Sasur – Bahu, A Steamy Affair

My son Kapil married his college sweetheart Sandhya last year and then her got transferred to J&K where he could not take his wife. Sandhya stayed with me at my ancestral village. Sandhya  is a gorgeous lady. She is fair, tall, curvy and sexy. She has nice medium size tits and her ass has often made my cock hard. I confess that secretly I lusted for my Bahu. I would stare at her wriggling asscheeks when I am sure, she cant see me ogle at her. After all she is my son’s wife.


But something happened that changed everything. Yesterday our family friends came and gave us biscuits to eat. They did not tell they were Bhang(an intoxicant) biscuits. I and my Bahu ate them with tea and soon Bhang had its effect on us both. Sandhya  took off her dupatta and said” Babuji, it is so hot. I cant even breathe. I think I must take a bath” I was not listening to her, my eyes were glued to her breasts, her milk white boobs were more than half bare. I was filled with lust. Bahu went into the bathroom and I heard water fall. Then I rose and peeped into the bathroom through a hole in the wall.


Sandhya was naked, her milk white body shone with water drops. Her boobs were big and white and nipples were almost erect. She had her hand rubbing her hairless mound. She was masturbating. She had every right to rub her choot as my son was miles way from this beautiful woman who was starved for a real cock. I was hard in no time. I rubbed my cock in my pajama. My Bahu entered her finger in her pussy and muttered,”Kapil, maderchod mujhe akela chhod kar kaha ja baithey ho? Meri choot jiss tarah jal rahi hai, main to kissi kutte se bhi chudwa sakti hoon. Ohhhhhh Kapil!!!” (Kaipl, you motherfucker, where have you gone, leaving me all alone. I could fuck a dog the way my cunt is burning).


I had my cock out and began to fist it. I was loving the movements of my son’s wife. I wanted to go in and rape her. If she could fuck a dog, then why not me? I was a man at least! I returned to the drawing room and undressed myself. I had my cock in my hand and was beating it furiously when my beautiful Bahu returned. She gave a start as she saw me. My cock which is about 7 inches and very thick, saluted my Bahu.” Babuji, what is this? Have you no shame left? I will tell Kapil. Ufffff…you are a beast!! Chhheee!”


” Sandhya  dont you like this cock? You were willing to get fucked by a dog, a short while ago. So I thought, I would show you my cock, may be it is better than a dog’s. If my Bahu can fuck a dog, then why not her Sasur? Come and take my cock in your hands. I have not fucked a woman since Kapil’s mother dies ten years back” She looked at me in disbelief and turned to go out. She was wearing petticoat and blouse and her garments clung to her sexy body which I knew was naked under her clothes. I jumped from the sofa and held her by her wrists.” Leave me alone Babuji, please…I am your Bahu, your Beti, pleaseee!”


But I had been blinded by lust. I pulled her back into the drawing room. “God, you are beautiful,” I ran my hands up her thighs to her hips and cupped her ass. She resisted and tried to slap me. I caught herhand in the mid air and rubbed her pussy mound, feeling the heat.  “Don’t, You bastard!” she says. “You’re touching your Bahu, Babuji!”

Without a word, I began to feel her pussy lips. “Oh my god, what are you doing to me Babuji?” she said. “What are you doing to me?”

‘I’m making you want my cock in your starved cunt,” I said. “I can feel your choot is wet for your Babuji’s lund!” I said as I gave my cock in her hand.

Oh, God,” she said. “I can’t believe I’m doing this – ”

“Touch my cock, fist it up and down. Is it not throbbing in your hand?” I asked her, and she obeyed me. Perhaps her cunt was ready for my cock. May be Bhang had made her ready, “Please dont make me do it!”

“Shut up and play with it. Hold it tight. Rub it on your thighs, on your cunt. Take off your clothes. I want my Bahu naked and begging for my lund!”   “”Oh, god, yes, I want to come, please, I want to come.”

