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Hello ladies & gentlemen – how r u? I am a crazy lover of this site, hope u also enjoy this site by reading stories and masturbating to lead the life keep up. I am narrating an unexpected incident which no guy can imagine happening in one’s life. I am a guy about 27 yrs old , average working in Bangalore , I live here with my far relative house with my uncle , aunty ,,his son . I have nothing to say about this fame cause not required here. I share Raghu”s room till I get married and settle separately. Now I am close to this entire family that too with my aunt padma, she too takes care of me as much as her son.On 14th Feb. (my birth day ) morning I was woken up by my aunt around 6:30 but I was in no position to get up as I had taken 1 day leave and secondly I had severe back pain due to 27 kicks given by my friends so I was very reluctant even in answering aunty . Due to her persistence I got up sat on bed , she asked me any problem why are u like this ,, today is your birth day u should be very happy , enjoy the day ,, take bath go to temple etc so many things even my mom never said . I said her thanks for taking care of me so much that I am really happy being here with you all. I said her that I can’t even get up now due to sever back ache, she became very much worried and brought iodex applied but not much relief.

She said I am having muscle catch and only medicine is bharthi ajji hands,, I got confused as to what hands to do with my back pain she said she is a good body massager and has a magic hand which will relive my pain in no time so that I can enjoy my birthday. I said ok, by then uncle and raghu also wished me “many many happy returns of the day” uncle said lets go out in evening for dinner, I agreed and slept as they went. I got up at 9 o clock still in pain took bath, did pooja in home only and had dosas which is my all time favorite and was reading news paper when door bell rang. Aunty, uncle and raghu had already left to work and school so I was alone. I opened the door,, got depressed as I saw the lady — she said I am bharthi , madam had asked me to come as someone having back pain in home . I said its me only so called her inside and locked the door,, she was I think widow cause she wore white cotton saree and no tilak on forehead but was looking sexy with approximate 38 34 40 fig,, she should be around 50 yrs, she came int0 living room and asked about aunty I said she has gone to off no one is there in home except me.

She asked my problem I said her what happened , she said its muscle stiff pain and wished me happy birthday , I got shocked hearing this , said thanks and asked how do u know , she said my aunty had said and also to stay till evening and take care of me as I can’t go out . She said she will make me happy if I give her money instead of party for birthday .I said ok if I get relief from pain I will pay her, we both went to bed room for back massage. She had brought some oil , I opened my t shirt was in only lungi and slept on my tummy as she said, she touched my back and I felt current running through my spine suddenly , my god , I never felt such sensation before although I had shook hands with sweet sixteen chicks any sexy aunts around 30 ‘s , but this was unbelievable ,, so gentle soft touch was more than enough m y cock got instantaneously rigid, making me fully restless under my undie , she noticed me trying to adjust myself below and gave smile and breathed deeply making me more excited ,, she applied oil and slowly started massaging back and shoulders also. She came to my butts and slowly pulled my lungi know to expose my butts and gave gentle massage ,, I was in heaven already forgotten pain and enjoying the touch and pleasure . She asked me to remove lungi I got shame and said no but she pulled it down ,now only in my undie that also she slowly pulled down and made me fully naked , I closed my eyes in shy ,, she said I am feeling shy instead of her ,. She again started massaging my thighs and legs and rubbed my feet which made me

Crazy, I count control and started rubbing my cock to bed, my foot started burning with pleasure making my mind to touch her body, she made me sleep on my back but I kept my hands on cock as really I count see her face, she pulled my hands away and said if I don’t cooperate she will go, nothing happens even if my cock is rock hard and restless she knows how to please it also. So I kept quite but first time I was naked in front of women .she came near to me and sat facing me , started to massage my head ,face and came to chest ,, pressing my chest and pinching nipples ,, making men arose, she also massaged my tummy and came below touched my cock ,, I just count control anymore and got up and embarrassed her although she may be double age than me ,, by now she also had got heated up nicely she too held me tight and started kissing me and rubbing her face with mine, her lips were by now warm and burning with lust , I planted a kiss and sucked deeply ,she also did same , I bite her lips and sucked all juice out of it and drank it,, she too sucked my lips and tongue and moved to my nipples ,she really made me almost cum by sucking little nipples and licking them pulled her back and kissed her again.

I removed pallu and started pressing her boobs from blouse only , she started removing hooks of blouse and I gone mad by seeing her rosy boobs and little cock like nipples already rigid as she had no bra, I could not wait even till she removed her blouse I put my mouth to right nipple and started sucking it biting it and pressing her left boob , I went on sucking for almost 10 minutes when she said its paining and to show mercy to those poor feeding hills which had starving for so long ,, I now came down on to tummy , I squeezed it felt like I am pressing sponge ,, I came below and pulled saree fully and released knot of langa so it fell down ,, I got another big shock seeing for first time pussy of lady covered by thick black curly hairs not able to see where is cave ,, I read in stories so much but seeing really made me giddy,, she asked me to sit on cot and brought her face towards my cock and held it in her hands and started to move too and fro but touch was very gentle I said I will cum so she took in her mouth and started sucking fully slowly so that I don’t cum soon but her gentle touch and warm mouth was more than enough for me to see edges of heaven , I could not bear any further and my body stiffened and I Started fucking her mouth hulking her head tight and said ahh!,, just I stud motionless and felt whole world has come to stand still and started bursting out my energy and love load into her mouth with same speed how bullets gets released from machine gun.

She got sudden cough and pulled me away but closed her mouth so she didn’t spit out anything ,, slowly she swallowed everything and came to suck the limp cock dry of semen , I could see tears from her eyes as she got first shot of cum in her throat but she started smiling instead of this and said it is after around 15 years that she had enjoyed a man’s cock after her husband death . We both drank water and I laid on cot she next to me ,my back pain had gone without my knowledge so that I also enjoyed my first sex pleasure with this widow that too above 50yrs of age ,,, here is just beginning so I will say you actual story what happened in my next story very soon .What I learn from that incidence is that sex is blind it has no age limits if one has will to fuck (mostly man) and other has wish to get fucked( mostly women) can be vice versa also — nothing can stop from exploring the pleasure of sex and seeing the second heaven .Hope you all would like to read my next story also, what happened next, but I will love to hear from any of u if u can guess and write to me??? Send you comments and any such ladies of shy age who are also starving of sex can mail me at [email protected] Thanks for spending your precious time to go through my story ,,

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