Lesbian seduction

I was sitting on the corner, watching around peoples looking what they r doing, Then i say a women approaching me. I looked at her 1st, …..

I looked and saw the most beautiful woman i had ever seen. She was superb. Long silky honey-blond hair that went to her hips, thin eyebrows, lustful green eyes, an elegant pointed nose, round lips that seemed to be locked in a constant pout and an angular face set on a long neck. She was 5″6, quite tall for a woman, had a 36b chest, a slim and somewhat muscular figure and legs that kept every guy’s attention. She was, simply put, statuesque.

She was georgious. I loved the way she walked. She almost seemed to glide. Her long, slender tanned body was so graceful and delicate.

As i was putting things away i couldn’t help looking at her and thinking how attractive she was.

Hi i m teena, i hear a beautiful voice,

Hi i m reeta, u can call me reet.

Nice to see u. Same here, can i sit there if u dont mind? Oh sure, actually i saw u that u r sitting here in the corner, i think u dont have any interest in these kind of parties. My only reply ya.

So we start chit chat she offer me hard dring i wish if she is with me in my room with this dring surely i fuck her pussy with my 4 fingers. Hellow reet where r u? I asked just hard drink, oh i m sorry ya sure as we continue talking about each other this lead almost 1 hour of conversation, when i heared my dad voice, reet lets get back to home, she smiles latter at the end of the party we became good friends. She gave me her visiting card, i offered her for a dinner in my house, which she accepted.

She was talking in a business like tone. Latter i know that she was md in dad’s company.

I notice what a great body she had. She couldn’t have been any older than 26, then we met on dinner in my house, after that she mostly used my house for tention free weekend.

After 3 months this will happend, since we became reallygood friends, she trust me alot. During these 3 months we had fun, touching each others which leads to a magical night,

She had attended a business conference and looking tired she decided to come at my house for some extra rest. She called me & asked wether i m free she want some rest in my house, (bcz she knows, if she went her home, she cant take rest)

Reeta can u plz pick me from airport, m waiting for u. Sure i will be there in 10 mintue. Then i picked her from air port, she was looking too much tired,

Teena howzz ur confrence? It was nice reet, u r looking tired? Yes reet i need some rest in silence. Sure my house is best u can rest as long as u want.

We reached our destination just after seven o’clock in the evening.

My bedroom was large with a beautiful view over the hillside and we settled in quite easily and chatted away, mostly about her business & confrence.

I decided to have a shower, before we went to eat. When i came back into the main area of the room i was wearing only a bath towel. I wanted a change of clothes for the evening. I could see teena watching me as i dropped my towel to pull on my thong. I felt sure she was looking at my breasts. Reet shame on u. Y teena? U r not a kid, & u r not a male, u r just a female like me, i bounce my boobies, besharam kahean ki, i kissed her cheek, wats rong with this.

I’ve had a long day and am going to take a shower,” she whispered into my ear.

Teena wat u like in dinner? I need some thing hot & spicy. Ok, after the dinner, i asked her r u still feelig tired? Yes, want a massage? I never had before, oh come on teena come with me on my bed. 1st in my room i took some cold water from the fridge that is in front of my bed. We both in nightgowns & ofcourse panti bra.

I asked teena what sort of massage u wanted – firm or soft – wat do u mean reet. Nothing kidding baby, it had been her first massage. She had been nervous. I asked so she reply, i cant imagine that u never had massage before, y so, just forget this.

Teena watched through the mirror in front of me as i arranged oils and lotions on the small table next to the bed.

Can i take off ur gown? Is this imp..? Yes teena with out this i cant do. Ok. Then i pushed her gown now she is laying on bed.

Oh teen god damm u r georgious, besharam jalde kar, i m feeling guilty.

Teena just looked at me in the mirror. In a minute, i thought, i gave massage to this beautiful girl.

“would you like oil or powder to start with?” i asked. “powder,” teena reply. I knew she loved when i put powder on her body.