My cock was in her hands and she moved her hands quickly and herself began to shudder. I undid her petticoat and then removed her blouse. I cupped her boobs as she sighed loudly”Uhhh, god!”  “You are a hot bitch, Sandhya?”

She was hot and horny by now. She nodded.” I am going to fuck my hot bitch now. Are you ready, Bahu?” She spoke in a hoarse voice” Yes Babuji. I am a bitch…Your bitch….Fuck your bitch, if you want to fuck your own daughter!” I put my lips on hers and kissed her hard pulling at her wet hair. I shoved my tongue in her mouth while I fondled her boobs.

“You fucking dog, what are you waiting for now? Fuck me, fuck me with your cock,”


We moved to the sofa and she bent before me like a bitch that she was. I went behind her raised ass and placed my cock head at her pussy and moved forward. My cock went in. She was wet and her cunt gripped my cock. “Look at you, you  bitch, you’re getting fucked by your Babuji now,  did you dream that you were going to get fucked by my cock? Did you?”

She shook  her head. I grabbed her wet hair and pulled her. I was  watching my cock go into my bitch’s cunt from behind.



Sandhya began to moan. “You’re a hot, young whore Bahu!”

She did not say anything. Her moaning, became louder. I slapped her soundly, on the buttocks and she groaned sexily,”Yes Babuji, fuck me….Yes, make me your whore..fuck me like a bitch!”

Sandhya was flushed, with excitement. “I’ll see that you have your cunt fulled by my cock and you dont have to use your fingers in your horny pussy.”

“Yes Babuji, I need it…I cant live without a cock…Your son has gone away and left me alone….I love your cock…I feel so happy…Thank you Babuji!!!” I was fucking my Bahu furiously and my balls slapped on her buttocks. My balls were about to shoot my cum through my cock into her wet pussy.


With my cock burried to the hilt in my Bahu’s cunt, I began to cum,” Bahu, ohhhhh….Beti….I am cumming…I am cumming in your choot…aaaahh….oooooo……Bahu….” I moaned as my cock began to shoot in the pussy of my darling bahu. She was pushing her ass on my cock and I knew she was on the verge of cumming too.”Yessssss…Papa…Babuji…I am cumming too…fuck me hard…make me cum with your cock….fuck me..fuck me….FUCK ME…FUCK ME!”


Her cunt milked my cock as her juices flowed on my cock. I kept my cock in her cunt for some time after we had cum and then it slipped out if her pussy with a plop. That night I had another fuck session with my son’s wife and we slept in each other’s arms. Sandhya woke in my arms and we were naked. She was socked to find me in bed with her. When I tried to take her in my arms and kiss her she said” Babuji, stop it. I cant do it again…It was under the effect of Bhang that I did what we did but please promise that we dont repeat it. You are like a father to me and I am your son’s wife…I hope you will keep in mind…What will the society say if our acts were found out/ What will Kapil say? No Babuji, it has to stop!”


I did not want to stop my steamy fuck affair with my Bahu but what she said made sense to and I promised not to repeat our fuck affair. The day passed with difficulty. I was sad and sorry and horny. The sight of my naked bahu came before my eye time and again. I missed her. To avoid  my Bahu, I went out to friends but my mind was with her. In the evening, I returned home. The maid was working in the kitchen and she told my that Sandhya was in her room.” Bahu has not come out the whole day, I dont know what the matter is with her. She is sad”


He went to her room and the door was closed from inside. I tried to open it. It wouldn’t would not open. Locked.

He have a duplicate key to all rooms. I put the key into the hole and turned it and pushed the door open.

The room was dark. A candle burnt on the table beside Bahu’s bed.

Sandhya was sitting on the side of the bed. She wore her red Kurta and her hair was undone whichcovered her face. She stood up as I entered.

“Babuji, what are you doing here? I told you … We decided that this had to end.”

