The Day I Become Sex Slave

Hi everybody I am Lisa my age is 18 years old and I am a good looking girl with a good figure my friends joke that I am very cute and sometimes they feel like having sex with me but I never thought of any lesbian sex even I had never had a friend who thought so. I finished my plus2 and was planning of joining a prestigious college since I was good in studies and had almost 95% marks it was easy to get admission.

This was the first time I was going to stay in a hostel since i had always studied near my home town so I was excited as well as a little afraid. The day came when I was to go to the college that is the first day of the college. It was a good college with plenty of facilities and good surroundings. I and my class mates had little bit of ragging experience in the college but I was happy with the experience as nothing bad happened all was well and the senior girls as well as boys were rather good with us.

Little did I know what was in store for me after the first day in the college was over me and some of my friends who were in the hostel went to our hostel. Our hostel was big with plenty of rooms and I had heard that the girls were given freedom here so it was very common for the senior girls to come to our rooms and sometimes even share our rooms during studies in each room there were four beds for junior students where as the senior.

PG students were rather well off with single rooms with only two beds. Here at the hostel I met a senior girl called Nina and her roommate was Richa. Nina was extremely beautiful with a figure like goddess i must say even some girls admired her Richa was also good had a terrific figure but not as good as Nina here I came to know that there was more ragging only for students of hostel and more over it was Nina who ordered things around here it was her rule that every new girl should spend one day in their seniors room.

And make them enjoy like singing, dancing sometimes washing their clothes and finishing their assignments this went on for a full year and nobody complained ad they treated there juniors with care. The first day Nina announced that the next day she would tell which senior pair owned which junior. This all procedure happens after our warden falls asleep so the meeting was fixed for the next day 11’o clock.

The next day all the girls were asked to come to seniors floor as this year the number of junior students were exactly correct for the seniors there was no tension of any junior being left out. We all assembled in the senior floor. Richa came and asked us to stand in a line then Nina came she started closely watching each and every one of us and started distributing us among the seniors my heart began to pound vigorously thinking of whom I was going to be allotted when my turn came.

She watched me very intensely I could not keep looking into her eyes and looked down Nina went to Richa and said something in her ears and they both laughed and then she announced that I was hers to keep. I looked up and saw a smile spread across her face after the distribution was over every senior pair started talking to their juniors and telling them what to do i was astonished to see Nina taking no interest in me I was rather relived the night faded away without any excitement further.

Days passed and i began to hear of the encounters of juniors with their seniors what all they had to do each junior was called to sleep one day with their seniors and at night the seniors kept them awake making them do things like massaging their feet or writing their assignments like that I was happy as none of them were afraid of the seniors but I was never called on I was rather relived and as well as tensed about this and then one day after nearly two months in college on the way back to hostel


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