Traditional Mother-In-Law

I have always been fascinated by mature women and I have had experiences with them till I got married and mine was an arranged marriage and my wife was the eldest in a family of 4 daughters and 2 boys. I was a good husband and a good son in law.

My father in law had struggled all his life to bring up his big family all by himself and they being very orthodox wouldn’t send his wife for a job and two years after my marriage my wife conceived and as it is the custom in Kerala

She had to be send away to her place and I am a person with a very high sexual libido and I was getting frustrated as everyone started telling me that since my wife conceived after 2 years and I shouldn’t complicate things by having sex with her and I was at my wits end.

I started watching porn movies and became regular at it. I was staying alone as my younger brother was staying in my parental house and we had to move out after marriage. Towards the mid 8th month of my wife’s pregnancy and I got a call from her father

One evening stating that my wife had heavy bleeding they were moving her to the hospital in my city since the nearest good hospital in their place was in my city. I panicked and rushed to the hospital to find her dad mom and one of her brother’s by her side.

The doctor after examining her declared that she was having an early delivery and could expect it any time. The whole night all of us spend in the hospital. The next day by noon and one of her sister’s came and my brother in law and father in law left with his son telling us to call them when she was due

And ready for the delivery as my father in law had to attend to one of his clients and something which could not be put away. I was dead tired and so was my mother in law. By late evening my sister in law told us both to go home and take some rest and get back by the next day morning.

She also said if there was something she would inform us asap as my house was just few minutes’ drive from the hospital. My mother in law whose name is Shanthi reluctantly agreed and we made our way home. We spoke about my wife’s condition on the way back and nothing much.

She was a typical mother in law nothing great or exciting even so I have never given a second thought about her and being from a very conservative background. I never even used to talk much with her. I knew she was a totally loving and dedicated wife to her husband and the perfect mom to her children.

We reached home soon and I being dead tired fixed myself a couple of drinks as my mom in law was unpacking in the guest room. The drinks soon started having its effect on me and when she called out to me for a towel. I was lost in lust. I picked up a towel from my room and gave it to her.

This was the first time I had a good look at her. She was chubby but she was cute. I knew something strange was happening to me. I was getting a hard on just looking at her. She had a voluptuous body and big breasts and a huge arse.

I gave the towel to her and went out as I was walking out. I had a wicked thought. I wanted to see this conservative lady nude. I was not exactly feeling too brave so I fixed too more drinks and went to the guest room where she was and I could hear the sound of water.

I knew she had started her bath and I don’t know what came over me. I knocked on the bathroom door and the sound of water was still going on so she probably didn’t hear me knock. Now that bathroom room door lock had a problem which I was thinking of getting fixed for over a week but i kept forgetting.


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