I went close to her. I could smell her body perfume. “Please, Sandhya..I have thought about what happened yesterday..I cant get you out of my mind and heart….I ahve been dreaming about you the whole day…You also must miss me..Please don’t make things more difficult than they have to be.” 

I touched her gently on shoulder.

“No!” She pulled away.

The top of her kurta opened slightly with her movement, exposing her generous cleavage. I tried to gather her in my arms but she slipped away.

“You agreed in the morning Babuji. This can’t go on.” She clutched at the bed sheets.

I touched her tits. She slapped at my hand away.

“I’m your Bahu, your Beti, Babuji. You know it was not right. You agreed we had to stop …”

“… No, Sandhya… I thought I could live without you..I cant…I love you too much.”

“You’re my husband’s father, my Sasur. We can’t love in that way. It is wrong..Kapil will find out. This is sick.”

I knew I was losing her. If I did not make her feel horny again, she will never be mine. “You need to be strong Babuji, not weak.  Please leave my room. Be strong in your resolve.” Her eyes were in tears.

“Nothing is wrong Sandhya. We shared this bed. I enjoed it…You loved it…You need love…You need a cock….My cock…You must admit it,” I grabbed her by the shoulders.

She tried to twist away but I was too strong.

“Get out now, please, Babuji.”

I pushed her onto the bed. I was on top of her my hands cupped her breasts.

She slapped my face hard. “Now get out!”

The anger in her eyes made me scared but I kissed her mouth.

“We can’t, do it Babuji, get out.” she said in a hoarse whisper.

I pulled the kurta, tearing it away and making her naked. She wore no bra. May be she was waiting for me to take the first step. Her heavy breasts looked delicious and I touched her nipples. Her nipples were hard. I bent down and my tongue traced her soft boobs. I sucked greedily at her tit. She squirmed under me. My knee slid between her thighs. She opened for me and moaned.

I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth and opened the chord of her pajama. I slipped my hand between her thighs and touched her warm mound. Oh God, she was wet and hot. I kissed her mouth and  she cradled my head.

I could hear a low moan. I continued to suck her breast. I sucked and licked her nipple.

She pulled my head closer to her nipple. She seemed to like it and I began to enjoy getting her as my fuck buddy but then she did an unexpected thing. She slapped me on the face.”Smack” I felt a burning in my face.

“Get out of here. NOW!” She tried to push me  away but I held her in my arms. With one hand I touched her pussy.

“Don’t act like a bitch, Bahu, or I will fuck you against your will!.” I threatened.

Oh, my God.  I shouldn’t have let things go this far.” She lowered her voice. “This is all my fault. I got carried away under the wicked effect of Bahng..Of God, stop it!.”

“You think I can go back to normal, now?” my hand slid under her ass.

“Yes please leave me!!!”

“You fucking bitch. You have been cock teasing me. We are finally together. And YOU think now you can just push me out of your life?”

“Ouch! …” she exclaimed as I pinched her butt hard.

My hand wandered on her ass. She squirmed as I rubbed my knee on her pusyy. She was shaved. My finger slid into her warm cunt. Her wetness showed she wanted to be fucked. She gasped as I touched her clit.

“I know you need my cock…You want my cock…Come on the bed….Lets fuck!” “Babuji? …” she was pleading.

“Come on Bitch Bahu!.”

She looked at me and then averted her eyes and moved to the bed. She stepped out of her pajams and sat on the bed.

I opened my pajamas and my cock sprang out. ‘ Sandhya, now suck me…suck my cock…You will love it…suck my cock Bahu!” I commanded and she bent her mouth on my hard cock. She knew what to do. I felt her moist lips on my cock. Her tongue went to work, licking playfully at my cock head.

“Oh, God … Bahu, you know how to suck a cock!! Did you suck my son’s cock? You seem to be a cocksucking bitch.” My hand reached for the back of her head.


