Son fucks mom

Yes! Yes mother i caught you sucking brianâs dick last night. What did you think i was asleep in bed all the time? How many times have you snck him over after i go to bed huh. How could you mom, and to think dad is at work staying late hours to give you ever think you want and how do you pay him back…. By sucking our neighbors cock while he”s at work. (my mother stood speechless, completely naked in front of me. She doesnt even try to cover up anymore, i can see sheâ’s worried) “josh hunny, i… I never…. I never planned for this… For you to.. To see me sucking someoneâ’s dick. I always tried to be a good mother, i tried to be there for you and give you everything you needed. I was a good mother wasn”t i?” (sheâ’s almost emotionally broken down, standing there nude in front of her son trying to figure out where she went wrong. I on the other hand, just standing there completely hard with my pants unbuttoned)

A good mother? Gave me everything i needed? How were you a good mother huh! By walking around in tight clothing or by bending over in front of me and giving me a view of your tits whenever you clean. Do you have any idea how hard you had my dick when i was growing up. Teasing me with you big tits, how do you think i felt huh. How do you think i felt when i would stay up late in my bed jo to the sounds of dad fucking you. Didn”t you ever stop to think about how come i was always in my room. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe i needed my dick sucked too?

“josh what are you saying? I never purposely gave you a glimpse of my breast and if i did it was an accident. Iâ’m a good mother and wife, my breast are only meant to be seen by your father” by my father you say? So why did you have your tits out when you were sucking brians dick huh. “you donâ’t understand josh, its been a while since your father and i had sex. You donâ’t know how bad i needed it, its only happen a few times i swear. It wont happen again so please donâ’t tell your father there is no need for it.” dont tell my father! Oh i donâ’t know how bad you needed it (i unzip dropping my jeans to the floor, stepping out of the while lowering my underwear to the point where my dick was visible. She stood there shocked as i grabbed my cock firmly) why donâ’t you show me how bad you need it mom. I need it bad too, every time i see you naked i can barely stop myself from spreading your legs and fucking you like an animal. Josh! (my said with a horrified look on her face as she watched me stroke my cock in front of her)

I love your big tits mom (i wasnâ’t thinking about what i said, i just wanted to cum so bad)i want you to suck it, i want to feel my dick in your wet hot pussy mom. I want to fuck you like dad does. (josh, what are you doing, its wrong! You should be saying or doing that in front of me. I wont do it josh so just stop it). Well i guess if you wont suck my dick i”ll have to tell dad and maybe mrs. Botwyn. Do you want that? Do you want the neighbors to know your a whore? (with that i walk to her and for the first time feel her breast. Wow so big and soft yet firm. I couldn”t believe i had my mothers tits in my hands. I kissed her while my hands explored her tits all the way to her shaved pussy and her firm ass) i mumbled as i kissed her “god mom you have a great ass and your pussy feels so soft and smooth”.

(as i pulled her closer to me my dick slid between her legs, not penetrating her vagina but sliding over her lips. I whispered in her ear “sit on the bed mom” with that she did as i asked)( i stood in front of her waving my dick in front of her mouth, she didnâ’t open her mouth so i rubbed my pre cum on her face). Its ok mom i know you want to(i whispered in a sexy voice) go on, iâ’m sure you”ll love it (with that she opened her mouth and took in my cock, by her face expression i could tell she didnâ’t want to but once her warm mouth was on my dick i didnâ’t care) mmmmmm mom yeah, thatâ’s a good girl. Go ahead and stroke my dick while you suck it. I know you know how to give a great blow job .mmmmm mom you sure are a natural at this.

(my mother grabbed the base of my shaft and stroked my cock in a twisting motion. One hand massaging my balls. The slurping sounds driving me wild. She quickly got into it, she began to lick the side of my cock down to my balls. She jerked me off so good while she sucked my nuts. I almost came just thinking about my own mother sucking my dick. I placed my hand behind her head and got a little rough. I had her gag while she deep throated me, her saliva running down my cock to my balls and ass. I pulled her mouth of my cock and pushed her on the bed)

Wow! Mom you are a great cock sucker. (she must have came back to reality because she turned her head to the side and i noticed a tear running down) i felt her breast down to her legs and spread them wide. Mom i always wanted to taste your wet pussy, you donâ’t know how hard i got when i sniffed your underwear. I ran my index and middle finger down her wet pussy slowly dipping them in. Wow mom you are so wet i bet you taste great.

(my tongue running up and down her wet pussy. Sliding in my tongue and tasting her sweet. My finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy as i licked her clit in a fast motion causing my mom to let out a moan, i could tell she was trying to keep the moaning to her self. She tried her best not to enjoy it. I move up to her face and kiss her, she turned her cheek to me. I whispered in her ear)

Relax mom, just enjoy it. I kissed her ear as i guided my cock in her pussy with my hand. Ugh! Mom.. You feel sooo good (i said as i thrust in her) aww god mom iâ’ve wanted this for so long. Can you believe we are doing this. In and out faster and faster, pulling my dick out to the tip and pushing it back in hard. I lifted her leg and grabbed onto her shoulder kissing her neck while i thrust into my moms pussy. God mom i never thought i would be fucking you like dad does. Turn over mom i want to fuck you doggy style.

(with that my mother turns around, she buried her face in a pillow and lifted her ass in the air) i mounted my mother and starting fucking her hard, at first supporting myself from her waist while i fucked her then i moved my hands to her big breast squeezing them as i move my dick in and out of my mother. (i got a little rough and spanked my mother causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure against her will) god yes mom thatâ’s it, enjoy your sons cock. I pulled on her hair and grabbed onto her tit as i fucked her. Her nipple between my fingers, god they were so nice.

Awww josh baby no. Ugh! Ugh awww no josh. (i stop to catch my breath and pulled out of my mother, i could see her face filled with mixed emotions.) God mom your such a great fuck. I feel around her ass and without giving my mother any warning i push my dick into her ass. (again my mother arched her back against her will letting out a loud moan, she turned and looked at me with pain in her face from the hard ass fucking i was giving her. By the look in her face i could tell this was her first time doing anal.) Oh god mom your ass is soo tight. (i rubbed her pussy as i fucked her ass hard) awww mom iâ’m going to cum, you feel too damn good.

(i could feel my balls tense up i knew i was going to blow my load. I quickly flipped my mother and straddled her chest, titty fucking her until i blow my load. Stroking my dick cumming all over my moms tits, her face, her hair. I let go of my dick letting it rest on my moms big tits as i regain my breath. Still having cum on my dick i rubbed it all over my mothers lips) mom that was incredible, you were so good. (i look at my mom, she just lays there motionless as if traumatized by what just happened. But still she looked so beautiful laying there naked covered in my cum. I got off her and picked up my clothes walking to the door, i stopped and face my mother, standing there naked my ass facing her i spoke) momâ….you donâ’t have to worry about needing it bad anymore, iâ’ll be fucking you regularly from now on. You should clean yourself up, dad will be home soon. We wouldnâ’t want dad to know now would we. I love you mom.

(i walk across the hall going to my room. I lock my door and i toss my clothes on the floor. As i lay in bed naked i think about what just happened and what will happen tomorrow. I run my hand across my dick and sniff it, i still had my moms scent on my dick. I placed my hand behind my head, with a smile on my face i drift of to sleep)

I hope you guys liked my story.this was my first story. Let me know what you think i appreciate the feedback.

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