Kiss My Breasts Please!

Hi everybody. My name is Lavanya Singh. I am 24 years old. I got married to a rich businessman last December. I live in a posh neighbourhood in Gurgaon. We are a happy family without any problem. We have a part time maid and a servant who is from a village permanently in our home.

My husband’s younger brother is studying abroad in USA. There is also my sister-in-law at home and my saas , sasoor.

One day when I was walking in our garden in evening , rain started to fall. As there was no one in home I decided to get wet. I was not wearing any bra.I saw my servant bringing an umbrella and saying “malkin what are you doing, you will catch cold” He looked at my boobs which was visible from wet blouse . my pallu was not covering my chest. I felt uncomfortable and went inside.

That evening I wore a yellow sleeveless blouse and a yellow silk saree. He was constantly looking at my arms. He said ” your hands are so fair skinned. I hope other parts are also fair”
I asked him what do you mean by other parts. He said , I mean your breasts left and right, they appear to be round and soft from outside, only your husband knows how they are, I want to see your thighs also, how much smooth and fair they must be”.

I felt like giving him tight slaps. I hold his collar and said “don’t you speak like that with me, I am your owner’s wife, you village insect born in drain. He smiled ” you are more beautiful when you get angry. He looked at my cleavage and said ” I want to suck your nipples, madam”

I went inside my room and asked my husband when he will come home. He told me right now he is in Delhi and he will be back at 9.30 pm. I went to the kitchen to prepare tea then I felt him behind me. He pushed his face on my shoulders and brushed them. Before I could say anything he pinched my buttocks. I turned in excitement and my pallu fell from my shoulders. He was too close to me and I couldn’t bend forward to put it back . I wanted to go out of the kitchen.

He held one end of my saree I turned in circle to make sure it goes away from my body . I just wanted to run away from him. I was only in my white saya with nothing to cover my chest. At that time I could have gone to my room but I tood still. He came in front of me and kissed me on my lips passionately holding my lips. I could smell dirty paan in his mouth. His rough face with one week unshaved beard brushed on my lips and cheeks. I did not say anything. He understood I am under his control now. He opened the first blouse button and I held his hands tightly to stop him. I was wishing if he changes his mind out of fear of my husband and his father but that was not possible right now

He raised his hands and grabbed my breasts and said ” malkin can I open your blouse” I said no leave me alone and clean our clothes. He did not listen and touched my nipples. He was holding my nipples with his fingers over my blouse . He gradually increased pressure And opened the second button. I could feel my vagina contracting . He circled around my nipple . then he bent down and kissed my navel and tummy.

Then he rubbed his face on tummy. All these things was too much . H e asked once again ” malkin do you still don’t want to show me your naked breasts” I said ” do whatever you want he said ” you have to say in a vulgar manner and repeat what I say . I repeated his lines. ” I am your malkin and I want my servant to see my naked breasts and kiss them “. ” I am going to open my blouse , see my size ” I opened my sleeveless blouse. ” I am going to take off my bra by opening bra-hook. Please gaze at my breasts my dear servant” I took off my bra.

Then he became mad and just pressed my breasts as hard as he could. I told him ” press your malkin’s boobs harder darling”. He squeezed my breasts. “Suck my nipples, kiss my breasts, drink my milk”. He kissed my breasts again and again. He sucked my left breast nipple and my right breast nipple.

“I am going to open my saaya and expose my pussy to my servant, be ready to ravage my beauty” I pulled my saaya and became full naked. He grabbed my breasts and went on kissing them . I ordered him ” its time to screw your malkin, you have enjoyed your malkin’s breasts enough , now enjoy my device with your cock.” He looked at my vagina. I sat on the floor and lied like a whore. I widened my thighs. ” see how fair and smooth my thighs are jaaneman. He massaged my thighs.” Now look how wide my vagina can be”

I stretched my legs apart and widened my vagina opening with both hands. He looked with hunger at my pussy . Now he brought his erect penis out of his lungi and positioned it towards my vagina. I lied on the ground. He came over me. And inserted his dick in my pussy. ” now its time to fuck your malkin, come on “. He went full inside and came out half , then holding my breasts and kissing and sucking my nipples he went on fucking me. I asked him to increase his speed , be more rough ” fuck me harder darling, tear your malkin’s pussy” . He pulled my nipples hard and I screamed in pain . After five minutes he filled my pussy with his juice.

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