Watching My Mother

By : Sexist80

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Hello to all ISS readers. I am Dhiraj Sharma currently living in Delhi. This site was introduced to me by a colleague. I have been reading stories on this website for a few weeks now and have decided to share my story. Many stories posted on ISS seem to be real, not sure about them but I truly enjoyed many incest stories and was finally over the guilt of having feelings for my mother and other relative women.

I got to know that it is common and is a normal, natural fantasy.  Well, this story is hundred percent true and I was shocked the day it happened but surely got a kick out of it. My father is a government official and we have lived in Bikaner (Raj) for more than a decade. It happened when I was in 10th standard. It was a colony of about 10 families scattered among different plots. One of the families that used to live across our house was a Jain family.

The old couple and their young son and daughter- Deepak and I don’t remember the name of the girl at this moment. Deepak was around 6 feet tall in his late 20s and had dark black complexion. He uses to drive an auto rickshaw but with monthly fixed customers, more or less like a private taxi. My mother Sarita, was 40 years old at that time and use to wear sari with petticoat and blouse with hooks in the front.

She was around 5 feet tall and while washing clothes, cleaning the house, sitting in the bed watching TV in the afternoon, she always had her sari pallu falling down every now and then, may be because she was careless, or of the heat, or she felt comfortable that way, but I always had those huge 36D boobs in my face, while going to school in the morning and right after coming back.

It was okay until I became 18 and had sexuality grow inside me, but it seemed that my mother didn’t bother if her pallu was down and her cleavage was all visible up to deep inside.

A lot of my friends used to visit my place and I could make out that some of them liked staring at my mom’s breasts and cleavage. It used to be embarrassing and I always tried to get out of the house with my friends as soon as possible.  It was a summer afternoon. My school had finished and I was supposed to join class 10th in a few days.

I, Deepak and other few used to play cricket outside as a routine and one day after the play, Deepak (I used to call him Deepak bhaiya) and I were talking outside the gate of my house when he said if he could get a glass of water. I asked him to come inside the house and we sat in the middle drawing room which had a dining table and a small bed.

Its while we were sitting in the chairs, mom came and sat on the bed and started normal chatting and I was afraid if she would again be unaware of the pallu and let it drop, and that’s when it dropped, revealing her giant boobs and kiss-ass cleavage. Deepak was glancing at her boobs while responding to her chit chat.

I could never understand why she was careless about the way she dressed, but just to give you a little background, she is from a village in Utter Pradesh, and was married to my father when she was 18 and was just out of school.

She is a peaceful woman who always agreed with my father in everything without questioning. Every morning, after my father would leave for work at 9, she would clean the house, wash clothes, take a bath and used to come out of the bathroom wearing blouse and petticoat, generally of the matching color.  This scene was so normal to me as it used to happen everyday, but may be my mother never got to know when to stop doing so in front of sexually growing adolescent.

Anyways, I never imagined about her while masturbating, though I used to picture other mature women of our colony and jerk off once in a while. Deepak, once got the visual treat kept coming back for more. He could come to my house at 10 in the morning and play video games with me or watch movies on the local channel and lust on my mother’s body whenever he could. In a few days, I also became normal and pretty used to it.

One day my father asked me to accompany him to his office and come back with the scooter to take my mother to some place for urgent shopping. My father got late that day and we left at 10 am. I came back home at around quarter to eleven, parked the scooter outside the house, and went inside.

As soon as I crossed the first room, I heard a weird sound of someone groaning, and as I reached at the door of the last room which was parents bedroom, I saw Deepak had groped my mother from back and had his left hand cover my mother’s lips not to let her shout, and right hand squeezing her boobs one by one.

My mom was in just the blouse and petticoat and probably was just out of shower. He was trying to kiss her on the neck and earlobes, and she was trying to get free. I instantly moved back and took the side of the wall, and entered just my head into the room.

