Son Flirts With His Mom Along With His Best Friend – Part II

Hello Friends, this is Shravan from Bangalore. The following new story is completely a fiction and it’s not related to real life. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedbacks to [email protected]

This story is the continuation of my previous Fiction story with the same title, where I have written a fantasy story in which my friend and I seduce my mom Arundathi and fuck her together. Now enjoy the Continuation after fucking my mom along with my best friend Ravi, we three enjoyed sexes many more times. We fucked everywhere in the house and even in our car.

I fucked my mom alone many times whenever Ravi wasn’t there and my friend Ravi too stayed at home at nights after our college and we 2 fucked my mom many times. I and my friend were enjoying a lot and mom loved getting fucked all the time.

Since I was fantasizing about Ravi’s mom Nanditha from a long time, I and Ravi decided to make a move on her too, so that we 2 can fuck her together and have fun with her also. Nanditha was 40 years old and 5’6″ in height. She was very good looking with great pair of breasts and ass. She was fun loving and joyous woman. My friend Ravi was afraid to make a move on his mom. So he told me to make a move on her.

So we made plans thoroughly, and as per our plans I started going more often to Ravi’s place when only his mom Nanditha would be there in the mean time Ravi would be in my house and would be fucking my mom when I was with my Ravi’s mom, I used to chat with her like a friend and appreciate her beauty and flirt with her. She used to smile and blush whenever I praised her or complemented her.

I started going to Ravi’s house early in the morning, Nanditha aunty would get up late as always and I would see her in her robe or nighty without bra when she got up to make breakfast for my friend and herself. I and Ravi would watch her tits bounce as she came down the steps from her bedroom and proceeded to the kitchen while in the kitchen I would occupy a seat in kitchen along with Ravi, from where I could watch her properly.

I would get to see her cleavage and boobs when she bent down while she was in her nighty. It used to make me hard and crave for her more during some evenings, We would listen to music and I would get Nanditha aunty to dance with me and my friend. I could make out that she was enjoying my company and would dance with me a lot.

After a few days of flirting with Nanditha aunty, I told Ravi one evening Ravi I have made your mom enjoy my company. I think it’s time to go further. I can’t control myself anymore. Tomorrow you be at my place, I will try to make progress with your mom. If anything happens I will text u and u come over immediately

Ravi smiled and said Aytu kano. Nangu kooda ade beku. Nanu wait madtirtini ok do it and I will be waiting. Next day Ravi came to my place and I left for his home. Nanditha aunty opened the door and told me Olage baa. Ravi horage hogiddane. Avnu barodu late aga bahudu hey come inside. Ravi has gone out and will come late.

I thanked her and we started chatting. I was flirting with her and Nanditha aunty was blushing a lot. She smiled at me and said I like you here you make me happy and I was thrilled and I told you are a very beautiful lady. I like being with you aunty. I enjoy being with a sweet lady like you. She blushed and said thank you.

I played a song on the music set and invited aunty Aunty Come and Dance with me as we had danced many times before, aunty obliged and she told ok let’s do it and she came near me and we started dancing. She was wearing salwar pant and a white cotton top. The top was semi transparent and I could see her pink bra. So we danced a couple of songs and then there was a slow song.

I took her into my arms keeping safe distance between us but over time we were very close. I had a hard on and her tits were touching my chest once in a while. Her eyes were closed and her hands were moving on my back as if she was feeling my back. I could not control myself. I held her waist and I kissed her lips. She opened her eyes, surprised; she broke off and sat on the sofa.

I went near her and knelt by her side and said Aunty, I am sorry. I could not control myself. I adore you. I love you a lot and she just stared at me for some time. She said sit here by my side and I got up and sat by her side on the sofa. I held her hands and said, Aunty, you are beautiful. I am in love with you. You are a very sexy lady. She smiled and said am I beautiful? Am I really sexy? You are lying to me. I am getting old

I pressed her hands in mine and said Aunty, I am in love with you. You are still very beautiful and sexy. I love you and I will keep you happy saying this I leaned forward and kissed Nanditha aunty on her lips, and she closed her eyes. After a few seconds, she opened her lips and started kissing me back. We started kissing each other passionately and we played with our tongues.

We broke off from the kiss and aunt was smiling at me. I took courage and touched her tits. It was so soft. I looked into her eyes and saw the consent in them. I held her cloth and I removed her top completely. It was an amazing sight. Her breasts were almost bursting out of her bra. She smiled at me and she reached behind and unclasped her bra and threw it aside.

Wow her boobs were so beautiful not a sag, they were round with dark nipples. I took each in my mouth and kneaded them well making aunty moan in pleasure. So many years without sex, Nanditha aunty was enjoying my touch immensely. I took her hand and put it on my cock. She squeezed my cock from outside my pants.

I couldn’t control anymore and I removed my shirt and pant immediately. Aunty blushed looking at my tent in my underwear. I took my mobile in my hand and messaged Ravi comes soon. Mission Accomplished I put my mobile on the table and I went close to Nanditha aunty and removed the knot of her salwar pant and it fell down in heap. Aunty was just in her black panties and she was feeling very shy. She was looking very beautiful.

I took her to the bed and made her sit on my lap her back was towards me. I still had my underwear and she had her panties on as she sat on my lap, I reached in front of her and squeezed her breasts. They were so soft to touch and were big in size. Aunty moaned loudly. She started rubbing her ass on my cock over my underwear. I kissed her back and her neck and she was moaning immensely.

Then she rose up and turned around and sat on my lap again but now she was facing me, with her folded legs by my side. Aunty’s breasts were in my face. She pushed them into my mouth and I started sucking them and biting her nipples, making her moans and enjoy a lot.

