First Encounter With Sweet Swathi

Hi all,

This a lengthy story of my first experience and proceed to go further only if you have patience to read everything in detail.

This is vinesha, born and bought up in hyderabad. I am 27 years old now working in bangalore with an mnc. I came to this city due to some issues with my boy friend and family and wanted to stay away from them for some time. I took a transfer in same company and moved here. When I came here first time, I was having lot of mixed feelings as I never stayed away from home(except for outings with friends) and luckily with one of my friend I was able to find a decent pg near whitefield. I asked them for any apartment, but in bangalore it would cost very much for a single to bear it and also we need to pay lot of advance. Also she is my school friend has told me that her roomie was leaving in 2months and I can join them. So I thought to stay in that pg for two months.

I have arrived that place around 7, paid money to the owner there and I was given a room shared with one more girl as there were no single rooms available. I was hesitant first, but had no choice, and I convinced myself as it is close to office and also looked good. That night I just unpacked my stuff, arranged in cupboard, had shower and went for dinner. My roommate is not there when I came and I got to know from the pg owner that few girls went for some movie that evening and might return late night.

I had my dinner and slept and did not see my roommate that time. Morning by the time I woke up, I saw someone sleeping in the beside bed, I was scared by seeing someone suddenly in room, but also did not know how she came in without sound. I got up from bed and had shower and came out, and she was also awake by that time. She introduced herself as swathi. She looked very beautiful and perfect figure (mind that I am a girl and am still appreciate others :p). During our conversation I got to know that we both work in same company and same office. I am happy to hear that I have a company to go and come to and from office. Her usual timings are in afternoon shift, but today she told she will come with me in morning to show the office and also to give company. I was happy for that. She came out of the bed, and she was in a very tiny shorts, and her legs and thighs are milky white. She came down from the bed and stretched herself. I felt jealous seeing her body :p I assumed she might be 34 24 32. I also have almost same sizes and I do daily exercise to maintain them. This was the first time I saw a woman and felt a strange feeling towards her.

We got ready and went to office. Evening I am back by 7pm..And she used to come by 10. Slowly I started going little late to office as the office timings are not strictly monitored. We both became very close in 2 weeks and I started to join their other friends group for movies shopping etc.
We started to share our personal things also with each other, about her family background etc, and at that time I got to know that she also got cheated once by her boyfriend long back(during her 12th), from then she never trusted in any guys who asked for relationship.

One day my beside roommates has told me that tomorrow is her birthday and they wanted to plan a surprise party for her at midnight. I was also excited for it and we planned cake and some snacks etc. They also have drinks occasionally and they have planned for drinks also that night. The next day morning I came early from office, also the other 3 girls, we bought all the food and drinks( 2 big wine bottles and 1 vodka bottle :p). We kept it in their room so that she would not see them. Their room also had fridge, so the cake was also safe from spoiling.

Swathi came from office around 10, had her dinner and we started to chit chat in the other room only. We did not talk anything about the next day(her birthday), and was talking all general things. When it was about 1130, she told she is feeling sleepy and she told she will go to our room. I asked her to wait sometime and I told I will also come etc., she agreed and sat and were talking. Around 5mins to 12, we made her divert, took cake out and put candles on and lights off. She was very surprised and happy , we made her cut the cake and put all over the face to her. And suddenly one of them went and brought the drinks that we bought.

She was surprised to see so many bottles, and we told that we 5 are gonna finish them tonight. She was surprised and went to wash her face. Suddenly the three of them caught her and put cake inside the tshirt and pressed her from top of it..So that cake gets completely on her stomach and boobs. I was surprised by this as I dint know that they will do it. She shouted at them (not seriously) and went to have a shower. I understood that the other two girls are very naughty ones and always had crazy ideas. They were discussing to have truth or dare or cards game with some bet whole night.

Swathi had shower and came to the room where we four are waiting. She looked very fresh and she wore the small shorts that she used to wear only during the sleep. We poured our first round of wine, by wishing swathi again for her birthday.

We were chatting and drinking and after third round of wine, one of them told we shall have a vodka shot just with slat without missing anything. With already 3 glasses of wine we are feeling the effect of it and all said ok. We all had one shot each, and then immediately one other. All of us were feeling high now and all started to talk loudly.

We started to play cards and also wine in between and continued it till 2am. Both wine bottles were completed and we were feeling too high. I told we will go to our room and sleep now, also swathi said same, but other 3 had asked us to sleep in their room only. We said it will not be comfortable and moreover our room is beside only, and we got up, and a thud sound, swathi fell down. We ran to her and lifted up, she said she is alright, but we know that she is totally out and me and other girl made her walk with her hands on our shoulders. Once we came to room we made her sit in bed, and the other girl left to her room. I closed the door and put bolt for it and came back. I went to wash room and washed face and came back.

I asked her to sleep and made her lie back, she caught me also and pulled back with her and we both fell on bed, me ok top of her with our legs down. She hugged me tight and asked me to sleep with her only. I did not know what to say and told ok, thinking that I can go to my bed once she fell asleep. She was hugging little tight and we are in such a position that our boobs are pressing each other and face very close to each other . She had closed her eyes only and doing this, but my eyes were open.

After 3/5 mins in that position, I started to have a strange feeling, due to pressing of boobs( which reminded me of my boy friend at my home place). I realised that I am getting tempted to swathi in this position, and she suddenly opened her eyes. She is also just staring at me, our faces so close to each other, and hugging , felt like kissing her , but I don’t know how it would be and how she would take. Seeing her eyes, I felt she also had same feeling.

