Son Flirts With His Mom Along With His Best Friend – Part II

Hello Friends, this is Shravan from Bangalore. The following new story is completely a fiction and it’s not related to real life. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedbacks to [email protected]

This story is the continuation of my previous Fiction story with the same title, where I have written a fantasy story in which my friend and I seduce my mom Arundathi and fuck her together. Now enjoy the Continuation after fucking my mom along with my best friend Ravi, we three enjoyed sexes many more times. We fucked everywhere in the house and even in our car.

I fucked my mom alone many times whenever Ravi wasn’t there and my friend Ravi too stayed at home at nights after our college and we 2 fucked my mom many times. I and my friend were enjoying a lot and mom loved getting fucked all the time.

Since I was fantasizing about Ravi’s mom Nanditha from a long time, I and Ravi decided to make a move on her too, so that we 2 can fuck her together and have fun with her also. Nanditha was 40 years old and 5’6″ in height. She was very good looking with great pair of breasts and ass. She was fun loving and joyous woman. My friend Ravi was afraid to make a move on his mom. So he told me to make a move on her.

So we made plans thoroughly, and as per our plans I started going more often to Ravi’s place when only his mom Nanditha would be there in the mean time Ravi would be in my house and would be fucking my mom when I was with my Ravi’s mom, I used to chat with her like a friend and appreciate her beauty and flirt with her. She used to smile and blush whenever I praised her or complemented her.

I started going to Ravi’s house early in the morning, Nanditha aunty would get up late as always and I would see her in her robe or nighty without bra when she got up to make breakfast for my friend and herself. I and Ravi would watch her tits bounce as she came down the steps from her bedroom and proceeded to the kitchen while in the kitchen I would occupy a seat in kitchen along with Ravi, from where I could watch her properly.

I would get to see her cleavage and boobs when she bent down while she was in her nighty. It used to make me hard and crave for her more during some evenings, We would listen to music and I would get Nanditha aunty to dance with me and my friend. I could make out that she was enjoying my company and would dance with me a lot.

After a few days of flirting with Nanditha aunty, I told Ravi one evening Ravi I have made your mom enjoy my company. I think it’s time to go further. I can’t control myself anymore. Tomorrow you be at my place, I will try to make progress with your mom. If anything happens I will text u and u come over immediately

Ravi smiled and said Aytu kano. Nangu kooda ade beku. Nanu wait madtirtini ok do it and I will be waiting. Next day Ravi came to my place and I left for his home. Nanditha aunty opened the door and told me Olage baa. Ravi horage hogiddane. Avnu barodu late aga bahudu hey come inside. Ravi has gone out and will come late.

I thanked her and we started chatting. I was flirting with her and Nanditha aunty was blushing a lot. She smiled at me and said I like you here you make me happy and I was thrilled and I told you are a very beautiful lady. I like being with you aunty. I enjoy being with a sweet lady like you. She blushed and said thank you.

I played a song on the music set and invited aunty Aunty Come and Dance with me as we had danced many times before, aunty obliged and she told ok let’s do it and she came near me and we started dancing. She was wearing salwar pant and a white cotton top. The top was semi transparent and I could see her pink bra. So we danced a couple of songs and then there was a slow song.


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