Secret Relation With Mom – Part III

Hi Friends, First of all thanks for nice comments and mails. I am trying to put third part also in the same language and trust me as original as it happened in my life .The dialogues used can be bit tweaked and are representation of my memory . For all those who are reading this part request you to kindly read the first two part else you might not get the actual story.

To refresh the memory I am Anand Jaiswal 21 years old, I live with my Mom whose name is Vibha . She is Beautiful and at the age of 42 also she looks very young and well maintained. She is running our family business of Hotels and PG. The best part about MOM is her clear heart and no doubt the Figure (36 30 38.). From all the live shows through Camera I fixed in her washroom, I came to know she is very fair inside the clothes, Firm boobs, wide ass and clean shaved chut. Whenever she goes to market or even in office every one stare at her ass and boobs.

So moving forward from my second part, where I have proposed her on her birthday and she refused, we had lot of arguments and even got many slaps that day. I was broken and demotivated I left her room thinking what to do .Have I lost my mother even the normal relation of mother and son. Will she ever talk to me, will I be able to face her from tomorrow morning. We had such a nice time in last few months where I was getting chances to hug her to show my love as son at least. I was frustrated with my action and more then that I was hurt that I have lost such a beautiful mothers trust and love.

She may never think about me as a lovely and caring son, only thing she will be remerging is a son full of lust. That night was the toughest night of my life as I was ashamed of me and my behavior. What have I done? I should have enjoyed that courtship only that was better then what I have to face now. I was ashamed of my love was it love or lust. Whole night I was just figuring out the answers and crying. I don’t know when my alarm start ringing and it was 5 am in the morning. I woke up and decided to prove my love for her. The day starts as usual I knew it that it will be very difficult day but I was firm and once again I started my journey of love for Vishay my own Mom.

I went to kitchen made mom favorite Breakfast Stuffed pannier parathas and Tea; to make it special I put a sorry note on in the tray and knocked my mom room. She woke and said replied in very rough tone what happened, don’t talk to me.

Me: Mom I know you are angry and you have all the right to be angry. The only thing I can say is sorry, the words are not enough for the action I did yesterday. You take your time I am not going to put you in difficult situation. Just wanted to give you a reminder we have important meeting lined up at 9 am with investors, and your breakfast is ready I am keeping at the door you can take it.

Me: You can through it in the dustbin, but I know my duties also and you can’t stop. I put the tray in front of her room and went to my room to get ready.

After getting my room I opened my laptop to see how mom through the camera fixed in her washroom is. She came there and I can clearly see her eyes red and swelled .she was taking bath but the body language was very dull and first time I was not focusing on her nude body. Rather my focus was on what I have done to her. A happy go lucky woman is so sad because of her son whom she loved most.


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