Naughty Maid gets spanked

Most of the maid’s who’ve worked for me have had their bottoms smacked – not that i’ve spanked them, more that I give them a playful slap across the buttocks. Ocassionally I get a scowl, but most times an embarassed or a playful smile.I mentioned in one of my other stories that being called ‘Master’ does things to me. Like spanking, it’s about being in control – if any of us had power over someone else would we abuse it? Of course we would.Deepa looked too young to be a mother and divorced. She was pretty, but rough as well. You could see she’d had a hard life. Her clothes were a little torn and faded, and she looked as though she needed a good wash. Her complexion was dark – which I like – and she was small and a little thin. Properly cared for she would be a good looking girl. Unfortunately this girl who life had battered always called me Master and she wasn’t very good at her work. Her saving grace was that she spoke a little English.Of course I was kind to her but every time she said Master I felt the urge to do dirty things to her. One day I decided that she had to go – she’d clean the floor but not very well, she always had to be pushed to do things, and I was sure some money had gone missing. I decided I’d had enough and told her that from tomorrow she shouldn’t come.Deepa’s face crumpled. I could see the stress and desperation take hold of her and the tears began to flow. She sank to the floor and grabbed my leg, pleading with me to give her another chance, promising she would do better, telling me she’d be on the streets with her little girl. ”

Please Master”, she begged. Fuck, what could I do? I felt so bad and was getting hard at the same time.I decided to give her another chance. I gave her some money and told her to get something for her daughter. While I was out I also decided to pick up a couple of dresses for Deepa, some new panties, and some soaps and shampoo. Next day when she came I told her to shower in the bathroom in the spare bedroom and to change in to one of the dresses. She looked shocked and reluctant but I insisted. I told her she must do this every day from now on.She looked lovely. The dresses fitted perfectly, coming a little below the knee and falling across her modest curves very nicely. As she cleaned the floor she struggled to preserve her modesty. She was showing some thigh, at times her panties were clearly visible and I could see the shadow and swell of a dark mound of black pubic hair. I made no secret of the fact that I was feasting my eyes upon her.The following day she arrived, locked the bathroom door and showered, changing in to a dark green floral dress that became transparent when the sun shone through it. As she began to clean the floor it became apparent that she’d put a pair of shorts on underneath her dress. “Deepa, come here” I ordered. She came, but stood a little distance away. “Come here” I insisted, pointing just in front of my toes. I was sat on the sofa, she stood inches away from me, head bowed, her hands crossed in front of her.”What are you wearing?” I asked. “Nothing Master” she replied nervously. I took the hem of her dress and tried to lift it but her hands pressed against her thighs holding it down. I slapped her hands away and said to her “Do you want to keep your job?” “Yes Master” she replied. “Then do as I say” I barked back at her.I lifted her dress to reveal a dirty pair of navy blue shorts. “Take them off” I instructed. Obediently, if reluctantly, she pulled them down and stepped out of them, taking as much care as she could to reveal as little as possible. “Now take off your panties” I told her. “Master??” she queried. “Just do it” I ordered. “But Master. Please Master”. “Deepa, take off your panties now, and don’t wear any for the rest of the week. Do you understand?”. Silence. “Do you understand Deepa?” “Yes Master” she said quietly.