I was not able to understand whether to try to protect my mom or what to do next. My legs trembled as I peeped again into the room. I got an instant & the hardest ever hard on seeing my mother like that with Deepak. He then unhooked the blouse from the front with his right hand, and maybe slipped his left hand when my mother said, Deepak beta, ye kya he didn’t let her speak any further and placed his hand again on her mouth.

Deepak was also constantly moving his lower abdomen, rubbing his dick into the petticoat and the ass crack that was visible from over the petticoat. That was the day, when I got to know that my mother never wore any panties. Actually, village woman don’t usually do that, so she wasn’t an exception.  After about five minutes of that force-play, It seemed that my mother gave in and stopped resisting, maybe thinking o finish it quick so no one sees it or to enjoy a new cock.

Deepak constantly kept saying to her that, Aunty I love you, I love you, aapke boobe (pronounced bobey) dekh kar main pagal ho gaya hoon, please karne do, please karne do aunty, please karne do which my mother, I think enjoyed after a while.  She first moaned when Deepak suddenly turned her and took the left nipple in his mouth squeezing the other boob with no gentleness. With an Aaah, she grabbed deepak’s head with both hands.

I could see her buttocks right now and could only imagine what Deepak would have been doing to her boobs.  Deepak, then got up straight and lifted her in his arms, he was quite powerful enough to pick up a 65 -70 kg woman like that. It was a weird yet very horny scene, when he turned to throw her onto the bed. I got the full view of her wonderful boobs with really big black nipples.

My mother was lying on the bed with her breasts uncovered hanging on each arms side. They were big enough to not fit in one hand. Then he lifted her petticoat up to her waist, making the fat, plumy milky white legs and thighs visible. I never knew she was so white; she had a wheatish complexion, but was so white from inside. My mother’s eyes were closed while he kissed her coughs and thighs and reached the bushy area.

It was full of black hair, and from where I was, I couldn’t see it clearly, but could make out when Deepak opened the lips of her vagina with his left hand fingers. It was an unbearably horny sight as my mother was now moaning louder, with each stroke he made with his right hand in her pussy. In a few seconds, he knelt down and started sucking my mom’s vagina upon which she folder her hands behind her head and helplessly started moving her pelvis (ghand) to and fro.

I am sure my father never did that to her. My mom was all red by the time Deepak got up then opened his half pants, which he generally used to wear and then his underwear, my mother still had her eyes closed. He then took off his t-shirt and became totally nude. I was looking at a fully mature cock for the first time and was instantly turned on by looking at it. It was like a black python, quite thick and around 7-8 inches in length as it was I guess fully erect.

He got close to my mother and while being on his knees held my mother’s hand and placed it on his dick, and started moving it to and fro. My mother upon touching his dick opened her eyes and looked at his dick, I am sure she was looking at a dick like that for the first time.

My father was barely 5 feet and 1 or 2 inches tall and I am sure he didn’t have a dick like that. Deepak now, held my mother’s head from back with her hair and tried to touch his dick to her lips but she resisted for a few seconds until he jerked her hair backwards and with a painful Aaah, my mom’s mouth opened and he slid his cock inside her mouth.

For a minute or so, he tried to push his ways through to her throat and kept moving her head to and fro with his hand, and soon he stopped moving his hand and enjoyed a great blowjob with

My mother’s lips gripping his throbbing cock with every nerve visible on it shining with saliva and his own pre-cum. My mother, with her eyes closed was sucking his cock now with full passion, as I could see, she would slowly start moving her head to and fro until the pink tip of his huge cock was visible and then take it completely inside her throat choking herself.  I could never imagine she could do all, but Deepak was sure enjoying heaven by now.

The cock sucking continued for another 2-3 minutes and Deepak took his dick out of her mouth and asked my mom to lie down on her stomach, which she did, and then he moved his hands under her belly and picked up her pelvis. She also stood up on her elbows and knees and bent her waist down (doggy style) making her pussy clearly visible from the back in between her legs and enormous ass.