She is in panti bra. I shake the powder on her shoulders. Then my hands began their journey over teena’s body. My hands worked as magic. “are you cold?” i asked. “no,” teena reply, “just nervous.” “no reason for that,” i said, “i am going to make you forget all about being nervous.” my hands continued their journey, gently massaging teena’s back. Teena began to relax. I knew what i was doing.

“you are giving me chills,” teena said. “that’s good. I am supposed to give you chills, baby, “i said.

Now teena i get to introduce you to the beautiful art of lesbian massage.”

“there you go again,” i said. “see, just thinking about it makes you quiver. That’s what it is, you know. You are quivering because you can’t wait for what i am going to do to you. And you are beautiful, which makes it something special.”

“do you give a lot of women massages? Yes teena i do, thats y u r so expert.

“thank you,” teena said. “i was watching you in the mirror and thinking how beautiful you were.”

Tnx teena tnx god u realized, “i know. I saw you. I knew you were watching me. That’s why i took a little longer to arrange my oils. I knew you liked what you saw.”

Teena put her head down on the pillow. I began again with powder massage. My hands started above teena’s hips and gently worked their way down to the legs. Teena tensed, sensing that my hands would soon move to her tighs. Then the hands were gone, moving abruptly, down to teena’s legs. Teena silently wished i would come back up to her hips.

But then i trailed my nails on the inside of teena’s thighs. Without thinking, teena lifted her hips and opened her legs. Then my hands were away from that area again. No, she thought, go back to my thighs! But i moved on to her calves, then her feet. I had teena’s toes in my mouth. Teena felt her wetness begin to envelope her center. I licked between each toe, slowly sucking.

Teena pushed me near to her, she start kissing my lips, i m going to mad. Do it wat ever u want,

But i want u do 1st wat can u do with my body, we both on bed in panti bra,

U had ever with men? I m married reet. Oh my god teena i never saw ur hubby, he is no more? I felt sorry about that stupid question,

Get back to rythm, i asked her.

“you must masturbate a lot then,” yes i do, but i scared u know i m a very popular, so i scared about scandles. Dont worry trust me, u never feel guilty with me.

She took a deep breath and looked at me deep in my eyes, she was offering me come on, i cant wait

Teena stood up slowly, pressing her own body against the soft, inviting me:

“how many girls have you been with?” I asked, still trying to catch my breath.

“not many,” she replied, “but you are by far the best.” How u can say? Reet ur massage explain every thing.

Her soft hands started to stroke my back and arms and my skin quivered with pleasure.

My own emotions and feelings were all mixed up. Sitting naked (panti bra) and holding such a beautiful girl had my heart pounding, my nipples were on fire and i could sense the strong sexual chemistry between us.

Teena pushed me down and lay on top of me, rubbing my body against her. She then pushed her leg up between mine and started shifting around so our vaginas were rubbing against one another’s in pantees. After several minutes of this, then she unhooked my bra sucking my nipples, pressing my boobs hard & hard, then she un hooked her bra also, she is now rubbing nipples against each anothers. I was feeling in heaven. She kissed me hard on my nipples, then kiss my lips, then we start exploring each other mouth with our tongue.

She sat up down and ran her fingers along the edge of mine panti. I jumped in shock and tried to sit up, but she pushed me back down. “you’ll love this,” teena smiled as she rubbed my pussy through the cotton material. I moaned and looked at the ceiling as teena slowly pulled down my panties. I could feel the cool air against my wet pussy as teena slowly pulled apart my legs.

“nice cunt!” she exclaimed as she blew onto it, sending down my body. I then felt teena’s hand fully against my pussy, moving up and down. I felt strange excitement as teena’s finger entered my pussy and starting slowly moving in and out. Then she put her tongue in my pussy, sucking my cunt, bite on my pussy lips, it was so excited, i was moaning shoutly. Ah oh yes teen do it do ithard & fast, oh god get me out of this etc etc

“you have such a nice tight pussy,” teena exclaimed. ”

“wonderful,” teena cried out as she inserted another finger. With her other hand, she started rubbing my clit. I started writhing with pleasure on the bed. Quickened her pace as she felt my cunt start to tighten with orgasm. As i convulsed, she shoved three fingers as far into mine as she could, my orgasm finally passed, and i start to get up, but she shoved her down again and pushed her legs as wide apart as she could.