I watched as she reached under her dress and her panties came down. She gripped them in her hand but I told her to give them to me. I wanted to know her scent. As she swabbed the floor she tried her best to cover herself but every time her legs opened, even a little, I saw her meaty little cunt with its forest of black hair. When at home I always tend to dress in shorts and a tee-shirt – Deepa couldn’t miss the big throbbing cock that she’d inspired but for now letting her know was enough.The following day she followed the same routine – showering first, then proceeding to clean the floor. “Deepa, come here” I ordered. She came over. I gripped the hem of her dress and pulled her closer. She stood quietly, I could sense her anxiety. I lifted her dress and saw the red cotton panties that I’d bought for her. “What are these?” I asked. “I told you not to wear any panties – don’t you remember?” “No Master” she whispered.I told her to go into the bedroom, close the curtains, and wait for me. My cock was so hard against my shorts that it was difficult to walk properly. I entered the bedroom, closed the door behind me and turned the light on. Deepa was stood with her back to the wall. I sat down on the bed and told her to come to me. She was reluctant. “Look” I said, “Come here and do as I say or go home and don’t bother coming back. It’s up to you, it’s your choice.” She came over.”Have you been a bad girl?” I asked. She said nothing. “Have you been a bad girl?” I asked her again. “Yes, Master” she replied softly. I pulled her down gently and laid her across my knee. “Bad girls have to be punished Deepa, do you agree?” “Yes Master” she responded, understanding that she had to submit.I lifted her dress to reveal her red panties and tight little bottom, taking care to let my hands wander across her. She winced a little with the first smack, I spanked her half-a-dozen times, her bottom tensed with each slap. I tugged her panties down around her thighs, revealing her well toned butt in all its glory.

I spanked her some more, raining slaps down on her firm bouncy ass, not intending to hurt her too much but giving her a little pain. Every now and again she’d let out a little cry, or a soft moan, and all the time my rock-hard cock pressed against her belly to remind her what was still to come.I ran my hand across her bottom and reached down between her cheeks to find her hole. As I suspected, she was wet and her hole was easy for my fingers to push into. She tensed then lay limp as my fingers pulled out of her and spread her juices all over her clitoris. I wanted this girl to really enjoy this. As soon as her thighs began to open and her moaning became more insistent I knew I had her. I pulled her up from my lap and laid her on the bed, her thighs spread, dress pulled up around her waist revealing a perfect tangle of thick black hair and the juiciest cunt you’ve ever seen. I ripped open the front of her dress, her small breasts freed for my hungry mouth. She gasped, “Master” she cried out. I didn’t care, I carried on ripping the dress down to her waist. My tongue travelled from nipple to nipple, down to her navel, under her ribs, teasingly close to her cunt. After pleasuring her for some time I turned her over and kissed and licked her neck, and down the full length of her spine. I pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart, she tensed, so I slapped her again, just one short sharp slap, and she relaxed. I looked at her black anus, so tight, and tongued her, licking it and pleasuring it by slipping my finger inside and twisting and turning it, pulling it in and out, penetrating her just an inch or so. Her hands gripped the bed sheets in tight little fists.I made her sit astride my face, opening her cunt to reveal her pink hole. I rubbed my nose against her, massaged her hole with my thumb as I licked her clitoris, pulled her tight against my face so that my

Tongue could fuck her. Everything I told her to do she did. “Open your legs wider” she opened her legs wider. “Show me your hole” and as soon as she understood she opened herself up. “Touch yourself” and after guiding her fingers to her clitoris she began to rub herself in a circular motion, squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple as she did so. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked, showing with my fingers what I was asking. “Please Master” she replied. “Then ask me to fuck you” I said. “Please Master, fuck me.” she said. I ordered her to pull down my shorts and as she did so my cock sprang up and brushed against her face. “Mouth first” I told her. She took me into her mouth and began to suck, but not hard enough. All she did was increase my need.I laid her on her back and positioned myself between her thighs, exposing her hole with my fingers and rubbing the head of my cock against her opening and around her clitoris. I eased my cock into her, an inch or two then out, then in a little deeper, then out, and in deeper again until soon I was moving in and out of her with ease, pounding her tight little cunt as she lay beneath me, letting me take my fill of her, letting me use her for my pleasure. As I came closer to coming I pushed a finger into her asshole and drove my cock into her cunt deep and fast. Her moaning grew louder although she still just laid on her back and got fucked rather than really being responsive. I pulled out of her and sprayed my spunk across her stomach and chest, she looked at me and smiled. “Big” she said. I smiled, “Bad girl” I responded “Smack, smack – no panties. Ok?” “Ok Master.” And so began three months of submission, of spanking a bad girl, and teaching her how to be a good girl (at least how to enjoy the pleasures of being a woman and giving pleasure to a man). [email protected]

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