The white underwear

My story is called “the white underwear” as the incident narrated took place at time when I really didn’t know that you refer to women’s underpants as panties. It was a few years ago. I was young, and hormones beginning to kick off regularly. My cousins had come down to stay at my place “just for a change”. Their stay was a big change for me for sure. Both were girls and were very lovely. I was particularly attracted, whose name was Anusha. Anusha was thin, about 5’6”. She had an athletic body. Her boobs were not so mature, but pretty cute. The really eye-candy for me was her arse. Her figure was 34-29-37. The curvature on her back-side was really a turn-on for any man. Generally they would sleep with my Mum in a room and I would sleep with my Dad in the other room. The monsoons were at the peak and my parents had to urgently go to Pune for some work. They were supposed to return the same day but it turned out that they would take at least 3 days. I was all alone with my cousins at home. We had lots of fun as we went out for dinner, after an exciting day at the amusement park. Anusha wore a short blue skirt and had frills and a white half-sleeved top.

It was the first time that my eyes could see her long chiseled legs. She did catch staring at her body at least 3 -4 times during that day. During dinner time the two sisters were sitting in front of me at the table. While having dinner, my ring fell down and as I went down the table to pick it up, I saw Anusha had her legs spread innocently, and I got to get a view of her WHITE UNDERWEAR. I pretended to search for the ring a little more, though I had already spotted it. That night we followed the same ritual of sleeping in separate rooms. As I went to sleep, I noticed white underwear hanging in the bathroom and I could bet my life on it that it was Anusha’s underwear. As the night went on, I tossed in my bed thinking of Anusha. I gathered courage and got the underwear with me into my room and closed the door. It was really white and soft. Soft underwear for a soft arse I thought. I felt it all over and found it to be little wet in a place. I smelt it and I got a sexual high. I used to love to masturbate on my hard pillow. But today, I rubbed my 7 inch cock all over Anusha’s underwear. I cummed so much that it would be no way dry till next morning.

The next day, Anusha’s Sister had plans for a night-out with her friends and me and Anusha were all alone. It was raining quite a bit, so we decided to stay indoors. It was just Anusha and me. She wore a short light blue top and a nice tight pair of tight-white shorts with her curvy arse making my dick create ruckus in my shorts. We lied lazily in the bed and were reading Archie’s comics. As we both were reading the same book we were lying side by side with our tummies on the bed. The mirror was in front of us and I noticed her cleavage from the mirror. I went to the kitchen in the pre-text of drinking water-actually I went to cool myself as things were getting very hot for me. As I returned, I got to see her arse tightly tucked into her short pants, and her long legs following down. It was raining really heavily and the weather was just right for some super sex I thought. I gathered courage and got a small ice-cube and decided to get naughty!! As I sat on the bed, I placed the ice-cube on her sexy right leg and started sliding along her smooth legs. She didn’t realize that it was me till I got till the back of her right thigh. She turned back and looked at me. Our glances to each other said it all. Her young body wanted me and I wanted me all over her… No smooches to start with but it were plain exploration of her legs with my ice-cube.

I thought that the ice melted real fast, as it too could feel her hot body. I removed my shirt and she kept her slender hand on my chest. And caressed it. I grabbed her close and planted a kiss on her lips. We lip-locked and I was getting a huge erection. As I kissed all over her face, I mentioned about her white underwear. She told that she knew that something was fishy today morning, as it wasn’t “so wet” yesterday. The initial wetness she confessed was because of you Vikram. That got me very horny. I stripped her off her shirt. And she was wearing nothing in. Just her boobs with large brown nipples waiting for me. I grabbed her and we stood in front of the mirror. We first stood sideways. Both of us topless, her arse was really bulging all the more in that view and I pressed my 7 incher against her tender, yet firm arse and she moaned, I turned her to face the mirror and I was behind continuing to rub her arse. I got superb view of me cupping her breasts from behind her. She was so delicate!! I started kissing all her back and started kissing down her spine and she moaned for every kiss of mine. As I reached the arse, My hand went around her waist and unzipped her pants to get my first time view of her terrific arse. It was stunningly fair and my first reaction was a nice hard-soft bite on her arse cheek. Her “white” underwear just covered her butt-crack & 25% of her arse cheeks and was tightly sticking to her fair arse. I bit her a few more times with alternate kissing. She felt pain, but trusted me. I squeezed, & kissed as though I would never get this arse again.

She turned around and faced her pussy towards me…and begged me to kiss it. I was stubborn and turned her round again and pulled her white underwear down with my teeth. I could now see her complete arse, shamelessly naked and in my mercy right in front of me. I licked all over the newly uncovered areas and kissed all along her butt crack after making her lie down. I stared fingering her in the wrong-hole. She was screaming in joy and pain! I got up and waited for her reaction… She was moaning my name again and again…Vikram Vikram and turned around. She was sliding her legs against each other trying to masturbate. And her fingers searched her pussy in desperation. I guided it slowly to her pussy and she started rubbing it herself. I slowly spread her legs and she rubbed with more intensity. She began getting wet I turned her around a made her sit on her knees and hands. She continued rubbing it. I took over and started slowly rubbing her with my dick. Later we also indulged in intercourse, which was short-lived but one of the most enjoyable moments of my life. This was the highlight of Anusha’s short stay at my place, and only we two know about it. We never had sex with each other ever again but cherish the incident till today! You can share your feedback on [email protected] Would love to hear from you-especially women.

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