She sucked greedily as I pushed her head roughly into my groin. “Do it like you sucked Kapil.” I was pushing my cockhead into her throat. “Suck it Bitch.” I said. “Suck it down, … bitch. Suck it like you suck my son’s cock” I was enjoying her mouth on my cock.

I was going to cum but I stopped at once and pulled out from her sucking mouth. She looked dazed. Her mouth hung open.

I threw her back on the bed. She opened her legs. Her bare pussy was glistening. “On your hands and knees…like a bitch” She turned around with her rounded bottom facing me. I mounted my Bahu like a dog mounts a bitch.

I placed my cock on her opening and pushed forward and my cock buried itself inside her hot cunt. I cupped her tits in my hands ans I fucked her from behind. 

I increased the speed and fucked harder. She moaned loudly. Her butt shook under my assault. “I love you, Sandhya, my bitch Bahu. You’re such a fucking bitch.” I twisted her nipples.

I let go of one breast, and slapped her butt hard.

“Ohhhh …BASTARD..” I slapped again and again.

Her pussy tightened on my cock as she trembled under the force of my spanking. I knew she was close to cumming.

I wanted it to prolong and so I pulled out.  She looked behind at me, questioning.

I pressed my cock against the crack of her ass.

“Bastard…Noooooo….Not my ass!!! What are you doing?” I smiled at her.

“No ….” she protested. She tried to escape but I reached under her, and held her tight against my cock.

“Bahu, let me show you waht a bastard is!” My finger found her clit.

I guided my cock against her asshole.

“Babuji … please. not that way. I have never let anyone do it…not even your son..Pleaseeeee!”

I pushed against her sphincter. She gasped and tried to squirm away but I  held her underneath by her abdomen.

I patted her rump. “It will go so much easier if you relax.” 

I pushed harder at her tight ring. “It will hurt if you fight me. I don’t want that. I’m going to have your ass either way.”

“Please … please … Babuji.” she said frantically while still trying to pull away. “Not this way. You can fuck me the regular way.”

I pushed again at her ass and felt it open slightly. She was beginning to relax.

My finger massaged her clit; and I could feel her body start to relax.

Mycockhead entered her sphincter. It was just the head but the sensation was overwhelming. Her anal sphincter throbbed and succeeded in gripping my cock tighter.

I wanted to prolong this moment of penetrating my bahu’s ass. She was my son’s wife, but now my lover, my bitch and so much more. She was breathing hard. She was in pain but she had begun to relax and enjoy the new sensation. I kissed her back and shoulders. I kissed her  neck and my tongue traced the inside of her ear.

“I love you, Sandhya,” I whispered as I pushed hard into her butt. My cock slid past her anal sphincter. It was in now. “Oooh…” she moaned loudly. She began to move her hips on my cock.

“You are filling my ass …” She pushed her hips again on my cock. “Shut up… bitch. You know I have to fuck your ass. The worse is over…Enjoy my cock.”

“Be gentle … please.” I fingered her cunt and slowly buried my cock in her ass.

My balls hit against the cheeks of her bottom. She was tight. I felt her body start to loosen as she enjoyed my cock in her ass.

Soon we picked up the rhythm. Fucking for real now.

“Ooooooh”, she moaned. I couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure or both.

“I’m fucking your ass, Sandhya.”

“You …Bastard….fucking your Bahu…Bastard! ” he said on a downward stroke.

“Bitch …My Bitch Bahu loves her first assfuck..Doesnt she?” I slammed into her rectum with full force. She made a high-pitched cry.

“I am fucking your beautiful  butt, Sandhya. I fucking it now.”

I could hear her grunt hoarsely at each stroke into her butt. Her asshole gripped my burning cock.

Her butt quivered as I continued to pound her.

I was almost about to cum. Almost there. I touched her clit, and her body shook violently.

I screamed as my cock spasmed into her ass. I filled her bowels with his seed.

She trembled as she rubbed her cunt furiously.” Fuck me motherfucker…fuck me..I am cumming..fuck me…harder…deeper…harder.

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