Saali ko choda

Hi all dear ISS readers. After reading all the ISS and other stories on the internet, I was never sure if I’ll ever have any sexual encounters until I had one recently with my sweet Sali. I hail from north India and currently residing in USA for past several years. I got married to a very pretty girl few years back and we have a very active sex life. She has a sister called Vina (name changed). Let me describe her. She’s 18, whiter than the milk and has awesome figure (36-26-34). She’s very shy. Last year she got engaged and we went to India for her wedding. When I saw her, she was looking gorgeous. I just kept looking at her. She’d worked out to remain slim and had those white milky boobs popping out of her tight top she was wearing. I could see the lower parts of her legs from the knee length skirt she was wearing.

On the second night after dinner only me, my wife and Vina remained in the living room. We were sitting on the floor and decided to play cards. She came and sat in front of me. From the angle I was sitting I could see some of her silky thighs and that gave me an instant hard-on, thinking about the virgin treasure just inches above those thighs. After some time my wife started getting sleepy and she left for the bedroom, leaving just two of us. I started starting at those milky boobs; she got embarrassed and said “Jiju!! Kya dekh rahe ho”. I said “kuch nahi, tumhari khubsurati ko nihar raha hoon and thinking about that lucky guy who’s marrying my fairy saali” and told her that whoever will get to see her beauty must be the luckiest person on earth.

She said jeeju aap bhi to kitne lucky ho jo apko didi mili. I said yes that’s true and added but she’s purana maal now. She’s getting bulky now after the birth of our baby. You’re the fresh maal and a virgin beauty. This kind of talk prompted my junior to become hard like a rod and it was dying to come out of my pajamas. I usually don’t wear underwear under my night dress and hence it looked like a pole tent. She looked at it, got shy and lowered her eyes. I was horny like hell after seeing my saali in those clothes showing her boobs and those silky white thighs and spongy ass. I asked her about the topics she talks on with her fiancé. She said she talks to him about everything. I asked her if they’ve talked about what’s going to happen on the first night, she looked down and said “Jiju!! Mujhe to kuch nahi aata, lekin inhone kaha hai ki tumhe sab kuch sikha doonga”. I looked at her in surprise and said “means you don’t know what happens on the first night. You’ve lived in a hostel”. She said in a shy way “nahi Jiju, I’ve seen some pictures but that’s it”.

I told her that guys consider it bad since if the girls don’t know about it, it ruins their memories of the suhagraat for the whole life time. She looked worried, and said “Jiju what should I do now”. I said don’t worry, your Jiju is always there to help his pretty sali”. Then I took her hand and said that I can’t teach you without your cooperation and kissed her hand and eyes. She closed her eyes. Sensing it as the right moment I pulled her closer and kissed her juicy lips. She tried to snatch her mouth away but I held on to them with my lips. After I sucked them to my heart content, I whispered, Vina I can’t teach you if you wont cooperate. She said Jiju sharm aati hai aur main shadi se pahle aisa kuch nahi karma chahti. I said I wont do anything sexual, just want to give you an introduction and demo of first night and how to react to your husband’s moves, so as to he doesn’t get disappointed.

She shylingly looked down and didn’t say a thing. I realized I’m gonna have this cute pretty kunwari chut tonight and my dick jumped at the thought and made a tent in my pants. She said Jiju yeh kya hai. I said kabhi dekha nahi. She said chhote baccho ka dekha hai. Without any delay I pulled down my zipper and took out the snake. She gasped and backed up saying “uui maa, yeh kya hai. Yeh itna bada bhi ho sakta hai maine kabhi socha bhi na tha”. Without loosing a moment, I immediately took her hand and moved it on my rock hard dick and she shivered at the touch. I too felt the current passing throughout my body. I moved her hands up and down with one hand and took my other hand to her neck. I started massaging her neck and slowly moved it down her neck and barely above her cleavage. I started making circles on those top covered juicy mounds. She started to breathe heavily, and then suddenly I cupped her right mound. She gasped, looked at me and tried to get away from me. Before she could, I swiftly moved her towards me, laid her on the floor and got on top of her. I then spread her thighs and sealed her lips with mine and started sucking them. I could hear her muffle screams coming due to my fondling and mauling her young teen boobs and most dangerously my erect cock was pressing between her thighs.

I pulled her top and bra in one snatch. My warm kisses came down to her young hard boobs and very slowly I took one nipple and started kissing it. My other hand pulled down her skirt. I removed my belt and slowly removed my pajamas and then brief. My lips were kissing, sucking, and nibbling her one nipple while other was being mauled by my hand. Fingers of my other hand were parting her labia and trying to enter there. My thumb was on her clit and my hard cock was also pressing her there. Situation was beyond me and when I almost reached the point of no return, I stopped slowly and sat down between her thighs. Now my erect cock was rubbing on her love gate while my both hands were pinching her erect tits. She was raising her hips unashamedly wanting to be fucked by my massive cock. I parted her love lips and slowly just pushed the tip of my cock and said, “kyon Sali ji I hope you are not too young for this. She grinned and said please… Jiju and I stroked her clit and said, “kyon salli ji chodun apko”. She was so aroused, she said ” han Jiju, please, but I was tormenting her, I said no you have to say it. She pulled my back towards her scratching it and moaned in my ears, saying “han Jiju chodo mujhko apne lund se… chod do apni salli ko apni Vina ki kunwari chut ko aur de do heaven ka maja”. Hearing this I raised her legs over my shoulder and in one swift shot shoved almost half of my lund inside her virgin cunt. Something broke inside and it hurt her bad and she screamed.

She started to writhe like a goat in the lions jaw. I waited for few seconds, took out my rod and shoved it all the way up to the hilt, and put my lips onto her and stayed there for few seconds. I could hear her muffled screams and her scratching on my back drew blood. This made me wild. Without any delay I started sliding it in and out and also started to nibble her pink nipples. She had her eyes closed, and moaning in passion with my lips on her. Joy overcame her and she enveloped her legs around my waist. Her moaning and actions were driving me crazy and I felt like in another world. I had not got this pleasure even when I’d deflowered my wife. I was closing near to the climax and could feel the pressure building inside my balls. I increased the tempo of my strokes. My chest was rubbing against her young tennis ball size hard boobs and my hard cock was rubbing the walls of her passion filled teen cunt. I whisper in her ear and asked, Kyon salli ji maja aa raha hai Jiju se chudane main. Haan Jiju bas aise hi and she gathered courage and added chodate raho.

We were lost to the word. She was moaning, crying wanting more, and wriggling her ass. I too was now fucking her wildly and came to the point of no return. She said Jiju please don’t come inside me. But it was too late and I exploded inside her in huge spurts. I just came and came and felt like I’d emptied my whole body and fell on her flat stomach. She said Jiju that was heavenly. Now I envy didi, promise me you’ll keep giving me this pleasure. I couldn’t ask for more. I said “Vina, with all my heart and lund I’ll never deny you this pleasure”. I dressed her and she dressed me. I looked into her eyes and said, “now you know what is going to happen on your first night”. She just smiled and hid her face in my chest. After that I’d few more encounters with her on my next India visits. I’ll be back with them later in my next stories. If any pretty girls between 18 and 40 in India or US want to have the same pleasure as my saali did, email me at [email protected] and I promise we’ll have nothing but discreet fun and non-stop sex.

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