Aunty rose up and removed her panty completely and she stood completely naked in front of me. She had trimmed hairs around her pussy. Aunty blushed looking at my gaze on her pussy. I put my hand on my underwear and reaching down Ii took it off and I was completely naked in front of her. Aunty looked at my hard thick cock and smiled at me nervously.

I told her to come to me. She came forward and stood in front of me, while I was sitting. Now her pussy was in front of my face. I touched her pussy and aunty moaned in excitement. She was wet and her wetness was all on my fingers then I pulled her to the bed and let her lie down on it. She looked at me and smiled.

I smiled at her and brought my face close to her pussy. I lowered my mouth into her pussy. Aunty jumped at my lips touch on her pussy. I stretched my tongue and parted its lips and took the button of the clit with my teeth, at the same time started to suck the entire area. Then I inserted my tongue and licked her pussy. She went on moaning, writhing and thrusting her pussy to my mouth. My saliva and her pre-cum mixed up all over my mouth.

Aunty whispered please put your cock inside me now. I sat up and stretched her legs as far as I could and sat in between and placed my cock on the lips of the pussy and pushed. She was tight, but I pushed hard and aunt was feeling the pain of my thick, long cock entering her tight pussy. I pushed my cock hard and it disappeared into the hole inch by inch and it was soon fully inside and aunty was moaning loudly.

I waited a moment to feel whole of my cock inside her vagina then I started to fuck her, first slowly with long push and long pull and then started to move faster. Gradually I became wild. Kneading and sucking her boobs, kissing her and shoving my tongue into her mouth. She reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. I went on fucking her, while she went on thrusting up her ass with same tempo. I fucked her hard and fast and aunty was moaning loudly in pleasure.

I took in a long sigh and whispered I am coming, aunty. She said ok fill me up. I am also cuming and I gave three to four thrusts and with low moan I started to come, spurting my semen into her pussy. Oh, it was incredible! Aunty moaned loudly and came on my dick, pressing her vagina walls onto it pumping my dick exhausted when all was over and I collapsed on Aunty’s breasts, my lips pressing one of her tit.

She held me tight and I looked at aunty and told Aunty it was incredible. Nanditha aunty blushed and said Thank you son. You made me very happy. Today I found someone who loves me so much. Nanditha aunty held my cock and started shaking it, making my cock hard again. I smiled and said Aunty you call me son and you had sex with me. Isn’t that bad? I winked at her. Aunty blushed and said you are not my real son. So no problem “

I asked her what if it was Ravi, instead of me and wouldn’t you have sex with him? He loves you a lot too. Nanditha aunty took a deep breath and said No dear. Ravi treats me as his mother and I treat him as a son it won’t happen and I smiled at her and said Aunty I and Ravi are very good friends. We discuss everything and I know very well that he loves you like a woman rather than as his mom.

He really loves your body and thinks you are very attractive and sexy Aunty was shocked at my answer what? Ravi thinks of me as a woman. He wants me sexually? My own son wants to have sex with me? I told yes aunty. You call me as son and you had sex with me. So what is wrong with Ravi having your body? He deserves it too saying this I rubbed Nanditha aunty’s pussy lips which made her moan.

Aunty closed her eyes and said I could never imagine that my son wants to have sex with me and she blushed. Nanditha aunty pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me. She slide her pussy over my cock and moaned loudly. She was so wet, she took every inch of my rock-hard cock and with a moan she rocked back and forth, grinding her pussy hard against my hips when I glanced at the door.

I saw Ravi looking at us having sex. He had keys to his house, so he came inside silently as we had planned. I signalled Ravi to come and join us. He smiled at me and got rid of his clothes and became completely naked. Aunty was moving up and down over my cock and I felt her pussy get wetter than I’d ever felt it before and she bit her lip as she started to cum. With a gasp, she suddenly dropped over top of me.

I felt her jump when Ravi stepped up behind her and ran his hand over the cheek of her ass. Nanditha aunty looked back shocked and when she saw her son she got scared and asked son when did you come? She tried to get up but when he slipped a finger inside her pussy, she moaned and wiggled back against his hand. She looked at me smiling at her and she blushed. Then she pushed back until she was just at the edge of the bed

And as she took my cock in her mouth, Ravi held his moms ass firmly and was guiding his cock between her legs when his cock first touched her pussy, I felt Aunty tense up a little bit and then she relaxed as he entered her fully. I loved her lips around my cock and I saw Ravi smiling at me. We finally managed to find a rhythm and Aunty quickly came as Ravi held her hips and pounded into her tight pussy.

I couldn’t hold much longer and I came in Aunty’s mouth and she swallowed all my cum. I quickly untangled myself and allowed them to roll over on to the bed and Ravi ended up on top of his mom, his cock still buried in her trembling cunt. Ravi looked into his mom’s eyes and said I love you mom. I have been waiting so long for this day. You are ours now and I and Shravan will fuck you whenever possible and make you happy”

Blushed and looked at both of us smiling at her and Ravi raised up on his hands and started fucking her in long, steady strokes, almost taking his cock all the way out of her and when Aunty started moaning and he’d shortened his strokes, I knew they were almost ready to explode within seconds, I was proven right by a huge grunt from Ravi and a yell from his mom as they tangled themselves in a knot both Ravi and his Mom had an intense orgasm and they fell on bed, panting when Ravi finally rolled over.

I quickly took his place and rammed my cock into his mom’s dripping cunt. I fucked her for a long time and made Aunty cum twice before I exploded again after we had all calmed down and I looked at Ravi and smiled at our luck. We two were successful in fucking our moms together and content with the fact that we would have more fun in the future. I hope you liked my fantasy story; I will wait for any feedback to [email protected]

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