Start Of Incest Journey With Shalini Didi Part – 4

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Start of Incest Journey with Shalini Didi… Part 4

I am rajveer, working for an MNC as a regional head, 5’9″ height, fair complexion with average built body, I like meeting and having safe sex or relationship with mature, committed, married, divorced, widows or single women (any female who wants to have a good time in any way, even in bed or outside), This incident is about how, I was seduced and had sex with a very distant older cousin sister shalini, who is married and has a son.

She wasn’t my cousin by relation, though our families were very close and our fathers were best of friends but like brothers so we considered their daughter and son as my cousins. Shalini was the older one and she had a younger brother jatin, both shalini and jatin were older than me, shalini was 11 years older than me and jatin was 5 years older.

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This story is the continuation of the third part under the same name, I request you all to go through part 1, part 2 and part 3 to understand the situations better. This will be a little long to go through as I am trying to explain things in detail on how everything started, so I request you all to be patient and read it till the end. Hope you all enjoy it and now coming directly to the story.

So as in the previous part I told you all how shalini didi came to her parents’ house for vacation with her son, and how we both indulged into sexual activities and then we realized that due to a little carelessness we both were caught having sex by shalini didi’s mother (priya aunty).

That night I got back home and was worried what would happen, was worried about what would aunty do and would it effect the relationships between both the families, was more worried about shalini too… I tried dropping her a text, asking her if is she ok, but I didn’t get any response for quite a long time, all night I couldn’t sleep thinking about shalini.

Next day I get a call from shalini didi, she sounded a little low, I was worried for her and asked her how is she and what happened? And I also apologized to her for the carelessness of not locking the door and on the other side she kept apologizing that it was her fault she should have been more careful, later I asked what did aunty say or did anything happen, to which she was quiet for some time… I asked her again didi… tell me what happened, are you ok… tell me what happened?

She said…. Me and mom had a talk on it which ended in an argument and I told mom everything about both of us, our relationship, told her how much I love you and useless your jiju is and how neglected I am in this marriage life and with their family culture and how only you alone are able to satisfy me and keep me happy for quite a while… I also told mom that I could have also gone out to satisfy myself, but that would be risky, so the safest person for this are you alone, and also told her, that its only because of you, the happiness, pleasure and satisfaction you give me I am still continuing with the married life, else I would have left your jiju long ago.

So what did aunty say after all this? Initially she lectured me, and cried a little, later I tried explaining her more things, to which she didn’t say anything and left me alone in the room, and later today morning after everyone left she sent Shefali out or some work and came to my room again but didn’t say much, just asked me to tell you to come and meet her when no one is around, as she wants to talk to you about our relationship and our sexual activities, and after talking to you in private she said she will sit and talk to both of us together to discuss further.

Listening to all this made me nervous as hell, I told her didi what am I supposed to do, I don’t even know what she might say or ask and what I should respond… she too seemed nervous, so I thought a little and to cheer her up I took a deep breath and told her, don’t worry didi, I will take care of it, please don’t worry and I will try my best to sort it out with aunty, later we’ll see what can be done, I am always with you. Shalini didi felt happy and I could sense a little confidence in her voice.

Three days later the day came when I was summoned to meet Shalini didi’s mom (Priya aunty), it was a weekend, and as usual afternoon uncle left for the club and would return by night, as didi came for vacation, so aunty asked bhaiya, bhabhi to take didi and her son out for a day outing. The morning they all left, before leaving didi informed me to meet her mom during the afternoon, and to keep her updated about what her mom says and how things are going… an also asked me to deal with a calm focused mind and not to panic.

I assured her that I will take care of the situation and to enjoy her day outing with bhaiya, bhabhi and not to worry. Afternoon the time came, I gathered all my courage to face Priya aunty and a million questions and answers were going through my mind. I reached their place and rand the door bell, nervously waiting there, when aunty opened the door, the moment she opened the door she looks right into my eyes, I felt slight shiverish, and she turned around and went in, I walked behind her and shut the door and was standing by the door, when aunty saw back and called me inside.

Aunty asked me for water or tea, I asked water, anything more than that was out of my courage, she seemed normal by her talks but was serious and staring at me, which was scaring the shit out of me thinking what she will say… she gave me water and sat on the couch beside me in a tilting back way looking directly at me, and I was looking down at the floor. She took a deep breath and started the conversation.

