said she had to finish cleaning first. She was insistent. I let her. I told her to have a bath once she finished. I had left a nice short nightie for her, very skimpy see-through satin gown that is making me hard right now as I recall and type out my experience here.

She came out in 10 mins with her hair tied into a bun in the towel. I was outside at the time keeping an eye out in case anyone could see us. I knew that the guards would leave by 9 and the shift would change but they were far out and wouldn’t come this far so I had nothing to worry about them. I just wanted to fuck Sadhna in peace all night long and was feeling my rock hard boner in anticipation. I decided to go in. I found my couch pulled out and made and Sadhna was on it. She was looking like a horny sex goddess in that skimpy little nothing I bought her. It showed off her legs and her thighs and I was just waiting to get myself in between them. She had an alluring smile on her face and had done some makeup, worn some cheap perfume and had lipstick on. I couldn’t wait for her to wrap her lips around my dick.

I thought we could get to know each other just before dinner – She said naughtily

That was it. I just went up to her, picked her up in my arms and dug my lips and my tongue inside her. She too reciprocated and this time it was different. This time the shy demure Sadhna wanted me to have her. She wanted me to ravage her, she wanted me inside her, she wanted me to do things to her that she could not even dream of.

I bent down and lifted her dress. There was hardly anything to lift as the dress was that short. I ran my lips across her pubes and her crotch and picked her up and put her pussy on my face and went to town licking her twat and fingering her g spot. It drove her crazy.
OOOOOOI maaaaa. I am dead. Please keep going. I have never felt like this before. My bastard husband was a coward and a selfish cunt.

I kept at it and could literally taste her cum. I then brought her down and made her get down on all fours and pulled off my lungi and asked her to suck my huge, hard dick absolutely dry. She was up for it. She went to town. I loved how she used her tongue. I also loved how she kept looking at me for some kind of endorsement like a professional dicksucker. I absolutely loved that and kept making oooo and aaaah sounds to get her going. She was fabulous. What was even more fabulous was that as I came I warned her and she decided she wanted me to come in her mouth, and I did. And she swallowed. Heavens be praised, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was with my women. All loved to suck dick and most of them would swallow to make me happy. I, in turn, kissed her on the lips to show my appreciation.

You know its time. I said to her pointing towards my dick. She looked at it happily and had that very horny look on her face.

So I decided to go missionary with her since it was our first time. I got on top, she spread her legs, and I dug my dick into her crotch. It was tight and difficult to get in, but once I slid in the initial, her wetness lubricated my dick so well that it slid right in. Sadhna was left gasping for air as she felt the size and girth of my dick inside her. It pained a little but that was nothing against the pleasure of seducing a man into such hardness and then letting it in. Sadhna had told me that she had her tubes tied up and couldn’t get pregnant that morning and so I told her I would raw dog her rather than waste time in condoms etc; I hated condoms and the time it took.

I loved being inside her. I liked the look on her face and her biting her lips. I kept hitting my dick into her from on top of her from different angles. She was breathless but I just kept hitting her pussy with my dick. It had been over 45 mins since we started and I was really enjoying myself. I was banging her hard and had my eyes closed. I could sense her pulling me in and kissing me. She further contracted her legs and I realized she was cumming as her voice shriveled as well. In about 5 mins I continued to bang and told her I was going to cum too. She held on to me tight and in about a minute we both came. We jizzed like a pair of horses. We both came in bucketload. It was epic cum. We both enjoyed it and the cabin was full of our moaning sounds.

After we quietened down we both caught our breath, had a drink of water. Sadhna told me she had cooked some food for dinner for me. We then sat at the coffee table in my office and had dinner completely naked. I made Sadhna sit on my lap and fed her while sucking on her nipples and pinching them. She was very comfortable.

We then restarted our fucking session after a couple of hours at 11 and went on till about 2 am after which we went to sleep. In the morning I saw Sadhna cleaning the office as was her regular job. I woke up, brushed etc and then asked Sadhna to join me in the shower where I fingered her and then had my dick sucked, I later took her doggy which she absolutely loved. After the shower, I told her that I would support her financially wanted to have her at my beck and call. She fully agreed and I ordained her as my sex slave.

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