We both were seeing each other and came more close and started slowly smooching each other. It felt very nice to kiss a girl, very soft and smooth and we started to such each other’s lips . We lifted our legs up into bed and started hugging more tight and kissing .

I felt very good and came to good mood and started my hands to rub all over her back, and she also starting doing same. She is little smaller than me, so I was able to easily grab her ass, and I started pressing her ass and kissing. She started to press my boobs and I am out of the world and I could feel that nipples are erect and trying to come out of bra and tshirt.

I now inserted my hand inside her short and could feel her ass over her panty, and started to press it. We did that for sometime and she suddenly put her hand from front into my shorts, and her had directly slipped into panty and touched my pussy. Sudden jitters came over my spine and I felt sudden tickle. I started to kiss her more vigorously now and she started to rub over my clean shaved pusey.

She suddenly stopped and said that she wanted to pee. I said ok, and we got up from bed. She was still not able to walk steadily, so I went with her only till washroom and asked her to not to close the door. She said ok, and went it. I could here her pee and again water sounds. I was feeling very excited about what we are doing and wanted to do it completely.

She came out after few mins. I saw that she washed her face, wiped cleanly and came out without shorts but only panty on her. I asked her where is her panty and she said, I think it would be off my body in sometime eventually, so why waste that time. We both were seeing each other and had a cunning smile. I was starting at her milky white thighs and pulled her to me and started kissing again and hugged. I realised that she removed her bra also and she also had her nipples erect. She just had a thin tshirt and panty, over which I can feel her entire body.

We were kissing and walked to our bed and both of us lay on bed. I kept my hand inside her tshirt and started pressing her boobs, and they are very soft and started playing with my hands inside some time. She kept her hands inside my panty again, and started to rub again. I realised that already juices are coming out of me.

I have seen that her dizziness is gone a bit. I also now put my hand in her panty and started rubbing her. She also had a clean shave and juices started coming out. She suddenly came over me, pulled off my tshirt and slowly removed bra and started to lick my nipples. I was out of the world and was feeling very good. Slowing she stared to such my boob also, one after other, amazing it was. I also pulled off her tshirt and I could see her soft white boobs hanging while she is sucking mine. I started to caress them softly while she is sucking mine.

She stared to look into my eyes and started to kiss my tummy and belly button and stared going down slowly. She pulled down my short and panty in a single go as they are elastic only. She stared giving kisses slowly on the shaved area of pussy and kissed it also. She then pulled my shorts completely off me and made me spread my legs and kept her head between and slowly she kept her finger inside my pussy. I was in a shock, excited and many mixed feelings and she started to keep 2 fingers now . I felt amazing now. After few mins when my juices are coming out , she cleaned it and started to lick over pussy slowly.

She started to play her tongue over my pussy and sometimes tried to insert inside also. She did this sometime and also squeezing my boobs also. After sometime she signalled me also to do the same .

I wanted to tease her, so instead of sucking or licking her , I went directly to her foot and started to kiss her . I came to her knees and started to lick her milky white thighs and kiss them. I was licking her slowly and reached her panty. I kissed over her panty and rubbed over it. She showed me to lick her inside . I said no, and went up and starring licking her nipples and started to suck her soft boobs. I was also rubbing her pussy and she is fingering mine. I made her lie back and stared to kiss her back and going down slowly . I slapped her ass slowly and pushed her panty sideways and kissed it. I gave a small bite over it.

I turned her again towards me and I went in 69 position and now I pulled her panty down. She also had her juices out. I started licking her pussy and inserting my finger also into it. I slowly started to suck and like her pussy and she also is doing the same. Both are on cloud 9 and we were moaning also. We suddenly realized and kept our voices slow and started back out the action. We did this for about 15/20 mins and we both came out and we lay in that position only exhausted. We felt like having more wine that time

After some time we came back to our normal positions and we started to hug each other with our legs locked in each other and put pussys rubbing each other, we were kissing each other and rubbing our pussy, from slow movement to it went like vigorous movements.

We were pressing boobs, kissing each other and rubbing our body to each other till we cum over each other again.

We were totally exhausted and when I saw the time it is almost 530am. We smiled at each other and kissed again and slept by hugging tight nude and covering a blanket.

I woke up at 730am and she was still sleeping. I am enjoying her soft body hug, her thighs, and boobs. She also woke up at some time and we kissed each other again.

Now in the morning after the drunk effect is gone, we both don’t want to walk nude in the room
So we both decided to get up same time hugging and waking together sometime. We just wrapped towels and had brush and we thought to have a bath together.

When we were about to go, a beside room girl knocked the door. Swathi suddenly ran into the bath room, and I put on clothes and we did not speak anything till then. After 4/5 times of knocking she called to my mobile and by that time I dressed up my last night dress and opened the door. I acted like I just woke up with her call. She just came to know if everything is alright. I said yeah, last night was fun and swathi was having a shower. Once she does I will also have and we can go for beak fast.
She left then and swathi asked from inside what if she left and she told that she heard what we spoke.

She opened the door and asked me to come in, I said not now as some or other will come to the room and I also should go to the office in some time and told that we both will have her birthday party again tonight. She smiled and closed the door.

Later we had few more times and also we had once under shower also. After two months, when I am shifting, I asked her also to join our apartment that I moved in now and she also came with me.

I would share these later again with you all.

I hope you liked my first experience, even it is lengthy since I. Described everything in detail that I remembered.

Give me your feedback’s or suggest me any crazy tips on my mail [email protected]

Have a nice day !!

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