Exhibitionism with my maids daughter

Hi everyone im Ravi,i got transfered to a small town in u.p by my company n have a house in the outskirts of town ,i have a very relaxing job get to office by 11 n its over by 3 or u can say ny time i want i close the office , i have a maid working for me she does nearly all the work from cleaning to cooking she comes home by 3:30 when im back , few days back she asked for leave for a week n said tat her daughter will come i was thrilled thinking of her daugther,nxt day i could’nt really concentrate on my work n kept thinking of her daughter , i got back home n waited for her i was so excited tat i had to jerk off ,then the bell rang n i opened the door ,she was a pretty fem probably in her mid twenties wearing salwaar kurta she looked nice n a bit of red lipstick made her look a bit cheap n that what turns me on, she came in n started working i was having a major hard on again ba thought it would b too soon for some fun ba i moved around wit a budget telling her where things were im sure she must ve noticed it , she was doing the dishes when i asked her “shaadi ho gai teri” n she smiled n said nai hui ,she had a very harami look on her face ,she finished the work n went off .Next day i watched her come from my window n quickly changed into shorts wit out undies, she came n started her work i went n sat on the dining table in such direction so tat she can c my lower limb i was having a massive hard on n my cock was oozing precum she cleaning the floor n came near the table my cock was out from the sides of my shorts n was throbbing ,she saw it i guess n had tat same harami smile on her face my heart was beating very fast think of all this,i did’nt do anything for

Next 2 days cause i wanted it to seem like normal as if nothing happened n it was not intentional,i cldnt control myself n thought of pushing my luck so this day i got bck home n waited on the window so tat i can c her come ,there she was i quickly opened the door so tat she does’nt have to knock n switched on the t.v of my room , i quickly took a filmi magazine n went inside bathroom n jus pushed it so tat she thinks tat im in my room she always did the vessels first n took water from bathroom i heard her come inside n ipulled my sho down n started jerking off i head her come near the bathroom my heart was pounding n she pushed the door open n i was standing there wit my hard cock in my hand n a filmi magazine wit malaika aoras pic she was shocked n cldnt move n her eyes were stuck down i quickly closed the door as if i was caught ba boy it was the bes day of my horny life i came out very serious n saw her work in the kitchen i took 500 rs note n went to her n said “rachcho(her name) ye lo aur plz kisi ko kuch bolna nahi she looked at me n smiled shyly n said nai saab nai chaiye par tum mat ghabrao mei kisi ko nai booloongi, ba i insisted n said nai plz lelo mujhe achcha lagega n she took the money, my cock was hard i had to something bout it , she was sitting down n was washing the dishes i went to her n stood at her back n said rachcho tum se kuch kehna hei , she looked back n said mujhe maloom hei kya kehna hei ,i was shocked to hear tat “bolo kya kehna hei mujhe,tere ko kaise maloom, bata kya hei” she smiled n said “mein pehli baar apne marad ke saath he soungi”i was shocked to hear this she started workin again i took out my cock n said sun to zara n she looked back n my cock was hardly a foot away form her face ,she got up quickly n said saab mein aisi ladki nai hun aur agar aap kuch karne ki koshish ki to mein chilla doongi i got scared n aplogised n went off ,i was scared tat she will tel her relatives i wld b a dead man n was hoping tat she wont come back tmrw.Next day she was here again n this time she had some makeup on her i was hard as ever she smiled n started her work i was sitting n was watching t.v ,she was cleaning the floor “saab 300 rupai ki zaroorat hei,aap denge kya ,tankhua mein se kaat lena”i

Looked at her n said ruko deta hun i went to my room n came back wit a 500 note n gave it her ye lo aur aise he rakh lo tankhua mei nai katoonga ,she took the money n went to kitchen to cook food ba i had enough ,i was sure tat she wants it i went to kitchen wit a big tent in my shorts she saw me n looked down n before i cld say anything she said “chudai nai karwaoongi baaki jo karna ho kar lo saab” i was thrilled i qiuckly went to her n held her boobs ,boy they were firm n took out my hard cock ,she held it n started playing wit it n started jerking me off it was sticky ,then she knelt n kissed my cockn started sucking it i tell u it was a perfect suck as i was bout to come i took out my cock n she jerked it till i came all over her lips n cheeks , n since then i always get a helping hand from her .

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