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Hello ISS readers. I am Deepak from Mumbai who wishes to share the most wonderful moment of his life with u all.

After my 12 Std. my parents thought of sending me outside Mumbai for further studies, but due to consistent drop in health especially during the previous 2 years my parents resisted the decision. My family consisted of my father, mother (Usha), elder sis (Suchitra), myself and my younger brother who was an year older to me. My father due to his job requirement had to quite often visit the foreign countries, which meant that it would be my mom who would more often than not taking care of us. Once when my father said that he will visiting China, he suggested us to visit some place outside Mumbai as this time he will take at least a month to return. I immediately suggested that we must visit Goa and so everyone agreed. After my father left we booked the next train to Goa and also informed the travel agent to book a hotel near the beach.

We all checked-in the hotel at 5 in the evening and decided to visit the tourist attractions in and around the city the next day. The next day we all got up early and visited a Church and had sea food in a good restaurant. We came to the room in the evening. It was a cottage kind a room with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. My brother and myself were allotted a room near to the main door and the female members had selected the room near to the hallway.

After having our dinner we decided to take a walk near the beach. It was a pleasant sight with the moon’s rays falling directly on us. As it was some where around 11:00 so it was difficult to find human beings nearby.

After some time I don’t know what struck my mind I decided to take a bath and shared my idea with my elder sis. She told me to ask mom. Mom was walking behind me and my sis and so I turned back asked. She disagreed!!! After 5 min I asked her again and before she could give a reply I ran near to the bank of the beach and striped to my undies.

As wave after wave crashed in to my body I was relishing the opportunity. Soon I saw that even my younger brother came near the beach and took off his clothes and came inside the beach. We both were enjoying every moment of it. After seeing us in such a mood the ladies too decided to give us company and not surprisingly they came in with their clothes on. After enjoying the beach bath for nealy around half an hour we decided to rush to the room. Me and my brother were walking in the undies and the ladies were completely wet and their gowns were sticking to their bodies.

My brother took the shower first and came back immediately. To my bad luck the my brother had accidentally broke the pipe and the hot water started leaking. So I requested my mom to allow me to take bath in their room for which they did. I thought of a master plan. I knew that they are going take bath in hot water and there won’t be enough hot water after some time so I ran on the shower. After some ten minutes they asked me to come out. I didn’t replied for which they started screaming and banging at the door. I shouted from inside that there was some problem in the pipe and while fixing a considerable amount of hot water has been lost. Terrified by my reply they asked for some suggestion. I knew that fortune favors the brave and so I said that after finding the leak I had switched to cold water so that I can stays for u both but now I don’t think it is going to last for all three of us so wat I suggest is that perhaps we should make full use of the available resource by taking bath together. To my utter surprise they both agreed and asked me to open the door. First my sister came in. She was wearing a dark color gown and than my mother who was wearing a pink color gown. We all stood together beneath the shower.

I made another bold move. I said to my mom that as ur gown is already wet perhaps it will better take it off otherwise u may have an asthma attack. Mom first hesitated and than she obeyed. She was in her black colored bra and panties. Turned on by the magnificent view I removed my undies almost instinctively and they were shocked to see my monster dick saluting them. Soon my sister undid her gown and lingerie and she was standing completely naked in front of us.

I went ahead and kissed my sister in her lips and this went on till I started squeezing her firm boobs. Seeing us in such an erotic position mom joined us and she started licking my sisters left boob while gently guiding my hands to her swollen breasts. I t went on for some time wherein I was kissing my mom and my sister was playing with my mom’s boobs.

After that we came out and shared a laugh and went into sleep.

Remainder of the story will be posted to u shortly.

What did you think of this story??


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