“not yet,” she hissed, as she brought her face down between my legs. I sucked in a breath as she felt, i felt again her tongue running up and down my clit.i could not believe this was happening! As she ran her tongue over my clit, she inserted two fingers into my hole, bringing them in and out, and then taking the juices and rubbing them to my tight asshole.

“ready for something amazing?” she asked?

Before i could respond, she slowly pushed a finger into my asshole. I jerked from this strange feeling as teena’s finger invaded this area. She brought her finger out slowly and then pushed it in as far as she could, while her tongue darted in and out of my pussy and her other hand brushed over my clit. This sent me over the edge, and i convulsed in a monster orgasm.

“now do me,” teena demanded. Taking a deep breath, take a rest then. After few mintues.

I need to piss, ha piss do it in bed. No i cant, reet do it i m asking u do it, no teena i cant, in this i feel i already done this in my bed. Oh no that was discasting. I love this reet,

We start again with hard kissing for few mintues, exploring our mouths with tonuges.

I slowly got up, still recovering from what teena had done. Teena spread out on the bed, putting a leg on either side of mine. “don’t worry about foreplay – just make me happy,” teena whispered.

I reluctantly placed my hand on teena’s pussy while we r still kissing each other lips. To her amazement, it was extremely exciting! I ran my hand up and down teena’s pussy, and then inserted a finger slowly.

“faster!” she exclaimed, starting to breathe harder.

Then my lips went ovet teena’s brest, i put my both hands on her boobies, pressing them hard, rubbing her nipples in my i finger & thumb, then i place my lips onto her nipples, biting her nipples, pressing her boobs leads teena to excite ment. Then i pushed down teena’s panti,

Teena groaned as my fingers threaded their way through her pussy hair towards her secret depths. I touched her cunt lips and they yielded to my gentle pressure and opened up to the moistness beneath.

“don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried out.

“lick me,” teena sighed, pulling her legs wide apart and exposing her very wet pussy to me.

One finger slipped into her and the inside of her cunt felt like liquid velvet. I moved slowly in and out trying to give her the pleasure she wanted and needed.

I moved our position on the bed so that her legs could spread wider apart and i sat between them watching as my lubricated finger pushed its way deep into her as far as i could go. Then 2nd & 3rd with my 1st 1st finger in & out hard & fast.

As i withdrew my finger i pulled all of the way out to feel her clit. As expected it was hard.

“don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she pleaded again.

I placed fingers at the top of her pussy lips and pulled them apart and then pushed back the hood of her clit. Spreading my fingers further her pinkish-red pearl was now on display.

I lowered my head to flick her hardness with my tongue.

She screamed out, “oh my god, oh my god.”

I inserted 3 fingers fully into her cunt so i could rub the front walls of her vagina. As i did so i began to suck lightly on her clit. She was so hot and was groaning and moaning with pleasure. Her hands were rubbing her tummy and then up to her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her dark brown nipples. Her pelvis was pushing up to meet my mouth as i continued sucking. She was now beyond control, as i sucked slightly harder pulling her clit between my teeth.

Suddenly she screamed out again, “oh god, what’s happening. Help me, help me.”

Her finger nails were digging into her tits, her cunt tightened on my fingers and then she let out a wailing noise as she climaxed, her body shuddered and as i lifted my head i could see her tits bouncing and her stomach rippling with pleasure.

My two fingers remained inside her and i continued to rub and encircle the front wall of her vagina.

“hold me, hold me”, she said.

I shuffled up the bed and lay next to her, our tits rubbing together and her hands went round me to squeeze me tightly to her. My fingers were still deep in her cunt and she put one leg over mine so that i could continue fingering her.

She was so sensitive i felt sure she would come again as i continued playing inside her honey pot. She whimpered, a strange sound left her lips and i felt her nectar pouring onto my hand as she came once more.

“i love you, i love you,” she whispered.

Her lips moved to my breasts and she sucked on my nipples in turn.

“i love you,” she said again.

She snuggled into my chest and fell asleep.

Baby wat happend? Just wait,

We start kissing again.

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