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Hi ISS readers this is Sanjay. I am going to share my experience with you. Please note that the title is only suit when u read it forth coming parts of the story… It was many years back when it was happened. I stayed in a house outside Chennai. I was staying alone and a maid used to come to do the household works. Her name was Rani. She was also staying alone. She was staying in the out-house. I had an eye on her. She was very beautiful girl of the age 20. I would admire her boobs whenever she turns sideways. I was masturbating on the thought of her and spent many sleep less nights. She always takes bath in the bathroom with an open top. She takes her bath in the early morning. I would watch her bathing from terrace daily. She would enter the bathroom and removes her sari first then she removes her blouse, then her bra and ties her petticoat till her chest. I had only got a very little time to view her boobs in the dim light. Finally one day I decided to have sex with her and I took leave on that day. She came in and I informed that I was in my leave. The silently went to the door and locked it while she was in the kitchen. She was wearing a red sari and a red ( semi-transparent ) blouse and wearing a white bra.

I went to my bathroom which was clearly visible when one stands behind the kitchen door. I took the bath keeping the doors half open so that she can see me from the kitchen door. She noticed me and hid herself to watch me. I pretended as if I didn’t notice her. Then I closed the door. After sometime I called her to bring the towel. She came and knocks the door but I made it to open and she got a full view of my backside then I got the towel by closing my private parts with hand. She giggled and went to the kitchen. I tied the towel around the hip and went out. I made it to fall when crossed her. She starred at my erect cock and ran other side of the house. While running she frequently turned to see my cock. Then I slowly took the towel and went to my room. After sometime I went to kitchen to have my breakfast. I was wearing a shorts and a t-shirt. I had my breakfast. Then I asked her to come to the hall. I asked her why she watched me nude while bathing. She said she watched accidentally. I asked her that if she watched accidentally then why she watched me by hiding behind the kitchen door. She was shocked and then fell to my feet for apology. I decided to make it as my chance. I threatened her by saying, “if I give a complaint to police they would take u to Police station and beat you”.

She was scared of police and so she said, “I would do whatever you say and please don’t say to police”.

I said, ”you have seen me nude, so the punishment is that I have to see you nude.”

She was afraid and said, “ I will not allow u see me nude” in a fearful voice. I threatened her about the Police and at last she accepted for her punishment. I went to her and pulled her sari so fast that made her to fall down on the floor. I went close to her and gave a tight hug which she resisted and I tore off her blouse. Now she was standing in front of me in her bra and petticoat. My dick was in the erect position. Then I pulled her near me and gave a kiss for which she didn’t open her lips and tried push me away. I again gave a tight hug and kissed her, though she resisted it she was made to arouse and naturally she opened her mouth and I sucked out her mouth like anything. Through her bra her dark erect nipples was visible. I bite her nipple and mean while unhooked her bra. She started to moan. I massaged her boobs and pinched her nipples. Then I removed her petticoat and her panty. She was completely nude in front of me.

I removed my dress and stood nude in front of her. She was now staring at my dick and she held in her hand. She started massaging it and put it in her mouth. She enjoyed the tastes of the pre cums. After 10 or 20 minutes I took it from her mouth. I kissed her boobs and massaged it and with other hand I gave a gentle touch to her pussy. Then inserted my middle finger into it and I played until she oozed out her juice. I inserted my dick into her pussy. I pumped fastand cummed into her pussy and she was moaning loudly. It was over flowing from her pussy. Then we enjoyed sex in many positions through out the day. We slept only in the late night. Next morning she woke me up with a cup of tea. I woke and surprised to see her only with her semi-transparent sari without blouse and petticoat. Her nipples were visible through it. My dick was erect and pulled off her sari and poured the tea on her boobs and licked it and then we again enjoyed the sex. From that day onwards we banned the dresses inside the house and enjoyed sex daily. Hey readers this is not the end of this story I have more exciting incidents to happen wait for the next part of it.

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