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She started to give him shivers and I always loved to way she is. She is none other than my own mom who is my girlfriend for 18 years. I just want to fuck and at any cost and In this lust my padosi giri helped me. He is a big fucker of girls / ladies and he too have a lust to my mom Gaand and her hairy pussy. She is 45 year lady and fairly Good look and having a very fair complexion. Adding her beauty is two juicy pink lips and two round shaped boobs whereas Giri is six 5’8 robust guys and fairly darken color. I love to see that black cock in my mom pinkish pussy and finally I did succeed in doing the same and so am I. I make mom my own prostitute and fuck her any time anywhere and all thanks to Giri efforts. Here goes to story.

She is having a habit of going for loo in midnight and we two house common share a common toilet and which is without any lock. So, people takes extra care and hand something on handle so everybody knew someone is inside. Anyway I had already passed that secret information to Giri to that she don’t do anything like that in night and he should take the advantage of the same.. She wear only nightie with bra and panty during night and easiest way to fuck any lady. Giri has screwed many pussy with Sari on body and I didn’t have any doubt he make no time to screw that lust pussy and put is cock in her juicy lips. She gone to toilet and as usual she didn’t put anything on the handle

Start urinating , Giri imm. Open up the door with Big Lund in her hand on pretext on loo too. She got shocked to see a Big black cock in front of her mouth and more so Giri having a good view of pink pussy. She imm. Stood up and without saying anything with cuny smile try to hurry up to the room. Giri without keeping her Lund in underwear hold on her and try to kiss her. She slapped her and try to move away from her and Giri imm. Reverted back and put her hand to his lund and yell you bitch, Keep quit otherwise call other members of all family and says “She called me in Midnight for a fuck and keep the door open and without intimation on the handle” . She now realized that she is on wrong foot and her prestige on record and anything can happen, she begged giri to leave her and begged in front of her. This makes Giri Hard on as this is the only time he can dictate the terms on her.

He said only if she allow her to kiss her and suck his cock , he will let her go. She say you can kiss me but sucking is not done as she never done. Giri say Ok and ask her to follow her in his room. In room giri imm. Start kissing here madly on her juicy lips and start pressing her pussy and her big gand. She is helpless and allowing giri to do whatsoever he is looking for. Giri understand the situation and sit on her bed and ask mom to suck in Lund in juicy lips but she say “No”. He said You do it or I call your family members and others as well. She reluctantly takes the same in her mouth and giri start fucking her beautiful mouth and all vigour and in between press her boobs too. I am enjoying the screen from the hole on the door which is made keeping in mine situation like this and when Giri fucks other girls too. She started sucking her like anything and finally he took in cock off and shoots the cum nearby. He imm. Ask her to remove her panty and he wanted to fuck that horny bitch my mom. She said no I have already done you wanted to do , he yells “Kutia lund ki toh pyas bhuj gayi aab choot ki pyas toh buja de” and Put her hand insight her nighitie and remove her panty in one go. She did’t say anything and she is also enjoying the fucking from the robust man with big Lund. He lay her on the bed and remove every piece of cloth from her body and lay upon her and started sucking her melons. She is also moaning now Oh..Oh..Giri leave me pls. Aahhhahhhhh He insert her pussy with his middle finger and set her ready for big session ahead. He is clever pussy fucker and seeing that she is ready to fucking asked her to suck his lund. She imm. Get up started to suck her like anything as she want to see that Big Lund in pussy and request Giri , jaldi karo job hi karma hai koi jag gaya to kya hoga. Giri understand that mom is already become a Randi and want lund in his choot.

Giri said “randi bahut jaldi hai chudne ki aabt to roj he toh lund milaga muft me”. He ask her to sit in doggy style and put he lund in pussy and started pressing her. She is moaning Ooohhh.oouuch. Kute jaldi kar and Giri keep her lund in and out for another 10-15 minutes and keeping saying “Ye kutia le aur under lee , lee rand aur chud”. Wow what a sceen is that , Giri is fucking from her pussy and she is reluctantly enjoy the same. After sometime Giri cum inside her with moan and lay on her and start kissing her again. Giri get up and sit on the edge of the Bed and ask mom to take the lund in her jucicy lips one by one. This time she imm. Takes lund in her mouth and started to give the blow Job for the lifetime. Giri lit the cigratte and keeping a good eye on mom Ass and he is planning to invade her asshole. Giri asked her to take his balls in mouth and position her lund on her cheek and hair. She too got tired and beg “ Pls. Let me go..Bhaut ho gaya aab”.

Giri did’t wanted to miss the golden opportunity boz he knew modest woman like my mom won’t be available for next time for fucking session like this. He says “Jaan, Let me fuck you gaand for once then I leave you as I always dream of fucking the same”. She said “ You have just fucked the same , what else you wanted to fuck as my Husband never fucked in this style. He says “ Jaan, abhi to chut ki chudai ki hai aab teri Gaand marni ha, aab time kharab mat kar aur dubara Ghodi ban Jaa..” He told be to maintain a distance and told “Aaaj aapni maa to Gaand bhi chudte huwae dekh joh aab tak nahi huai hai”. I am more eager to watch this scene , as she is already bend like he wanted to , Giri put his big lund on her ass hole , Now she understood what he meant now. She imm. Change her position and begged “No.No.No , I have never done that and your tool is too big and hard , I don’t do this, do whatever you wanted to do now”. Giri taken a back by this and found no words and she imm.

Stand up and start wearing her panty and bra. Giri catch hold on her and start kissing her lips madly and the same time pressing and boobs and ass and Told mom “ If you don’t let me do my way, I will tell the same to landlord, your husband and your son about the misadventure , then you better be careful and pushed her aside and keep her and keep her bra and panty with himself. He also wore his undergarments and told her “let’s move to your room and wake up your husband and son so both knew your reality. She just fell apart and start begging to him , please,please don’t do this, I am your bhabi. Pls. Don’t , I beg you as I will be ruined in no time. Giri say then let me do my way , she without saying Positioned herself in doggy style and this Time giri kissed her ass and pussy for 10 minutues to take her ready for the final assault. Now she is moaning and screaming , do it, do it, Giri put his big lund on her gaand and imm. Pushed her inside with huge difficulty , she cried and say Oh.Oh.Mar gayi, aaram se, pls. Pls. This is a perfect picture how for mom as she is taking that Big lund in small ass for the first time and pleasure to watch as 9’inch cock is disappearing in her Gaand. He take the pole inside and start ramming like anything for next 3-4 minutes before cumming in her Gaand for the first time. She hardly able to stand and wear nightie and left for the room. As she came outside I open the door with smile and asked “Ho Gaya, I am watching you in action from last 1 hour, you bitch and gave a lesson on morality. She started crying and as expected told me what he wants. I say what you have done with Giri; I love to do with you. She said Ok but tomorrow as she is tired and I gave a deep kiss and press and melons and waited for next day. Love to listen to your comments on how they would have fucked by Horny mom and mom swapping. [email protected]

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