Though my mom did not have a slim waist, with age it became all straight, but when she bent down like a bitch, her pelvis turned into a huge ass like a milky white football with a black crack right in between. Deepak held his dick in his right hand and my mother’s waist with left, and started rubbing the pink tip of his penis up and down the ass crack till the pussy. And when my mother couldn’t resist anymore she jerked back and had his cock enter her pussy.

Deepak went crazy in a few strokes and started moaning with my mother. He repeatedly kept saying, Oh, aunty, kya shaandar choot hai aapki, kitni moti ghand hai aapki and increased his speed like a machine. I was standing outside with my dick in my hand jerking off when I heard my mother say aaaaaah Deepak, chod mujhe, aur tez chod. It was the most ecstatic experience to hear her say those dirty words.

I couldn’t control and came instantly. After only 5 minutes of fucking her from behind, my mother came, pushed her body back and threw herself on Deepak.  But he was not satisfied yet, his cock was still erect, and was looking even bigger coming right out of a hot wet pussy. He started to move again, but my mother moved forward and let his dick slip out of her pussy. Kya hua aunty? He whispered as if he was still moaning with pleasure.

Deepak, mera to paani chhoot gaya. My mother replied in a low, tired voice. Koi baat nahin aunty, aap please ghum jao. And my mother obeyed his instruction like a slut and was back on her knees again.  Deepak started rubbing his dick on her ass crack again, my mom asked, beta, kya kar rahe ho? (Beta? I thought, I was your beta, yet u r fucking him). He didn’t answer and kept rubbing his dick on her ass crack up and down.

In a few seconds when her entire ass crack was wet with his pre-cum, he opened the ckeeks of my mom’s ass and placed his cock on her ass hole. By the time she could understand, what he was upto and could protest, he had grabbed her hair with his right hand and her loosely wrapped petticoat around her waist, and with a slight push entered the tip of his cock into my mom’s ass hole. She shouted Deepak, ye kya kar raha hai, mat kar mat kar.

But he didn’t hear anything and kept pushing his dick deeper and deeper into her ass. She was now in pain and expressed it to him. Deepak dard ho raha hai mat kar. But he kept trying slowly until his whole dick was inside my mother’s ass. He stopped for a while and then started moving slowly. He was not able to move fast as it was for sure a virgin ass hole, was very tight and had his cock gripped like a vacuum.

In a minute of lubricating my mom’s ass from inside, he was able to slowly increase the speed of his strokes and soon was on full speed again. With every stroke of his, my mother’s ass pounded and settled at its place and watching it in a continuous motion was the best sight of my life. My mom started enjoying the ass-fucking in a minute or two as she started moving her butt (read ghand) fast trying to match pace with Deepak.

Deepak shot his load inside my mom’s ass in 2 to 3 minutes after entering her ass hole.

I felt terrible after the incident and couldn’t look at my mother for a few days. But within weeks I was okay with the fact that my simple, homely looking, sari wearing mom had become a super hot slut and had all the rights to explore her sexuality. I enjoyed watching Deepak and her fuck several times after that day and Deepak helped me get over the guilt a little bit by giving me all the porno material he had on incest.

Deepak left town after 2 years of that incident and kept fucking my mom until then. I m 28 now and have had the pleasure of having several mature woman. I could never get over my fantasy of mature women. What I learned from the Deepak incident was that if you find a woman like my mother, whom you can figure out that is a peaceful, quite and easy going lady.

Just grope her and fuck her bad.  I have been able to nail down 8 aunties like this and had the most memorable sex sessions.  What happened after Deepak left town is what I will tell you guys in the next post. Let me know if you liked the story, and would want to know more about the true incest experience of my life. I have pictures that I was able to take of her, which I would love to share.  I would love to hear that you jerked off looking at my mom’s picture. Dhiraj Sharma

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