Soo…raj… relax yourself…. I’m not killing you… so tell me, for how long have you been…. Mmmmm… so… how long you and Shalini… sneaking under the blanket… I was still nervous what to answer… aunty asked me again… tell me raj, I want to know… I finally gathered all my courage and told her “aunty it’s been 3 years”… tell me the truth raj, I wanna know everything in detail and the truth. Really, aunty, it’s been 3 years, it all started during the wedding, and till today it was continuing. Earlier I tried my best to stop myself from it, but you know even I am a man, even I have needs and when didi said, that we are not blood-related so there’s nothing wrong in doing it, so somehow even I got convinced to her words.

How do you feel about it raj? Tell me the truth, no stories… I gathered more courage and told her, I don’t know aunty how to express it, but I love and care for her, and I feel good, I have no regrets about it, though it makes me feel happy to see that happiness on her face, and also that she is safe and content with me… I know you might not like it aunty and might feel it’s bad, and I apologize to you for that… she had tears in her eyes and said… I know raj she did tell me about it, but as a mother, it’s not easy to accept it, she is married and has a child, anything falls out can ruin her life and the families’ reputation.

Let me ask you something raj….she said. Sure aunty anything you want to know. Raj… can you assure me that this thing will remain a secret all your life, and can I trust you with my daughters and my families reputation? She came close and grabbed both my hands and requested me to keep her daughter happy and to keep the families reputation safe.

She was looking into my eyes and staring straight, I too got emotional and gave her assurance that I will take care of everything. I could see a smile on her face… she seemed happy. I told her aunty so you have no objection that Shalini didi is having sex with me? She said no beta, after knowing everything what more can I do, her husband doesn’t satisfy her, and I’m glad that she didn’t look out for affair, being women I know how important sexual satisfaction can be for married women. You have always been a nice and helpful part of this family, and what worry would it be if the word stays with the closed doors of the family.

I was relaxing and she too was feeling comfortable, and she hugged me tightly and said, please see to it that she doesn’t need any other man ever in her life…. Please raj. I too hugged her back and was feeling relieved to get a green signal. Then I asked her, aunty for how long did you see us making out, and why didn’t you come in to stop us the?

She again looked into my eyes and started blushing… and said hat pagle, kya puch raha hai…! I said bataao na aunty, for how long were you watching us? She said from the beginning…. i said… really aunty from the beginning you were watching us make out!!!! She said, the way you both were slamming each other on wall or door, did you both even forget that I am just a room away and shalini’s wild moans were loud and clear till the ground floor, to get cheeky with me aunty said…. That shows what sort of performance you give. Listening to those moans I came to check and saw you two.

I felt shy and looked away, she pulled my cheeks and kissed me on my cheeks saying… hayee sharma raha hai…. I said aab chodo na aunty, kya khichaai ar rahi ho…. To which she said… I am serious, the way Shalini was enjoying and her moans, it was clear that she was being pleasured to the core and you were performing your best… I’m sure your future wife will be lucky to have you in bed.

That very moment something strikes my mind and I asked her… aunty how did you feel seeing both of us… she started blushing and said… chal hatt… why would I feel anything??? I’m old not… to which I said… aunty your still young and attractive and can make any male desire you, especially uncle, he must be lucky… and aunty, if you didn’t feel anything, then why were you watching us make out since the beginning and continued to watch without interrupting…. Now she was flushing red and didn’t have words to say.

I said… aunty, me and didi both saw u playing with your breasts watching us, tell me the truth, how did you feel? Look aunty even I was frank with you…. Then she took a long breath and said, what to do beta, even I am women with needs and your uncle doesn’t have much interest in physical needs, like every Punjabi he only likes his drinking. So watching such a wild action in bed, it turned me on, I admit I liked it and was lost in it… and she started giggling.

I kept my hand over her shoulder and said, aunty, its natural, don’t worry, she leaned over me and said, thanks to beta for understanding everything…. In return I said, aunty thank you for understanding everything and accepting it.

I was more than happy that now, me and Shalini didi can have sex and romance openly as now we have approval from her mother and we don’t need to worry much… I was soo excited from inside that I can’t wait to tell Shalini about it… I told her, aunty, we are like a family, you can always feel free to ask me anything you want to know or you want me to do, I would obey it, listening to which I saw a different spark in aunt’s eyes.

Aunty had some hesitation in her behaviour… noticing that I said, aunty do you have something to say… she was shy, blushing, nervous and said, I have something to ask you raj beta… I said aunty feel free to ask, I am here to help…

To be continued in the next part….. Will tell you what aunty asked me to do, which was a little unexpected and came as a shock to me…

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